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  1. Um, Escariot, we aren't supposed to share WIP's from that project, remember?
  2. Erm, it randomly decided to turn back on again. It's gotta be a loose connection or something. At least I can grab all my stuff before/if it conks out again.
  3. My external USB HD just shut off. I gave it a 15 minute rest and tried turning it back on. Nothing. I had been working on a project with FL when the light first flickered once, then again about 10 seconds later, and then it shut off. Obviously, the first thought is overheating; if that's the case, are the files recoverable? I'll take it in tomorrow if it still doesn't start up in the morning. Man this sucks.
  4. In Progress: Mario 64: Bowser's Theme Mario 64: Bowser's Road Earthbound: Giygas To Do: Wave Race: Main Theme Mario Kart: Ending Theme
  5. Just (tentatively) finished this one up for a battle tournament, adding elements of dnb, orchestral, and continuing with the breakbeat. Everything after 1:23 is new, so that's about two extra minutes from what it was before. Same link, but I'll post it again anyway. LO-FI http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=5037691&q=lo HI-FI http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=5037691&q=hi
  6. Yeah, only thing is, a "fake" guitar trying to be realistic (especially with what I'm using) is oftentimes more noticeable. In this kind of mix, sometimes a purely electronic sound works better. I'll certainly experiment with this though; I agree that a "real" guitar would be better to use, but I feel that I lose control of the process when I get someone else to do it; and asking people to re-record, etc, is a hassle. Fair enough. Maybe others will enjoy it more.
  7. Indeed. I joined this project mainly because Mario 64 is one of my favorite all-time games and also because it deserves a rocking Bowser mix.
  8. Spent some more time on it last night; it's shaping up quite nicely. No more updates until it (hopefully) hits the front page.
  9. All right, this didn't pass, exactly for the reason that I was worried about: too much bond theme in it. However, I'm not going to take the time to go back and edit out all the bond parts, so here's the final remastered mix for any that might be interested. www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/miszou_RockingtheCradle_finalmix.mp3 PS Could a mod change the title of this thread to "Goldeneye "Rocking the Cradle" final mix posted; failed to pass"? Thanks.
  10. Ok, I have the same request. Access to WIP thread, please.
  11. Heh, actually the only mix I've finished was that Goldeneye one, and that didn't pass. Hopefully I'll get some up, eventually. You mean Koopa's theme, right? This WIP here is Koopa's road. I replied in the Mario 64 project thread about it. Heh, thanks. I think I submitted it (the Visions one) too late to have a chance of winning, but meh. All others that replied, thanks! I'll def put some more time into it this week, probably end up finishing it pretty soon.
  12. k I'll pick up that Bowser track; a July WIP date sounds doable. Sign me up.
  13. I never understood the whole "generic sounds" thing. Like, what makes a synth not generic? I tweaked, layered and FXed a bunch of sytrus presets for nearly everything in this, but it still comes off as generic? Hm. Well, whatever. And yes, I do happen to like the dropoff and subsequent buildup of sound at :52 and afterward Thanks for the comments!
  14. Thanks, guys. Had some time this afternoon to add about a minute of new stuff. www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/miszou_RoadToBowserWIPnew.mp3 Comments give me inspiration to keep going instead of becoming just another half-finished project.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, too bad, right? Oh well. Them's the breaks. btw I worked on it some more this afternoon, and will post the updated version sometime tonight in my WIP thread.
  16. Wish I had seen this thread before. Oh well. Good luck to all ya.
  17. Last night I was in a bit of a compositional funk, so I decided to start up a remix to try to get the creative juices flowing. EDIT: new one www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/miszou_RoadToBowserWIPnew.mp3
  18. Man, what a coincidence. I've been stuck in a compositional rut lately, so I decided to try to put together a remix to get the creativity flowing. I ended up picking the "Koopa's Road" track to do, and then while browsing around here, I noticed this project. Looks like it's already taken, and Zoola already has a WIP. Well, if anyone's interested, or if Zoola wants to take another one (which I doubt and that's perfectly fine), here's my quick sketch. www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/RoadToBowserWIP.mp3
  19. Yeah, I had the same experience with Ozone; I had actually submitted my track to Broadjam for the DDR contest before I stumbled upon Ozone. After I ran it through (took about 3 minutes), the difference was so noticable I canceled my submission (which was processing at the time) and resubmitted it. It just gives a track that extra sparkle which makes all the difference in the world.
  20. I've been trying out the demo of Izotope Ozone the past few days. Definitely a fan of it now, might have to splurge and pick it up for myself. Haven't tried T-Racks.
  21. No one at my local Best Buy knew anything about it. They said that six or seven other people had also asked about the markdown, but that they hadn't heard anything from "corporate." Darn.
  22. Sweet stuff. Definitely finish this one. They fit together so well...haha
  23. Thanks! I imagine I'll lengthen it somewhat when I get some time to work on it. Four midterms this week might cut that time down quite a bit. Thanks man, glad you liked it. I've had a couple people tell me that it sounds like an anime; which I really can't relate to because I'm not into anime at all (can't even think of the last time I saw one.) And yeah, that's a "real" violin; I really didn't put any effects on it at all, beyond layering it and reverb. I'll take my chances with the DDR judges on it.
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