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  1. ???? I think He means that the battlegrounds have been really unstable the past few days as thousands and thousands of people are trying to start collecting honorz and such.
  2. careful of disc priests. I dueled a hunter and won pretty easily just by casting shield, renew, and pain. I was silenced, but since he was just killing himself on my shield, it didnt really matter.
  3. It sure does, and you get 2 nova's from it in the timespan that it's around. It seems sortof dumb PVP attackingwise, and doesn't do shit during a duel (BG server crashed a bit from all the games, so everyone was dueling to test thier specs), but it's worth it for the novas, easily. If only I could figure out how to hotkey it's nova, i'd be set.
  4. you get 8 honor per kill, and it goes down form there from diminishing returns. We lost AB with 1590 points and got 114 bonus honor. The winners got 172 bonus honor. I'm going to get some of the warlord shoulders since they would look so pimp on my mage, and i dont see it being an issue at all. it's easy to get now, but in a month, the level 60 gear really wont matter.
  5. ugh, weak. Looking over the patch notes, i'm super glad I decided to level my disenchanting alt. I'll be respeccing to a water elemental ASAP if i have a chance to play tonight.
  6. i've never played it either, but it looks pretty sweet, i've got a decent idea. Lets make this month's as entry filled as last month's! BAM!
  7. Arent all bows and guns having the DPS upped on them anyways? My hunter alt is level 13 so I really have no idea how drastic the changes will be. And how will this affect twinked hunters? Will they still reign over 29 and 39 or is that time over?
  8. I got my button as well, thank you very much.
  9. Sorry to hear it, but maybe a break is a good idea. I'd prefer a break or bi-weekly episodes over burnout anyday.
  10. Yeah, i'm in the beta and for real, you get upgrades fast and furious in the first area, just from quests. They are all level 60 greens, and are all about as powerful as T1. The drops from the first dungeon are even better, and it escalates from there. By 70 your gear will easily equal and most likely surpass T2 gear. Once you start hitting the high end dungeons (5 mans, not raiding), you'll get to the T3 and beyond level of gear. I have seen some insane weapons on some of the level 70 players on the server, and it's all from 5mans. I took one of my priests through Hellfire peninsula who was
  11. Just in time for the expansion! Don't worry too much about gear, you basically get a 6 piece tier 1 set by completing the first quests in hellfire peninsula, including a nice staff. I gotta say I am impressed with your levelling skill. I spent an hour today running ragefire a few times to get lowbie mail items for my future BE paladin.
  12. Exactly what mage I have. I have 2 points in arcane to reduce resists (though they dont happen often anyways) and the rest are frost, and at 70, i'll be adding more frost. Playing as a keep-away mage makes it almost a different game in pvp, and though i have 3 other 60's, my mage is the only one I bother PVPing with (rogue and 2 priests). As for the upcoming stuff, the water elemental is awesome, especially with the way warcraft pvp revolves around skirmishes with a little bit of downtime. It does about 550 per attack (slow attack time), and having a second nova is really nice. My one comp
  13. Good to hear you are digging mage. In my opinion, it is the most fun class because of all your potential escape options. It sucks to get hit, but there are so many ways to avoid getting hit, you can always be thinking.
  14. 65 hours and we just got to salickawood. Damn those moogles are lazy! I agree that the mark hunting and other random side things are awesomely fun, and it's nice to have side stuff near the middle of the game rather that right before the final dungeon as most RPGs do. great times are being had, though I want to finish up soonish and move on to zelda. Might be awhile however.
  15. Frost mages are fantastic, and only get better with BC. The water elemental is really strong, and there are a lot of damage boosting abilities added to the tree. For 49, I suggest Felwood if you aren't a fan of Ungoro. Kill the furbolgs until you have enough rep to get to winterspring, and then do the random quests in the area. Should be enough to get you to 50, and then you can run sunken temple.
  16. yeah first time i heard that i wondered "how long until someone remixes this?" just a matter of time, I promise.
  17. I like the crowd concept, but I'd turn them down a bit. The whole thing is very good, but I think it may be too straightforward in it's current version for OCR. Very high quality sounds however.
  18. sound quality is really good, and pretty much every issue I have with this, you mentioned as on track to be fixed. Not OCR material, but really good trance. Finish up and post it here when you are done so I can grab it.
  19. diaf. fair enough. http://oceansend.com/5502/wow/ScreenShot_110806_013857.jpeg
  20. i'll be rolling on that new server pretty soon, but i just got a beta invite and I want t run around a bit in there first.
  21. i'm about 16 hours in and I am having a great time. I agree with pretty much everything Audity said about things that could have made it better, but still overall it is fantastic. *The music fits very well, but I think i'll be skipping the soundtrack on this one. *Vaan is pretty much the Naive character that every story needs to flow naturally. He needs to be there to have all this crazy stuff explained to him, and by proxy, us. Otherwise all this fantastical stuff everyone else is used to wouldn't be explained, and the player wouldn't know what was going on as well.
  22. it's too lofi at the moment to porperly get a feel for the nuances, but a quieter section featuring woodwinds would be awesome. I love the deceptive cadence at 1:14, and the rythym shifts throughout are nice. I think the melody might need to be altered slightly, as it seems somewhat coverish, but it's sucha good melody, it's tough to think of how to change it. I'd like to hear a full quality rendition of this please, from what I can hear, this is all I've got for ya.
  23. Everything sounds way too far back in the mix. You need to take the main elements and reduce the reverb on them so they stand out more. The soundfield is pretty well filled, but everything being pushed back so far makes it sound crappy. I'm not sure if you even need to EQ much here, except maybe to add a bit of bass. I think the intro needs to be more gradual, even a chord with a crecendo would be better than the current beginning. It's just too sudden. The mix overall is a little short. Maybe add a short solo section, or a strings-only ending. You have a harpsichord, and it sounds pretty auth
  24. i'd reroll as well, and suggest horde.
  25. Damn, sweet critique there Sil. I think half of the things you mentioned could be done and this would be passworthy, so all of them would make this amazing. Pick and choose I suppose.
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