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  1. The source tunes already have a jammy 60's feel to their titles, this is a nice interpretation.
  2. Glad to hear an old remixer come back, though not my personal cup of cake
  3. Reminds of WillRock - energetic, uplifting, slightly nostalgia-tinged of yesteryear (80's). Fun and boppy.
  4. I think I might've missed just how this works- but I can't seem to "click" on a tag to be taken to a list of remixes tagged with that term. How does it work?
  5. I love how this mix moves between mellow and energetic, such a happy vibe - you can see it "walking off into the sunset", happily saxing away.
  6. Dracula's secretaries sound hot, but that's ok, there's no need to schedule me a meeting, really... "I'm sorry, but Dracula's too busy to kill you right now. Please take a number and have a seat in the adjacent waiting room." <music plays>
  7. Great writeup for a great mix. I'm only now coming to appreciate how much knowing the context of a song's submission really adds to its enjoyment, especially as in cases like this, where it represents a gestalt fusion of nostalgia, sentiment, and passion. Funky, fresh, satisfyingly slick but also still 'grainy' (dat lo-fi goodness).
  8. It's too pared down to capture the wintry feeling of the level, or the dynamism of sliding along icy paths. But it's still a very good piano piece, without feeling especially Kirby'ish.
  9. I don't think I see tags anymore for remixes....did those disappear? Or have they been removed for some reason? I thought it was a really handy way of finding similar mixes.
  10. Wish this had a better ending - it feels abrupt! I could go on listening to it for at least two more minutes Smooth, relaxing, warm breezes, casual strolls and for-the-fun-of-it drives.
  11. Did you beat the bad guys? Check. Get the girl? Check. Standing by the water, watching the sunset over the City Skyline? Check. Ok, play this song.
  12. I've been listening to this since it's original release more than ten years ago. Absolutely one of my favorite songs. You can just strut down the street to this, it lifts your mood right up!
  13. I swear I hear the Leisure Suit Larry theme...at the 1m 47s mark, just for an instant (listen here)! Maybe it's just me, or just a common set of notes to the genre? Anyway, very chill and jazzy, definitely my kind of sound.
  14. Always glad these old mixes are still up. Might sound simplistic to our ears, but they still have their place, both as markers of how actually good they were (for the time), and how contributions have come since then.
  15. Didn't think it possible to relax to this kind of shreddage, but it turns out - you can, and it is blissful.
  16. Suspenseful, dramatic, and dripping with flair. A musical interlude for a tense courtroom showdown!
  17. Definitely makes me want to return to this great game. I remember playing it and going, 'wow, indie games are awesome'. What a sense of exploration and wonder Aquaria's music evoked. Great story too - really wish they'd come out with a sequel! This remix really captures and enhances on the feel of the original.
  18. Great energy, it almost threatens to disrupt the 'seasonality' of the track, but enhances instead of distracts from it, ultimately. Would've loved to hear some holiday bells as a great accompaniment to the crunchy licks. Nice!
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