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  1. i'm hearing a bit of clipping as well, but the track is pretty awesome. Maybe bring your RMS down a bit?
  2. This is pretty strong, but to really kick it up to the next level i think you should throw in an accelerando about halfway through and add about 20 bpm. Regardless it's pretty sweet. I'd also love to hear a C64 chord.
  3. fun start, I think this cound transition to electronica pretty easily. I think throughout it needs more bass though. Any progress worth noting?
  4. more more more cheesy tom fills! Straight sixteenths decending would be perfect! Despite being totally sick of this song, I love your mix.
  5. theorycraft http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3031-1-theorycraft.html
  6. well according to fedex tracker, it's waiting for me at home. I am super pumped to install it and have my choir sing some crazy shit.
  7. Voted. Also, I watched the video right before taking a nap, and I had a messed up dream where DrumUltima and Zircon showed up at my doorstep. When I answered the door, DU shouted "your remix SUCKS!" and Zircon punched me in the face. My advice to everyone is not to watch it right before you go to bed. :/
  8. One day left on this! I just ordered it a few minutes ago and I am super excited to play with this.
  9. hearing this has convinced me to buy EWQL gold. Great production and taste. The drums are great as well. Is this a ff7/metroid medley? I didnt think you could mix games like that, but whatever, it sounds awesome.
  10. QFT, and not just because i've taken 4 horde chars through it. It is a different world with different ecosystems, just like Azeroth. I think it's beautiful, and am especially excited to see the serene-looking area.
  11. i use a mac and this to do direct input: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/FastTrackUSB-main.html pretty cheap ($100) and it works very well.
  12. Congrats to both of you, and good luck with that huge pile of mixes.
  13. The priest talents are hot as hell. Mass dispell clears previously non dispellable effects like pally shield and maybe death coil. Reflecting shield makes people think twice about ganking us, and binding heal is amazing. I don't know anything about the lolshadow trees, since i play a priest, not a baby warlock, but im sure people are happy to be able to heal in shadowform. This makes it really hard to decide whether to level my priest or mage to 70 first. It'll probably be priest, since we are forming a small group of friends to run kharazan, and we'll be short on healers. I guess i'll see.
  14. it's very nice, but i still think it is too close to the original. i'm not really digging the drums either, especially the high hat. It doesn't flow well at all, with the start and stopping of it. if you were going to do that, have the hat slightly open for the last attack so it rings a bit. good luck though, im cheering for you!
  15. The backing track is perfect, imo, so i'll focus on the vocals, which is what needs the most work. dry dry dry vocals it sounds like someone is standing next to me singing the melody along to my mp3 player. It needs some reverb, it sounds like everything else has it, so why ignore the voice? It sounds like the comping before and around the 3 minute mark is a little unconfident. The second verse and on sounds much more confident than the first. The way "smile" is said seems really forced, though i'm not sure how to fix that for you. The singer has a good contemporary voice, but you need to mix
  16. well, warlocks and hunters get pets no matter how they spec; mages have to go pretty heavy into ice (though my BC mage build will be 1 arcane, 60 ice) to get a pet that will probably be much weaker than the hunter or warlock pets. Just be happy for us.
  17. HO SHI http://www.fohguild.org/forums/mmorpg-general-discussion/24455-leaked-mage-talents-skills-expansion-alpha-2.html
  18. I rocked a few battlegrounds on my mage last night and had a great time. It's interesting to see the strategies of the other servers in my battlegroups and how they work. It was also pretty sweet seeing a preform alliance group from my server get smoked by our pug (i was the only one from the same server) because there were three or four people who actually had some T2 or better gear. There was some weird shit going down on my server; the ghostwolf riding a wyvern (which was also ghosted)around Org was pretty strange, and there was a DC, but i think within a week, the pvp is going to be awesom
  19. Decent drum work, but it seems too much like a midi rip. Great source tune though. I suggest Adding some personal touches to this.
  20. For samples of my work, just click my link for my website or my little banner at the bottom.
  21. I can do sig/site art and host a site once you get to that point.
  22. I am thinking they will change the cap to 25, but remember that they are level 60 instances, and the level will be 70. It'll be like running ZF with 3 or 4 60's. Not as many as you are used to, but you are powerful enough that it doesnt really matter.
  23. im sure you'll hear elsewhere before you read this, but I can bullet-point it for ya No more 40 man raids, the cap is now 25 PVP grind is replaced by a points system. You PVP, and at the end of the week, get points that you can use to buy gear with. No more honor decay. New Arena Battles, where you start a roster, similar to starting a guild, where you can do 2 man, 3 man, or 5 man teams, and they are not only cross-realm, but alliance can fight alliance and horde can fight horde. There's more, but those are the big ones.
  24. this news is great! great great great on all fronts.
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