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  1. You fail to realize that it took two months of the publics' bitching and moaning so if you really think about it they would have never changed the price until their console finally got old and they made a PS4 and even then I really don't see the price dropping on that either until what was said before the getting old and making a PS4 part.
  2. That's gonna be the same story as the PS3, NEVER.
  3. LOL. Console wars 2007, again!
  4. There seems to be a bug in the message center. It says I have unread 8 , but when I look in my inbox I only have old ones.
  5. I don't really enjoy older games as much anymore and because of that I have forgoten most bosses, although there is hope, newer games which I play frequently. Gears of War: Boss: General Ram Difficulty to play on: Insane Difficulty level: Practically impossible alone and even sometimes with a partner.
  6. OMFG It's GONE! Edit: Oh noes! They took off caps! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo. BTW, the no thing was supposed to be caps, see, see, they took it away!'' Edit2: NVM, it appears you must edit it for caps.
  7. You may not have put effort into it but it's still nice.
  8. I actually went to a website that had the entire soundtrack, buyable and listenable. When I remember the website I will edit the post with it.EDIT: Gears of War Soundtrack <--This is a link BTW.
  9. No doubt about that. OMG! Welcome to the Black Parade is on!!!
  10. I'm still wondering if he drew this or found it in google.
  11. Please post a picture of what your eating.
  12. Post what your eating, but remeber no disgusting or naughty stuff or the mods'll get you! Always include an image of what your eating whether it's gotten off of google or its taken off your new camera. I'm currently eating Tostitos with salsa and cheese.
  13. One thing, Kirby's been eating alot of s**t
  14. I saw on the site that a a co-host had left, will he be back?
  15. Yes, someone else who plays the game of the gods.
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