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  1. You've taken all of the things I hated about stereotypical raps and threw them out the window, and made one of the few rap songs I'll ever listen to and enjoy constantly. Not only that, but you made a remix of Ice Cap that's not the "same old same old."
  2. There is a free clone of this game called The Ur-Quan Masters if anybody cares. It's a pretty fun game actually. And the hyperspace is one of my favorite tracks! well done. I totally agree with Geoffrey.
  3. never played the game but wow man. that's tight. sounds like it could be an intro to a cheery and upbeat game like Klonoa or Paper Mario or something.
  4. I'm not even going to bother to list my hardware specs. In a word: SH[censord roflcopters] Software: System: Gentoo Linux 2006.1 ~x86, Linux Kernel 2.6.16, beyond-dev-sources patchset, Alsa Drivers 1.0.11 lmms-1.4 rosegarden doesn't work for some reason, will fix later kmid? haven't bothered with it yet that's about it. And I don't really do anything great with it, just screwing around. But I'm anticipating my new box which could take a couple of months to build. I'm putting the newest creative sound cards and nvida SLI graphics cards I can get in it, along with at least 1G ram and at least a moderately good processor. Also, remember: don't complain because there's always someone with worse hardware and crappier software than you.
  5. that was awesome! I haven't played doom two, I don't think. Maybe I did? I remember playing one on my old i386 running Windows 3.1! And I know I played wolfenstein on that too. I was just a little kid and those games scared the crap outta me but I never did get nightmares from them. Oh wait, back on topic. That song was a great remix. I loved the way you put everything together. The piano part was especially great!
  6. This song was awesome. Nice base lines and I love the way you did the synths.
  7. Download the ROM and SNES9x or ZSNES and start emulating? I don't do illegal gaming, thank you.
  8. It's addicting... like videogames, but worse. It's a seriously awesome remix! good work Wingless, I look foreward to your next remix! Now I wanna play this game... but I don't have it. This is one of my favorite remixes, and your attention to detail is freakin' awesome. How long did it take you to make this!?
  9. If you are lazy, cut out a piece of the song that has a steady beat. Then, use MixMeister's BPM Analyser (http://www.mixmeister.com/download_freestuff.html) and click scan twice to get an accurate reading.
  10. Quick and informative! Thanks a bunch. VST sounds like it's awesome.
  11. I've searched google and this site for 20 minutes and I still don't have a single clue about what either of those are. Or what a tracker is for that matter. Could somebody help me out? and don't get angry if I missed a post explaining this... it's 12:24 and I'm tired... I might have stared directly at it and not recognised it...
  12. Hey people. I've heard many people talking about remixing for free. What about using Linux to do it? Linux is steadily getting better at audio, and seeing as (usually) everything is free (and open-source), why not give it a shot? Rosegarden: A Midi sequencer. I haven't gotten a chance to use it, but it is a lot like cakewalk from what I see. Free. LMMS: It's like FL Studio, but free. And comes with less samples, but it's still free. Audacity: Sound editor. Also free. I know it does MP3 and WAV, haven't tried editing anything else. MOD Trackers: I'm not up on that yet. This site seems to be good though: http://sunsite.univie.ac.at/Linux-soundapp/mod.html VST: Dunno what it is. But some software links: http://www.djcj.org/LAU/ladspavst/ http://linux-sound.org/plugins.html DJing Software: http://mixxx.sourceforge.net/ Names that I just stole from other topics: If anybody wants to test these indepth, be my guess. But LMMS is awesome, it's the only one I've screwed with very long. Maybe other Linux users could pitch in? Or if someone has a question, I can see if I can answer it. And no, Linux is NOT just for nerds, unless you pick a distro (read: version) suited for nerds. Like Gentoo. If you want to try linux, use Knoppix or an Ubuntu Live CD. For something specifically suited for Media Editing, try this LiveCD: http://dynebolic.org/ And yes, some of this software works in Windows. (I'm probably the only Linux user here anyways... )
  13. If you like FL Studio and you use linux, give LMMS a try. I only used it for a couple of minutes but it looked cool. I was able to get a couple of loops in but I probably forgot how to use it by now...
  14. This game actually went gold and WAS ADVERTISED in an issuse of Nintendo Power. How the heck did we get a rom of this game anyway? And isn't there only like 1 completed cart... in JAPANESE which I can't speak... Nintendo should re-release this game on the Revolution! that would be great. bla bla, back to the important stuff. This remix rocked. It sounded like a latin, almost big-band remix of the starwolf battle. You made it sound epic, too, like it could almost be used in some sort of movie. A good idea may be more dynamics (loud and soft sounds) and more army like drums that stand out a little better.
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