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  1. I Still listening on my PS3 in the Pro Evolution Soccer and Burnout Menu since it was just Work In Progress... This final version is just perfect, it could be easy a commercial song, it's perfect.
  2. So we haven't got no more information from this job ? I'm really to know this project is Stopped. Bad News.
  3. Hey Man, it's just AMAZING. It's very short, but I Think, this remix can be the better remix of an episode of FINAL FANTASY from this site. Continue to perform your Job, and you will Success. I keep an eye on this "Oeuvre d'art", you know !
  4. Please SephFire i wanna listening to a remix of ONE WINGEL ANGEL from Crisis Core ! PLEASE ! Thank you very mutch for the work which was "déjà" Created !
  5. September 7th, 2007. Whaooooooouuuuuuu ! six days before Crisis Core release in Japan !! how much of track , are they in this album ?
  6. BRAVO ! Excellent ! I love , i'm french and i love the sound of the voice ! This song is beautiful with this sympatic lyric !! I found of this Single !!
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