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  1. Short (so short!) but sweet. Wish it carried the tune a bit longer. Can't help but think from the title that sound sparingly used ambient fireplace noises might've warmed it up some, too.
  2. I've still got the original xmplay-able JJR OSTs somewhere on an old PC. Dark Groove fr the second in the series is one of my favorite tracks, eminently listenable. This is an insta-classic, very seasonable and enjoyable. Brings back fond nostalgia of playing the game on my old 486... UltimateScientificIguanodon-mobile.mp4
  3. Quite encozying. Puts a fire in my heart and a strong drink of choice in my gut.
  4. Just glad this is still up. The world has moved on...but some future generation will perhaps find the joy of appreciating this masterpiece as I have. One day.
  5. Feels like zooming along thru an urban nightscape, Good Future indeed.
  6. Groovy, wandering, meandering, a sonic adventure. Kinna makes sense this popped up today on the rainwave station, in a way too although thematically it doesn't really fit the day beyond the title. One of those 'early' mixes I thought I must've commented on at some point, and then am surprised to find I never did. Wish Pacaud put out more stuff on OCR these days...
  7. Energetic, compelling, enjoyable - but the crying sample was a bit overused I think.
  8. My OCR listening heyday seems to stretch from near immediately after the site's inception thru the end of its first decade into the 21st century...so mostly missed Rexy's work, as I somehow never heard her mix fr '05; gonna rectify that now. Mellow, jazzy, hopeful - good stuff.
  9. Agreed that it imbues the original tune with weight and tension and feels right at home as the intro to the gritty and dark fantasy 1990's counterpart to the SF movie in some alternate reality. Short and unsatisfying ending though - has that "builds up to nothing"-itis about it that some remixes that start off promisingly suffer from.
  10. This mix rocked me from calm to energetic and back again in a very pleasant way.
  11. Pretty spritely, but the tempo calls to mind ice-skating instead of cocoa n' cookies.
  12. While not exactly a timeless classic, it's a fun representation of where the quality level was at early on in the site's history - my younger ears enjoyed it then, as now, although I concede it sounds like it has more than a bit of the hokey 'medley'-itis listening to it now.
  13. Peaceful and relaxing. Sort of an 'end of the adventure' tune that'd roll over the credits. Good job, you saved the thing! Now go enjoy a beverage of your choice. You've earned it!
  14. Man I miss TPC's sweet, savory remixes. This is one tasty dosa.
  15. I thought about this mix every-time I passed the now permanently closed Belmont Lounge near Union Square (eh, it wasn't great by all accounts). But this song, this song is great: good beat, perfect for summer night wanderings.
  16. Drifts is always a compelling theme - very transportive. I'm comfortably lost in the snow listening to this.
  17. I accidentally this mix, it's a bright chip-tune candy-studded chocolate-chip cookie
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