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  1. The best midi controller i've played is the Studiologic Fatar 88 key SL-990 pro. it has real ivory coated keys and uses fully weighted hammer action. its pretty damn close to a real piano feel. The only downside is it uses a midi cable only, no usb. It also different velocity levels, a sustain jack and a volume (expression) jack. And to top it off it has 2 midi outs, one you can run to your pc's soundcard and the other to a rack of modules if you'd like. Great buy for $399 if you ask me.
  2. This isn't the case nowadays. soundfonts are similar to Reason refill format. A file that contains the audio samples and the patch files, although the refill format is a bit more diverse. Most programs can handle soundfonts, Kontakt 2, and i believe Rapture and Dimension Pro can also import soundfonts. There a couple of free VSTi's that can also import soundfonts, i forget their name at the moment though .
  3. nice, very nice. would be great to hear a higher quality version of this tune . oh wait nevermind, it was just sound was screwed up. sounds great now!!
  4. wow man, they all sound excellent. i wouldnt change anything.
  5. Sounds good i like it a lot, the piano sounds very stiff though. go through and edit the notes so it flows a little better. great track.
  6. Their interface is one of the easiest to learn........ I understood the whole program in about a week.
  7. Ableton Live will probably give you the most bang for your buck. It will give you a solid DAW/workstation environment with 8.5 GiB of instruments and it has support for VST instruments. But yea like the others have said you'll most likely want to get good audio card first. I highly recommend the M-Audio Delta 1010LT. I just upgraded to this from a POS Soundblaster Audigy and the sound quality is no comparison. The delta smokes it. But yea look around see what tickles your fancy. Visit a music shop too, you can get most of the technicians to demo stuff for you to see whats right for you. pea
  8. I myself like the dark edge your givin to this tune. I would only recommend brightening up the mix just a little bit, some of the instruments you can barely hear. good job overall.
  9. http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/ProductMedia/Drivers/um110mx.zip drivers for DGX220 for OSX. didn't your DGX220 come with softeware.....?
  10. indeed usually all soundfont choirs are crap. if you have VST capabilities check out Magnus Choir http://magnus.syntheway.net/. Best low budget solution i've found for getting a choir sound.
  11. I think it sounds pretty darn good hal, though it prolly could use a bit more polish on the final mix and mastering portion. as mentioned, it does sound a bit flat. but great nonethelesss.
  12. asio4all was mainly designed for onboard soundchips(builtin sound on the motherboard).the kx drivers are the better solution for Creative based cards. they were programmed off of the same OpenAL source that creative used to make their own drivers. Except the KX team removed all the garbage code and useless features that mangles the audio that creatives drivers are famous for . In replacement they give free reign over the routing of the audio with the card. Plus much more reliable and lower latency ASIO driver. The only downside, the kx drivers do not support EAX. The drivers are mainly designe
  13. True they are the same samples. However the propellerhead refill format heavily compresses the original samples causing a noticable loss in audio quality. At the music store i purchased it at, the software tech was kind enough to demo them both for me, he ran them on a dual core PC in Cubase on a M-Audio Delta 1010LT with maudio BX5 monitor's. the VSTi was much more crisp and clean sounding. anywho this is just my two cents. but you also make a very good point, if he is only useing reason then i would go for the miroslav refill if i were in his shoes, its better quality then the orkester refil
  14. i just picked up a M-Audio Axiom 61 key. its pretty decent and comes with neat drumpads. it has programmable aftertouch which is a great help when im tweaking some orchestra samples. the only downside i would have to say is the drumpads are not mappable, unless you use the Enigma editor and modifiy your own template and load it into the controller. just that way of doing it is a pain in the ass sometimes.
  15. i got this library myself. dont buy the refill, get the VSTi version its much higher quality.
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