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  1. DUDE!! Shadow of the Beast!! WHAT A _)%*()*_#%ING HARD SERIES! Argh, I was so bad at that game, and the interminable loading times were dreadful!! Beautiful graphics, never could get into the game though...grrr
  2. I played FF3j a long time ago, right after the NeoDemiforce patch came out for it and there were only a few songs that really stood out for me...this remix, however, is phenomenal! Incredibly mellow but with a driving beat, the tune starts out soft then begins to swell around 2:00; it never gets overwhelming, and the choice of instrument/voice is very fitting. Great job man, this is a remix that's gonna stay in WinAmp for a long time!
  3. I never was part of that scene per se, but I loved watching/listening to the demos, although most of the demos I saw were related to pirate/trading groups...I was always amazed at the attention given to the detail of the various tunes. Anyway, Mazedude man, kudos on yet another brilliant remix!! You took my all-time favorite tune from Doom 2, map 10's theme, and decked it out to the max! The original tune was very forboding and haunting which I feel is lacking from your remix, but instead you heap on plentiful servings of what I perceive to be a "mechanical" or "cybernetic" groove. I would have never expected to hear a take on that theme quite like this! Great job man!!
  4. Hmm, using Shai Hulud is an interesting allegory for describing this piece....while I'm not a fan of industrial music, the Veldt theme seems to be quite well suited to this kind of gritty (sub)genre, and Beatdrop has done an excellent job adapting it as such! Nice work! Oh wait, I got the Shai Hulud of Dune fame mixed up with the hardcore band of the same name...heheh.
  5. Yeah!!! Great job on this remix, dude! I really enjoyed the wah-organ approach, and I totally agree with Ryan8bit's comment about the "happy" feeling....it's got a very upbeat and energetic rhythm that has helped re-motivate me into working on my Goonies 2 cave-theme jazz remix Awesome!
  6. YES! YES! YES!!! Finally, a nice and long rendition of the almighty Metal Man theme!! DJ Pretzel mentions the sound hybridization at 1:26, and I really enjoy how Disco Dan did this, it complements the repetitious theme in the background quite well. Thank you so much for bestowing this gem upon us!
  7. I can't come up with an excuse as to why it took so long for me to write a review for this brilliant tune...but anyway, this remix takes a beautiful tune and makes it god-like. Metal Man's theme is one that is easily overlooked by us frenetic Mega Man fans, yet it conceals a potency that AE has unveiled and made even more powerful! Even though he departs from the towards the end, the variation fits in and carries the tune towards completion....this is one remix that never fails to start off any of my video game music playlists!
  8. I totally agree with fsPhantom...this is a VERY intricated Bubble Man Remix (or any remix, for that matter), and The Wingless built it well! Great job, and happy birthday!
  9. I never played the game, but I'm an avid fan of the comics...this was a downright slick tune that NoppZ put together! Great work!
  10. Like the previous reviewers, this remix was also my first download from OC, and it has certainly withstood the test of time as it is my favorite remix of the "Corridors of Time"/Zeal theme (not to say the other remixes aren't good! This one just strikes a chord with my tastes). [[i'm not familiar with the technical terms used to describe the sounds and methods used to compose the tunes found here, so I apologize in advance for my lay method of speaking!]] Anyway, Chris' remix has a very floaty quality to it, and this, compounded with the soft percussion and choice of instruments used, evokes a somewhat melancholy tone. My favorite part is the way he chose to end the song; starting at 3:40, a sequence is repeated a few times before dissipating and diminishing in a very mellow manner. Great job Chris!
  11. This is an absolutely brilliant remix of a very underappreciated tune from a game which was also underappreciated in my circle of friends...Mazedude, this remix RULES! Now, if only the Minibosses would cover it...
  12. Wow, DJP truly delivers with this piece! JamPaladin sums up what I feel as well (even with the Air Guitar action!), but I additionally felt the need to voice my enjoyment...I am not familiar with the original tune, as I never owned a Genesis (nor did any of my friends at the time), so I can't comment on fidelity or the like, yet I LOVE this piece! The wah-wahing adds a pleasant carefree ambience, the piano helps support the song, the bass drives forward...hell, there's so much to be heard in this remix, it's a fresh experience everytime! Kudos once again, DJP!
  13. Both contributors to this remix have done an outstanding job! I have already commended EricDude on this work on the Minibosses' messageboard, and I would like to extend my gratitude to Daknit for this piece. I hadn't played RE2 when I chose to download this tune, but I knew about the series and expected something haunting and moody....and man, I still get shivers listening to this remix! A solid drum beat helps to drive the haunting and "floaty" melody, and I was pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of the sitar, and found that it fits quite well with the ambience of the tune. Give us more!
  14. I found Ryan8Bit's remix to be very well arranged. I especially enjoyed the fact that it has been slowed down considerably as compared to the original tune; this changes the frenetic pace of the this part in the game (your character is riding on a dolphin, fighting off octupi and mermen) into a much more relaxed and laid back mood. The use of nature sounds (seagulls and waves) helps set the mood as well, yet they are not used excessively and thus do not detract from the music. I know I'll be listening to this remix every day when I come home from work!
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