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  1. You will not regret listening. Beautiful, Classy, Transporting. Magical.
  2. Hi-octane beats that would fit any related m.a. choreagraphy nicely.
  3. Perfect mood of the moment music. Happy Earth Day~ be free and have no worries. It's all a ride.
  4. Yep. Music like this is made for cruising from winter into Spring, with renewed vigor for the quiet gratitudes of our lives.
  5. Nodding out to this. My headspace reflects it profoundly and fantastically
  6. Shades (or is that Tones?) of Grateful Dead for me. It was a moderately off-beat trip, enjoyable all the same.
  7. Definitely some nice, saxxy crossover vibes with vaporwave elements, although it's a bit more focused and less stutter-y, to its merit as standing apart from that niche. Maybe this is what OCR couples put on when they're feeling amorous, lol
  8. Feels like there's some thematic overlap with https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01026 though the two mixes are worlds apart in so many ways. Suspenseful, brooding - it's got that great "running down an elongating hallway from a monster just behind you" feel.
  9. Shades of 'Let's Go Away', but a bit more lowkey/subdued. Enjoyable. Next on the California coast driving playlist.
  10. YES. I can feel the warmth in the air, around the corner. The breeze- it calls to you- to ME- TO US. Fuck all this indoor shit. Get in your car, put down the windows. AND DRIVE.
  11. It's a shame that googling 'Luiza Carvalho' gets you some random Hispana hottie - this L. Carvalho deserves to be known based on the sheer aeweomseness of her guitary-goodness. It doesn't seem like L.C. makes much waves on the ocremix/game scene anymore, but I always loved her stuff. Formative for my mindset, now like a decade and a half past!
  12. Aw man, I missed the perfect opportunity to drive the California coasts listening to this (instead of just dry, boring, Google Maps voice). Ah well. It was playing in my head.
  13. Kind of generic dance stuff that would not have sounded new to me thirty years ago. I had a hard sussing out in what way the source tune stood out from the genre application. For me a 4/10...I don't think I'd seek this one out as I did the site's earlier entries from the SoR series.
  14. Cold, dark, relentless and without mercy: that is the soul of the metroid! Hunt them to extinction!
  15. Deus Ex Vermis! Very cool. I always loved the melody from 'New Junk City' -that's what I remember the title being originally called. 'Junkit' is new to me. Good stuff. And I happened to be able to catch Tommy at a VGM Live concert like maybe four years ago, now, here in NYC. All the renditions were great, and I was a little sad that the audienc didn't seem as enthused to hear Tallarico get up and jam out this rocking medley from EWJ. But I certainly enjoyed it.
  16. Surprised no one's chimed in about this yet. It's definitely as described - a song that paints the band dance-marching down St Charles Av.
  17. The vocals make this, to me, seem like every let's-take-a-spiritual-esque-car-trip commercial, ever. While there's nothing lacking w/ the synth arrangements, I think that speaks more to the catchiness inherent to the base tune. Solid 6.5/10 - good aural listerine
  18. Kind of hearkens back to OCR's early days, sounds like. During a long, hot summer, I'm digging the chill vibes the energy of this gives off. Like opening the fridge to stick your face in...
  19. Once again suffers from the 'too-short-itis' that so many recent (meaning, going back ten years to ~2010, at this point) now seem to be plagued with. I was just getting into it-- when it ended. Would fit right into a tropical-themed Sims DLC, tho'.
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