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  1. Though the synths on this aren't especially strong, the arrangement is fantastic and more than carries the mix. Things seem to be a bit centered in the middle, which is too bad, because there is a lot going on, and some of it occasionally gets lost. The song starts out good, with the melody taking up most of the spotlight, with the bass, drums, and pads keeping things moving, but staying out of the way. About halfway, things pick up for a bit before smoothly transitioning to a calm breakdown and buildup, and that's when the song kicks into high gear. The sixteenth note runs are excellent, th
  2. yes and yes. The most notable difference is the increase in HP. A protection warrior with Kharazan epics and a lot of level 70 insance gear has around 15k hp. Mages can have around 8-9k. Damage is increased a lot too, but the current PVP style of potentially 2 shotting is gone, unless it's a hapless level 60. Level 70 makes you strong as hell. I have friends on my server who have 10manned onyxia at 60, so having them 5man her at 70 isn't out of the question. Honestly though, there is so much new stuff to do, that you won't spend much time pwning old dungeons. maybe once or twice for fun, but
  3. The mix starts out with a nice sweeping synth, and kicks into trance mode right away. The kick is a little too quiet, and the drums don't have any real presence to them, but the synths are nice enough. The centerpiece features a breakdown of piano and synth. The piano here is fantastic, and the run near the end where is slowly shifts to a synth playing the same line is inspired and something that made me do a double take. About halfway through, the beat gets mixed up (thankfully), and ambient synths round it out until the end. If I had my way, I'd focus more on the piano work and less on the
  4. A bit repetative early on, there is a decent amount of variation from the source, with some synth guitar counterpoint and a slightly expanded chord progression. The sounds are pretty midiesque, though the flute is nice, if not a bit too loud. The drums are nice, but sound like a pasted on loop, and finally at the halfway point, the theme switches to a variation sans the melody. It's pretty welcome when it does arrive, but it would have been much more welcome much earlier in the song. The slight fade at the end leaving an exposed guitar is a cool idea, but just when it is getting started, the
  5. There are some great ideas in this mix, most notably the middle but the flow is really choppy, making it sound like two different songs, complete with actual breaks inbetween songs. I have to say I much prefered the second half with the rock and filtered strings over the voice samples in the first half. interesting, but not my cuppa.
  6. Groove-heavy and funky, if this song won't make you do the DJP, nothing will. There is a good amount of variation, and the scratching break is fantastic. The source tune itself has a ambient-style melody, and Scott's treatment of it is spot-on. I especially like the way the bass gets mixed up early and often. It plays several varations of the original groove, and keeps things fresh. I guess i've described the song as both funky and fresh now, so my work here is done.
  7. There are some great aspects to this track, such as the choir and orchestral elements, but there are too many abrupt stops with no real reason for them, and the transitions arent smooth. Both times the B section comes in, it just starts getting good, and then is suddenly stopped. The bass sound doesn't mesh with anything, and the drums are pretty wimpy. I am inclined to agree with previous reviewers that the source tune really carries this mix.
  8. An old school synth kickback using zelda 3's source is an idea with potential, but i'm just not feeling this one. The nirvana sample is at a frequency where when it plays (thankfully only twice throught the course of the song), it grabs your full attention, and then when it's done, leaves you with nothing. The variation is also lacking, and though there are a few nice buildup sections and a breakdown, they are both based on the same melody as the main section.
  9. The juxtoposition of the deep atmospheric effects and the 8bit synth had me scratching my head at first, but once the beat came in, things started to gel a bit more. Though the song is pretty lofi, there is something appealing about the synthy spookiness, and this song would be an absolute riot at a halloween dance party.
  10. Pretty well done and uplifting trance, productionwise it is a little mid-heavy, but there is plenty of creative elements moving the mix forward, and the source tune is excellent. The drums have enough flourishes sprinkled throughout to keep the beat fresh, and there are several additional sections added for a potential transition to the DJ's next track This is one track i've actually had on my playlist for several years but really hasn't gotten much love, so relistening have brought it back out into the open. Highly recommended for trance fans.
  11. There are some nice synths in this track, but overall there isn't enough going on to keep things interesting. I think i'd like it more if the bass drum was in the same key as the song, but as far as hardcore beats go, they are as authentic as you can get.
  12. I'm not quite sure what to think of this mix, as i seems to have 2 minds about how it wants to progress. It starts off on a hardcore military march with synth guitars and a lot of open space, using delay to give it an expansive, field full of soldiers sound. About halfway through, however, it switches to a mid-80's boyband style of drumbeat. Perhaps it's a show to entertain the troops? I'm not quite sure, but it is jarring. Eventually, the boy band packs up and flies back to safety, and the war is back on, but it still left me shaking my head. The ending was also abrupt, maybe to symbolize th
  13. This mix features some great agressive snares that really get in your face along with some cool abrupt stops. The solo in the middle is funky, and overall the track is decent, but I think that it needs some legato pads and a few changes in synth choices to properly fill it out. The ending is cool but abrupt, and I think that having another section to fill things out would be in order. This is a great track to not only see how DJP has grown, but the site as well.
  14. This mix starts out with a great ambience and some super low bass hits before the theme itself comes in. The synth is a little mushy, and the snare sounds very mechanical, but just when you are ready to write off the track, a beautiful breakdown with a ton of ambiance and subtle orchestral elements arrives, though just when you start to enjoy the change of pace, the theme comes back verbatim. This piece does have some merits, certainly, but it really does show it's age with the orchestra hits and snare rolls.
  15. A mix that sounds awesome on headphones, the super-subtle panning and solid-if-not-straightforward beat make this a great driving track. Though i'd prefer a bit more melodic interpretation, Rubbish mixes up the elements enough to keep things interesting throughout. For fans of C64 remixes this is a must download.
  16. Short but sweet, I love the synths and the tight integration with the drums. I think there are a few places this could have been taken, but from what's there, nothing is lacking. Sound quality is fantastic, and the beat is totally strut-worthy. If i was, say, 10% cooler, I'd strut to this, but since i'm not, it'll have to remain a beautiful dream.
  17. havnt run into those yet, but faction for thrallmar is easy to get. mobs outside until honored, and inside hellfire citadel as well.
  18. You just need to be level 70 and have the cash. They are bought training for the regular flying mount is about the regular epic mount cost, and the epic flying mount is about 4500g. they are pretty fun, and don't stress about the gold costs. Just by levelling 60-70 you make about 2k. It's about as tough to get as an epic with the current gold availibility. I say within 2 months just about everyone at 70 will have a regular mount, and then a bit later, everyone will have an epic flying mount. They won't be exculsive.
  19. i have a SM57 as well and its great for sax. I recommend it.
  20. I'm guessing you weren't around when the gates of Ahn'Qiraj were opened on your server. AQ gates were more like a 600 person battleground >_>
  21. yeah, I think the reduction in honor was justified as well. I had a friend who got the HW healing mace within a few days, even before the AB weekend. for some of the best weapons in the game, it's a little too easy.
  22. I think I am about where you are honorwise as well. Honestly I hardly ever play my rogue, so I know very little about builds, but a backstab build is way more pve centric, i'd go the mutilate build.
  23. do you plan on PVPing or just raiding? PVP is all about sublety, and PVE is almost completely Combat with a little sub.
  24. yeah, there's been a dwarf pally on our server named naturo for well over a year. Never pvp'ed either so no chance of killing him. In other news, battleground are stable now, and frickin packed. It seems really easy to play casually and get plenty of stuff too. I've played a few games a night so far and am about 1/3 of the way towards the general shoulders which look way cooler than the lame arcanist ones. Judging by the 200+ games in my battlegroup going on, I can only assume others feel the same way.
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