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  1. I really want more remixes from this game, I don't even care if it's just more rainbow road either. Hearing music from this game warms my heart, and takes me back to a much better time
  2. Golly gee! Me too, what's up with that? Anyways, this is a very lovely little remix, it makes me feel happpy. Not like "WOAAAA IM SO HAPPY! WOAAAAA!", more like a cousy, comfortable, happy. Not like so comfortable and cousy that I'm going to fall asleep or anything, but something I'd like to drink hot coco too, not like the hot coco with marshmallows in them, more like just a smooth marshmallow-less cup that I can kind of feel burn down my throat. It's kind of like Neil Benjamin's "Far Away Memories" remix on this site (one of like my favs ever!). It gives me that same kind of feel. I like this kind of stuff, do more of this king of stuff, this kind of stuff rocks!
  3. I have been waiting for a really amazing remix of this song for a long time. At last! The waiting is over. Seriously this is cool, sounds like nothing I've heard before on this site. I hope to see more like it!
  4. Dueling consoles... Brilliant! It was so cool at the beginning when they are going at each other, and kind of funny. Then when they worked together it sounded really nice. Very original, and overall amazing! I can't believe this almost faced rejection
  5. I believe this to be the best piano remix on the site, and it's honestly some of the best piano I have ever heard in my life. Really it's just brilliant; and I wish Spekkosaurus would have done a few more like this before he quit remixing. Oh well.. I'll still be listening to this for a long time to come.
  6. Yeah me too.. for real : - )
  7. The piano just sounds so pleasant and gorgeous.. I could really just fall asleep to this. I was expecting something much different then this when I read the title but im glad it turned out to be the way it did.
  8. I am amazed,astonished,astounded, and all together affected. I love the western gun-slinger type feel this remix has. It seriously makes me feel like I want to ride a horse into the sun set, and have an inevitable show down with my greatest foe. Also it kind of makes me want to karate chop things and have sword fights and and .. uh anyways.. this remix may seem abstruse compared to the others of the same project, but don't let that turn you off! This is kickass, 10/10.
  9. This remix is really cool. At first it was kind of dull and the strings weren't really that great. Then it starts to get a faster pace, and a nicer sound. The piano was pretty dam bitchen too!
  10. A creative take on some good music. I liked it a lot, worth a listen.
  11. Oh yeah those were some stylistic change ups! I'll be playing this one for a while to come..
  12. Very easy and pleasing to listen to, my favorite remix of this theme so far.
  13. Good remix from a really good game. There should be many more Grandia 2 remixes... a lot of great music
  14. Wow "Intense" is right! This piece of music just owned me silly. Fuckin sweet!!!
  15. I liked this a lot. The piano sounds really nice and so does everything eles, very beautiful remix.
  16. I can't even find the right words to describe this piece of music. It has this memorizing sense of peacfulness and calmarity about it. This remix doesn't change its sound or pace much. But for that, im very glad. It doesn't make perfect sense that something rather simple and mildly repetitive is SO amazing. This remix is on a level of its own.
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