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  1. I think so vocals would finish this off perfectly. Great work capturing the mood on this one, I am ready to hear this one finished. My suggestion for the planned vocals is have them come in only in the second half; I agree witht he earlier comment that once it hits a certain point it doesn't build anymore, and though it doesnt get boring, it could do more. Keep us posted on the status please, this is a great track.
  2. Depending on your setup, you can do some sweet stuff with it pretty easily. It supports soundfonts and has a decent number of features built in. I use it and think it's great.
  3. Why doesn't The Wingless have his own VGM-themed Pee Wee's playhouse style TV show? Midway should get on that shit.
  4. PVE Opeth > 60 priest > horde Darvus > 60 mage > horde no server info right now, i'll be transferring to a different PVE server as soon as I find one. We now have 1 horde guild who can kill nef as opposed to 11 (wtf) alliance guilds.
  5. a solo section would totally rock, this is really quality stuff, but I do think it is too short. doing the solos and then the head would be the perfect length. Super nice work, I love it.
  6. I think the paladin/shaman news is sweet. I am not looking forward to fighting shaman in BG as a caster, but having a pally at my back would be sweet. I actually made a paladin on the test server to see if it would be fun for me to play. They seem pretty simple, a few heals, lot of buffs, a ton of offense undead nonsese i'll never use. The one on the test server was super geared, so you could flash of light and heal 450 for 35 mana. I only tried them out in AV, and it's hard to heal people in that mess, so maybe give WSG a shot so i can see everyone's health. I feel sortof helpless when i ge
  7. Sorry Zircon, I'd buy your account, but there's no way i'd be able to pay what it is worth, not to mention i'd get roflpwned by my GF. If you don't have the time/money for it, I suggest just putting it on ice for a bit. Never know when you'd want to come back to it.
  8. Normally i think Blizz does a pretty good job with the talent reviews, but I agree here that it seems like the wrong tree. I have a 60 rogue, but honestly I don't ever play them, more because I like casters than any slap in the face (real or imagined) the class has recieved. I rolled a horde priest on Gorefiend just for fun. I've never had a pvp server experience in the 2 years i've played, so it might be fun. The overall general chat hasn't been much of a shock, but a lot of the names have. Starting fresh on a new server isnt that bad, but not having established characters to even send bags
  9. Ungoro is the place for you. Tons of things to skin and dreamfoil and mountain silversage. A few hours there will net you some mad cash. ps. grab the soil too, it usually sells for about 10s each, and the piles on the ground can give up to 4, so theres more easy cash.
  10. That would totally rock, except i am on a incompatible server type lolRP, so I wouldnt be able to transfer. I'd level a priest from the ground, but im sure by then you'd have your priest positions filled. :/
  11. Well, now transfers are up for my realm, and I am thinking of heading to greener pastures. After the transfers, only 2 horde guilds are that are in BWL remain, and when alliance has 13, the PVP balance went downhill very fast. It was poor to begin with, but it's not fun at all now. So do any of you horde guys have an opening in your guild for a mage or priest? I figure if there is a spot we can discuss details then, but right now it's move or just quit, because Hside on my server is sinking fast.
  12. i'd have been General ages ago if it were like this on either of the realms i have 60's on. 250k for general ain't shit. we're pretty severely outnumbered on gorefiend too, but i doubt you could talk the insane amount of chinese and koreans on the realm into stopping their pointless HK farming. let alone people like Overshadow or Crezarius. yeah it really isn't a big deal at all, and alliance numbers arent much higher just because of the wait times they have to go through to get a game. If I was interested at all I'd go for Warlord, but even though i'm only decked in blue pvp gears and a few
  13. i havnt hit any of the fires yet, but i LOVE the stam buff that stays through death! And i think there's a typo there with Zircon's CP; I'm not even sure that 4mil would be possible with 24/7 playing and 5 min AB wins. I'm guess he meant 420k, which is much more possible (but still pretty damn hardcore; nice work dude!). On our backwater realm, there is a cap system set up hordeside to keep the honor required to rank at a minumum. The reason for this is that the horde population is outnumbered 4 to 1 and we have instant queues, whereas the alliance has to wait 30 min to 2 hours to fight. It's
  14. Since the patch has hit, i've spent a ton of time (maybe 15 hours) PVPing to try out all the new mage changes, and the verdict is that they are super fantastic. Arcane is no longer required (and in a lot of ways, is now less appealing than fire and frost), and that is great as i've always been an elementalist at heart. My new build is 18 fire 33 frost (previously 30 fire 21 frost), and the new talents plus the great upgrades to PVP gear I live longer and kill faster. I love being more useful in BG, as I prefer a support role. Rockstars tend to die fastest, and that isn't a good idea for a clo
  15. yeah, you can buy any of the bracers there. Also, with the patch, they are adding epic pants as well at exalted.
  16. no offense to your tank, but if you guys were on Nef and he *still* couldnt stance dance, you probably wouldnt have that difficult a time finding an MT who could. That kind of skill you should be learning on magmadar. As someone who has raided both alliance and hordeside, I do have to say though for PVE pallies are way nicer than shamans; the only thing totems have going for them compared to blessings is that they look cool. Having another class that can dispell makes learning fights a lot easier too on the priests. Paladins are sick in PVP as well, it's just a good thing that there are so man
  17. Why doesn't anyone want to do whiz kid? That song is awesome. I'd like to do it, and i've got a decent start already as well.
  18. whew, i need a little break after the arathi basin weekend; I played more than I ever have I think, and it was awesome! On my server we (the horde) are outnumbered 4 to 1, so our preformed team can have 5 second queue times while the alliance preforms have to wait at least an hour. We've gotten so well organized that our team that is mostly in blues can beat out alliance teams that are in full T2 gear (the advantage of having a huge population is the ease of raiding). Is this situation common on your servers? I know that our raiding groups are sortof messed up two with only like two or three
  19. I really wasn't sure about the mixing at first, but it grew on me. The drumming really is a highlight. Well done. The texturing on the guitars was also really nice.
  20. The guilds that rely on, and worse, force macros on their members are the ones who are always months behind, not to mention in a somewhat poisoned environment. I've yet to encounter a guild of this type on my server, but there are a few that regulate specs. If your guild doesnt trust you, why would you even want to be in the guild? There are so many MC/BWL groups that it's not really an issue to get into a different one.
  21. hehe, yeha i thought he was crawling out of a pile of garbage bags at first. i see now it's a zirconia. I'll miss the wingless, but i think Zircon will do a rocking job as well. I'm looking forward to the next show.
  22. I love the nurfed UI. I skipped out on the whole cosmos deal because it just seemed kindof flimsy, but nurfed I love. http://oceansend.com/5502/wow/1.jpg
  23. This remix has serious soul, and it's obvious something really special happened to allow you to capture the moment. No internet trolls can take that away. 10/10
  24. fantastic production, this has so much energy you can't help but rock out. I love the panning textures and the strings. One of the best remixes I've heard in awhile.
  25. hell, i'm on the alliance and I like seeing night elves die too. >_>
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