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  1. Just the basic FL slicer. You're hearing a mix of some sliced and rearranged beats and one shot samples. Any others?
  2. Dang, dude. I've seen the list of stuff you have on your page; I'm envious. Sweet pickup on the Keystation. Software/vsts/samples: FL Noteworthy Composer EWQL silver Sytrus Samplefusion Sliced Beats Steve Smith Rhythmatic Journey Percussive Adventures One Quantum Leap Brass Hardware: Evolution MK-461C keyboard ATH-M40fs Audio-technica 'phones
  3. Miszou, silly you too. haha! Nah, I know him personally and I'm just making fun of him.
  4. Hey guys, I had some time to work on this today. I imagine that I'll finish it up in one more session. Changes: 1. Played around with EQ at :37, got rid of the awkward sidechaining 2. Brought out the synth panned right more at :50 3. Filled up the sound a lot more at 1:02, layering drum, horns, etc. 4. New part at 1:28 which you're either going to hate or like. 5. Transition at 1:53 I plan on beefing up the part around 1:47-1:53 for a stronger transition, and adding some stuff around 2:06 to hide the repetition somewhat. Any thoughts?
  5. Hey dude. The link doesn't work for me, but that's okay because I'm pretty sure you'll send me any update on it.
  6. Ha, yeah, I'm great with coming up with minute long ideas for original pieces, but after that I often have problems. It's a lot easier if it's a remix like this where you have a source tune to work off.
  7. That's a good idea. I may have to start doing something similar to that. That Pirates remix I just did was massive (something like 80 + patterns and 50 + FX slots). I'll find myself just skipping parts of the final mastering because it's such a pain to deal with the slowdown. I really should invest in a new computer.
  8. And that's that. I hate working on tracks that use lots of Sytrus stuff and EWQL too. It's really annoying dealing with comp slowdown. Thanks for the encouragement, though; I'll def finish it. Then the three month wait while it's waiting to be judged.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Interesting idea about putting in some sort of percussive loop in the intro; I'll play around with that idea for sure. A common theme seems to be EQ in that middle section; I'll def see what I can do about that. I was planning on beefing up the main brass/synth stuff, but was growing increasingly frustrated with my comp's slowdown at that section that I just rendered it as it was. I'll play around with harmonies there...probably bring in some backing strings. Glad you enjoyed it! Maybe I'll get it done before...February or something. I have trouble finishing tracks sometimes...thinking in the 2:45 - 3:15 range for this one.
  10. Heh. Yeah, that would be me thinking "I'm not too sure I'm completely happy with it yet, but meh." I actually started this one a while ago and had it 70 percent done, so I just decided to finish it up last week. I had started another one that was more in the vein of Siamey's track, but who knows when I'll have time to finish that one up. So, this is what you get.
  11. I just started on this yesterday. The little strings part at the end isn't going to be directly after the french horns theme; I just stuck it in so you could hear that part too. First impressions...suggestions? Thanks. www.freewebs.com/gmichalec/cradle.mp3 Sorry, freewebs doesn't allow deep-linking, you'll have to copy and paste.
  12. I do like this. I'm not familiar with OC's standards, but that pounding timpani does get kinda old around the middle. I'm not sure how much of a "remix" this is, but good work regardless.
  13. It may just be me, but your lack of comments may have something to do with that "terms and conditions" stuff on your page. I tried "I Agree" once on a campus computer, and it didn't do anything.
  14. I've been wanting to put this track together for some time now, and I finally finished it. I'm still not too sure if I'm completely happy with it yet, but meh. Any thoughts on it? http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=4617737&q=lo (dial-up) http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=4617737&q=hi There's a downloadable link on my home page if you're interested too. (www.silverlinestudios.net)
  15. Tis' ok. Ambience. It is what it is. This is definitely on the good side of ambience; it's not all that boring. It should be longer, though; two minutes is entirely too short for this kind of stuff. I really wouldn't have reviewed this, but you don't have any replies yet and I'm trying to put off doing some homework.
  16. Pretty cool stuff. I really like that beat. Congrats by the way on your two songs getting nominated; good luck with that.
  17. Yeah, what would be ideal is just a CD filled with electronic drum loops in different BPMs; I don't really want any synth/bass/lead loops, as most of the drum n' bass packages I've seen have advertised. I'd prefer not to "make amazing drum n' bass tracks in 15 minutes!" by connecting loops together. Same with any other breakbeat/electronica piece. Thanks for the tips so far though. BTW does anyone have Firestorm? Is it any good?
  18. I'm looking for good quality drum n'bass/breakbeat/or basically just good electronica drum loops. Do you guys have any CD's/access to any sites that you've found helpful? I'm definitely willing to pay for some good stuff. Thanks.
  19. I never got an e-mail, but I got my package about a week after I ordered it. I do have a question, though. The Percussive Adventures CD that I ordered wasn't the AKAI one, it was the Audio CD one. So basically all I have are two 97 track music CD's full of samples. Kontakt won't read it. I really don't want to have to rip every single track off the CD to .wav...is there anything I can do instead? The big problem is that the second CD assigns 5, 6, or 7 drum loops to each track with about two seconds of silence in between. Is there some sort of plugin that reads "Audio CD" format samples?
  20. FL Studio 6 (not Fruity Loops!) Sytrus EWQL silver and an Evolution MK-461C MIDI controller. All she wrote.
  21. File-->Import-->Midi File Amazing where they hide those things nowadays, ain't it?
  22. Yeah I know how to play. I'm getting sick of having to put notes in manually with the mouse (especially with piano pieces) and then having to edit the velocities and timing to get that live performance feel. How does it work? Do you have to "record" yourself playing and then the notes get added to the piano roll as you play them? I'm worried that my crap latency is going to cause some problems.
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