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  1. Hmm I actually enjoyed this. It was pretty bad though, I was the only one that got the joke at the start about the Maxim girls. I started laughing super hard and my friends were like wtf are you laughing at.
  2. I used to play defensivly with lots of running... but then G-T yelled at me
  3. I'm actually surprised considering it seems like a nerdy school. Hell, they have a Magic: The Gathering club from what I can see. Sounds like a school for me.
  4. Na, It would be a pain to fly there for a bit since I live in California.
  5. Alot of schools the dead line is actually May 1st. Anyways, I hope to attend the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute next fall and I plan to major in Biochemistry
  6. Last year someone posted a story about having like a key to the school and they had this crazy plan to move all the desks like into the Gym or something and all this crazy stuff, it was really funny. Anyone have it by any chance?
  7. You do realize that Silence of the Lambs is one of the Hannibal novels/movies right? Anyways, great film, I love how it's so fluid that it doesn't seem like legos, it seems life like (movement wise and considering they are legos of course.) EDIT: I reread what both of you had said about Hannibal so just ignore me, I didn't even pay attention to the fact that you were both naming specific actresses.
  8. Yea, I felt like on that one I made a lot more stupid mistakes, walking into attackes and stuff, but I can't deny that you did stomp me.
  9. I beat him when he was Mario and Ganon, but he stomped me as IC and G&W Apparently I run around too much as Lucario though >_>
  10. Yea, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I more meant like should we just replay that match or count it as a loss for me, etc.
  11. What happens in the case of a disconnect? Sometimes my internet likes to die randomly.
  12. I'm in. My brother should be gone by the time it starts which means my internet should work enough for me to use it.
  13. Is that what that was? I knew I recognized it but I couldn't place a game to it. Man, I haven't played Super Mario Land in forever.
  14. Ya, I've been lurking in #clanocr since I've been busy and no time for wifi. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to play some people. I wish my comp and wii were in the same room though.
  15. Well I got some wifi in today and it was pretty fun. Just a little bit of lag on my end, hope it wasn't too bad for my opponent since my internet can be horrid sometimes.
  16. Well I'm gonna add everyone on the ClanOCR site and I'll add my own code when I get a chance. EDIT: FC is 5112-3106-8534
  17. Now that I've had a chance to play the SSE, I'm surprised at how challanging it is. I'm only playing on hard and there's some points where I'm just getting stomped and have to be careful.
  18. Well I got my copy, so I'll add some of you guys when I get up and we can play, if my internet doesn't die on me
  19. Wow Rayza, that's definantly... interesting? I can't even think of how to describe that. The tune is catchy though.
  20. Man, I recognize a lot of the songs, but I don't know the game that goes with it.
  21. One of the Metal Gear games I believe, it's in the section with all of the MG games, no idea which one though.
  22. I have to agree, I never listened to this song until now and it's amazing
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