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  1. I'm for the reduced caps. I can finally finish my scholo quests because we will be 5 manning. Sortof sad that our raid is working on nef and i don't even have my major mana potion recipie.
  2. what we did for the first boss was have two-three tanks on them, and the casters keep moving around to avoid the silence effect. We were pretty heavy on healers so maybe that helped, the first boss hits really hard.
  3. well our server just opened the AQ gates and we grabbed what guildmates were online and hit the AQ20 instance. While the atmosphere isn't as cool as ZG or BWL (my opinion of course), the fights are really fun and creative. We managed to take down the first three bosses and got the 4th to 18% before it got too late. The loot thus far has been really favoring druids, at least for new spells, and neck/ring items that warriors don't want. I want the upgraded renew real bad XD Not sure when we plan on hitting the 40 man one. We'll probably alternate between it and MC nexus night every other week. W
  4. Fantastic and inspiring mix. I love it! The depth of sound is great, and it feels submerged. Super props.
  5. The new priest talents are sick as hell. They added everything I wanted and more, the most notable bieng more PVP survivability. My current build is 22 holy 29 disc, and i'll be changing to 34 holy 17 disc. Most of my gear is PVEish (full proph), but with the new changes it'll be a lot more viable for pvp.
  6. after listening to the 1000+ remixes on the site I have to say that this is far and away my favorite. It's creativity and eye for detail builds a great remix on top of a solid foundation of the original.
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