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  1. Personally, I had always liked the 64 version more than the SNES. Let's see what you came up with though... Starting off, nice full sound with the pads in the intro. It's pretty cool when the arps come in at 1:08. Cool breakdown at 1:45, though I waiting for a bigger payoff right after; it kinda sounds like the section before it except with maybe the added persussion line. Maybe slice the voice clips to be a little more recognizable; right now it sounds like you could have sliced any audio clip into oblivion and come up with that jumbled mess, except for the first "Fox, are you ok?" and "We're not done yet." It would sound sweet if you would drop everything out right after that quote for a measure with a kick and snare buildup, and then go into the next section. I like the ambient outro, although it is admittedly quite a long song. Pretty cool stuff; good luck with it.
  2. It's pretty cool, but it just kinda waltzes through the theme without any surprises. Maybe work in some other motifs from Mario to twist it up a bit.
  3. FINAL EDIT: (3/5/07) Yeah, so this didn't pass because there was too much of the bond theme in it, but I'm not going to go back and edit out all the bond parts that killed its chances of passing. Sad. So yeah, for those interested, here's the link to the final version ever, newly remastered and all that jazz. www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/miszou_RockingtheCradle_finalmix.mp3 PS Could a mod change the title of this thread to "Goldeneye "Rocking the Cradle" final mix posted; failed to pass"? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Had no idea what you were talking about until I gave it a listen at http://www.hyfntrak.com/pirates/AFF26125/go.php One melody, all those remixes.
  5. Hm, that brings back memories. Go ahead and send all you got to g_michalec@yahoo.com Can't promise anything, but in the future I'll certainly consider it.
  6. Sounds good. Thanks for the info. It seems like a good card to get; I'll probably order it soon.
  7. What I needed to know...thanks. I'd imagine the latency is pretty decent on it, even when there's some pretty intensive background samples being used simultaneously?
  8. Yeah, I guess CPU would matter more with running effects that are loaded anyways. I just wanted to get something that will last me for a good couple years. I bought it yesterday, and now it's time to play with it.
  9. Do any of you use this card for recording with FL? I've been reading reviews for it, and some people have said that it's annoying to use because to record you have to use the EMU interface as well as the sequencer that you use. Is this more of a pain than it's worth? How easy is it to record in FL with it? Thanks.
  10. I'm thinking of purchasing a Athlon 64 4200 2 gig of RAM (with monitor) for 780 bucks. Is there a big difference between a 4200 and, say, a 4600 or 5000 when working with a lot of samples? I'm kinda not in a great position to spend a lot of money right now, but I do need a new computer that will hopefully last me quite some time in my music work. Is this similar to anything you guys use? Thanks.
  11. Heh yeah the 3/4 part (or 3/8, 6/8, whatever you want to call it) was a bit tricky to do. It was worth it, though.
  12. Actually, it's about done right now, but meh. Anyway, go ahead and sign me up for Giygas.
  13. Cool track Siamey. EDIT: listened to a couple of your "Going Away" tracks. Excellent stuff; I'll have to come back and grab some of them.
  14. Oh really? Drat. Wasn't aware of that. I wouldn't want to go breaking any rules or anything. I just figured it would replace one of them. Personally, I've never played any of the games that are left except Earthbound, and I hesitate to pick up Giygas because I won't be able to use live guitar. Oh well, I'll shut up now. I guess the nostalgia factor isn't there for you guys as much as it is for me in regards to Goldeneye.
  15. Yeah, normally I would agree, but it's the main villain from Goldeneye 007 for the N64, which is still quite the benchmark game. (Moreso than Nightfire, Day After Tomorrow, Agent Under Fire, World is Not Enough, etc) The music actually changes during the "Trevelyan battle," which is more than you can say for Jaws or the other mini-bosses. Meh oh well...I admit it's somewhat of an out-there possibility. I mean, if you're even decent at Goldeneye, the "battle" is over in like two minutes or less. Here's the WIP link for the heck of it. http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=4762544&q=hi
  16. Well, if you want to classify the fight with Trevelyan (sp?) in Goldeneye as a "boss," I've got another track for this project. It's a WIP right now, but I may be finishing it this weekend. Hm? hmm?
  17. No one's doing Giygas? Dang, if I had more time I wouldn't mind picking that track up.
  18. Thanks for the feed. Personally, I like how the intro serves as a buildup to the rest of the piece. And yeah, I was planning on adding stuff to that end part, although the transition from the breakbeat ending at 1:53 to the four on the floor beat was intentional. I'll play around with adding some percussion loops to that part and fill up the drum emptiness. Any other comments before I work on this again this weekend?
  19. I've noticed the lack of Blast Corps stuff too; I did a remix of the ending theme a while back that didn't pass here at OC for good reasons. Simian Acres, huh? I dunno what style of music that could be remixed to besides the hick/dance/country track that it originally is. It's kinda cheesy sounding, but I'll listen to it and see if I get some ideas. I was thinking of either completely redoing the ending remix that I did already, or maybe doing the Glory Crossing or Tempest City track. I am currently remixing another Graeme Norgate track (the guy who did the Blast Corps soundtrack), the Cradle theme from Goldeneye. You can content yourself with that for now I suppose. http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=4762544&q=hi
  20. Thanks, dude. C'mon guys...15 streams and 2 comments? More specifically, any thoughts about the drums from 1:04 on?...listening to it now, maybe I should tone the snare down a bit. Also, the quasi-Bond theme around 1:28 - 1:53...any thoughts?
  21. For some of my orchestral stuff, I use Noteworthy Composer, then import it into FL. Most everything else I do is all done in FL.
  22. Heh, I sure didn't know that. I've maybe played Street Fighter twice.
  23. I dunno; I don't like this as much as other stuff I've heard from you. It's pretty...basic. I guess a big blow-up part could redeem the intro; your production is spot-on as always, but musically it's rather bland. On a somewhat related note, that new "Flying Heaven Fei..." track (myspace cuts the song title off) on your myspace is quite awesome. I saw you had the download available yesterday, and now it's not anymore. *kicks himself* I'd imagine that myspace was just acting up as it always does; I had to re-upload nearly all my songs several times to get them to work. But I digress; I'd like to hear where this one goes.
  24. Nice beats. The melody gets kinda lost in the mix near the end; try to bring it out more. Not a whole lot to comment on here, good luck with it.
  25. Yeah, try a different synth instead of the Slayer. You'll get better as you practice more at mixing.
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