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  1. One of my favorite tracks from the game. The mix is really nice, but the flute is killing me. It's way too piercing. The ambience is great, and the song has a fantastic mood, despite being short. I'd love this song forever if it didn't physically pain me to listen to.
  2. A few guitar intonation issues in a few parts, but the synth and guitarwork is very clean. Especially good is the drum programming. I'm a fan of the more recent Snappleman mixes, and it's cool to hear where he came from. He's improved a ton, but his first mix on the site is still really solid. Recommended.
  3. This is basically a nice sounding midi rip until the tempo changes right before the ending. There's a little bit of arrangement, but compared to a lot of Beatdrop's work, this is pretty throwaway stuff, however enjoyable. The source tune is fantastic though, so even non-fans of the game will have something to love.
  4. Another older-school short and sweet mix, this is one of the few games where having a intro and body of a song being so seperate works in it's favor thematically. I'd have preferred a smoother transition, perhaps a crossfade or some texture back-and-forth, with a synth vs. guitar call and response. The drum patterns are interesting, and thogh the lack of a main melody makes the song feel a bit empty, it's entertaining enough.
  5. This song really has a lot of mood to it. Lots of ambient noise, accented notes, crecendos, and multiple ritardandos really add a spooky and real feeling to this originally 8 bit track. I am assuming the Japanese reference from the title relates to the koto and flute, though they are used in a decidedly western fashion. Though this sort of mood setting music isn't really my style, I am floored by the level of craftsmanship on this one. A must listen for anyone.
  6. The sound quality is a bit midi on this, but the melody is really nice, and while I don't think it'd meet the OCR standards today, it is definitely enjoyable to listen to. The strange rising and falling synth seems a bit strange, but after a few listens, it really endears itself, and becomes something to look forward to. It's a shame the track is so short though, the ending is nonexistent. :/
  7. A pretty straightforward mix, with very very cool synths, I think this needs a little more melody for my tastes. There are some nice chromatic shifts throughout, which keeps things interesting, but overall it is a bit repetitive. It really does feel like a wipeout track, so if you are a fan of futuristic racing music, this is totally for you.
  8. the final version of Stand Tall you can find on thasizauc0rz if you are interested.
  9. Depends on how fast the games go, really. in AV, you are guaranteed at least 200 honor for a loss because of the lietenants. Ab can be good, especially if you win, but if you are in a PUG and get rolled by a preform, especially 5capped, you'll get a whole lot of nothing. WSG can go forever, so I tend to avoid it. I switch between AV and AB, and if an AV is going to take forever, I have no qualms about afking out. If you have a team, WSG and AB are the ways to go.
  10. QFMFE It's become a beginning of AV joke now that victory is defined by our ability to even capture stormpike. I've started looking forward to nubs who need to complete their quest for thier trinket, so I can spend the 20 minutes in there helping them instead of rushing stormpike with 3 or 4 others while the rest of the team afks or wanders around.
  11. all cool, but none beat the michael jackson one. I'll get to mine eventually.
  12. Lagoon was a game with pretty good music, and this remix does it justice in a bite-sized, funky send up. The bass groove is especially nice, and when the saw solo comes in, it only gets better. If only it wasn't so short.
  13. Another remix on the site that has several variations, This one is pretty good, with a very driving hardcore style beat with a smoothed out arrangement of the theme on top of it. I didn't really care for the vocal samples, though I almost never do, but there was some pretty cool counterpoint lines with some interesting effects applied. There aren't really any B sections to speak of, though the original didn't have one either, so for an earlier mix, it's not really an issue.
  14. Very atmospheric, the choir sounds decent except when changing chords, there is a little over-emphasis. The evolution of the song is very subtle and very slow, which could certainly turn some people off, as all of the arrangement happens over the two chords, which makes things seem stagnant a bit, regardless of the changes in mood.
  15. More like an OCappetizer than an actual mix, this has a great mood but doesn't have any time to really go anywhere. The drums seemed somewhat bland, but it was more than made up for by the interesting guitar rhthyms and the moody oboe melody. Unfortunately, this is a remix that keeps you wanting more, and no matter how many times you replay it in a row, it just doesn't feel like an entire song.
  16. Congrats, i've been a fan of VGmusic.com forever, and it's great to see you guys still kicking ass! Good luck with your next 10 years!
  17. I sure fucking hope so. I'd even take a 5% chance to win over the current 1% chance that half the alliance is being played by paid honorfarmers who just afk by their starting cave, thus making it easier to kill that dwarf before they can steamroll our base.
  18. I can't tell if the guitar are real or synthetic. If they are synthetic, nice work. If they are real, time for a new amp. I found this too be too sparse and hollow for my taste, as well as it being the melody verbatim with a wanktacular solo stitched on. Now i'm as guilty as the next guitarist of cranking the wankitude up for solos, but this one seemed excessive and even sloppy. Sorry, this mix just wasn't for me at all.
  19. I loved the Kid Icarus soundtrack, and this song does it justice. The huge buildup at the beginning was expected, but afterwards, the harp and woodwinds was not, and a welcome turn. The bassoon(?) is particularly expressive, though the brass that comes in later isn't completely convincing. I think the issue is that it's too rigid, and especially so, when the rest of the piece is so carefully constructed. The percussion is sparse, but builds tension when needed, and though I was hoping for a huge Wagnerian swell at the end, the ending was good in it's own right. The handling of the source is a
  20. Though the remix starts out in cover territory, it quickly shifts to an almost clockwork style of writing, with lots of interesting and well-placed percussion and pizzicato strings. Especially nice is the piano in the background providing the chords and the occasional counterpoint with the right hand. The oboe and string leads are slightly synthetic, but good enough to not bring the mix down. The source tune is beautiful, and this mix improves upon it in many ways, while adding a distinctly different feel. Highly recommended, and one that I somehow overlooked when it was first released.
  21. The amazing bassline in this song is balanced by bad synth horns in this mix, though on repeated listens, it's unfortunate that the horns seem to come out more each time. The ending actually sounds like a breakdown with some tasteful piano, but then... nothing. It just stops. Though the bass is great and the drums are decent, the length of the track and the horribly fake horns really turned me off to this mix.
  22. This mix stopped before it even got off the ground; it was way too short. A shame too, since it was sounding really good. Though I'm not sure about the lofi synth arpeggios, the rest of the track is great, with a calm melody and subtle percussion touches. It really reminds me of lunar or a similar RPG soundtrack, and it makes me kindof sad something like this that could be so good got cut so short.
  23. A really chill remix, this focuses on atmosphere more than anything really, and the textures are great. The drums, bass, and melody are all rather subdued, however, which makes the mix less engaging, but as background music it works great. Not to detract from the mix, But I think a lot of the techniques used would be better used on a more interesting source.
  24. These drums are killer. Everyone knows the Gerudo Valley theme, and there are a lot of remixes of it on the site, so a mix of it has to be something really special to get noticed. This mix takes a minimalist approach for the first third, content on grooving to the chord progression, with the drums firmly in front, but eventually brings in a synth guitar with the melody that sounds a little fakish, but is decent enough. The brass is also a little weak, samplewise, but I think the reason the brass and guitar stand out is that the rest of the synths fit the drums well, making the instruments t
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