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  1. Not familiar with the source tune, but I like this. Dunno about it being accepted, but it wouldn't hurt to try, right?
  2. Referring to this I imagine... All YES decisions are subject to change until the mix in question is posted. Kay, I'll tone my elation down a bit.
  3. Awesome track. That solo is tiiight stuff, man. Not a fan at all of the title, but that's just a minor quibble. Great work on this.
  4. Haven't had much time for any music lately; hopefully that'll change soon.
  5. Rocking track. Enjoyed it. And yes, the organ solo is great.
  6. Thanks for all the interest! Yeah, I haven't forgotten about this; I've just been uber busy lately. Finals start (and end) next week, but then work starts up too. I should have some time this weekend, though.
  7. You'll have to right click on each knob, select "edit events" and then go to the "edit-delete all" selection to clear the volume and tempo data. And no, there is really no quick way to do all of them at once. Yes. Do a search for drum soundfonts (perhaps the Ken Ardency kit one) and load it onto the midi out where the drum data is. If you assign a soundfont or synth to a Midi out, you should have sound.
  8. Oh....well guess there's no need for another then, too. I'll just sit back and be a non-contributor, which is probably better since I'll end up having no time anyway.
  9. Just chiming in to say that you don't necessarily need musical training or production training to write good stuff. I had never taken a single music lesson, musical or otherwise, until last semester when I took Music Theory 161. It helped a little, but I can't say it was necessary. For me it was just having somewhat of an ear for music and a year or two of experimentation and practice. Then again, reading up on some stuff like on the Tweakheadz site probably would have helped me get going faster, so definitely keep that up. Nothing can beat actually digging into the program itself and learning that way, though. Good luck.
  10. Bah, I've already heard this whole song elsewhere. May I ask the titles of the two tracks you submitted to the DDR contest? I would guess this was one of them?
  11. That could be arranged I'll try to get a WIP together within the next couple weeks.
  12. Good luck with this dude; from the previews I can tell you're on top of your game with this release. I'll probably pick this up (and Impulse) when I get some spare cash.
  13. What, no bustatunez? ...wish I could have gotten in on this. EDIT: Looks like there still may be room?
  14. I'm the same way. I export my .wav and do all my post-production work in Sound Forge.
  15. This track rocks. I've been listening to this on loop for about half an hour now, and just felt the need to share.
  16. Thanks guys. I'm using the Hypercam program (Thanks, Leah!) to do it. I figured it was a frame rate issue, but I wasn't sure how I would go about fixing that. The problem lies with the digital camera I used rather than the screen capture, because the screen capture synced up fairly perfectly with the audio while the live shot of me playing was nowhere near close. I'll try using a different camera next time. This was kinda fun to do.
  17. The video wouldn't line up with the audio for some reason so I had to keep cutting slices of the video and lining them up separately. At any rate, it might be somewhat entertaining to watch. Got a up too by the way.
  18. I use FL, duh. For the crunch guitar, I used a set of samples from the Sample Fusion "Amped" pack, running them through the Camel Crusher VST and Amplitube LE. For the lead, it's a Sytrus patch routed through the same combo. Works pretty well methinks.
  19. *Three months later* Yeah, soundclick has some problems sometimes. Anyway, I just posted of this song if anyone's interesting in "watching" it play through FL. Also, fairly new mastered version here.
  20. ...meaning it won''t even work with FL? I'm trying out the trial now and can't get it to start recording. Looked at Game Cam too, but it claims to have the same Direct3D and OpenGL requirements.
  21. I'm thinking of putting together some youtube vids of FL and what not. Any recommendations of some good software to use? I googled it but there's so many choices; any good ones in particular?
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