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  1. Just heard this again on Rainwave and I gotta say that last minute or so is bloody TIGHT. <3
  2. I really dig this and its synthy vibe. Not what I usually go for, but really, really cool, man. PS. Stone Drum is my favorite track off B&R.
  3. So very post-rock. So very beautiful. <3 Love it. Need more jazz, more blues, and now more post-rock remixes.
  4. Why can't I give this a million stars on the radio station? This is the greatest of things.
  5. All these years later, still solid. One of the best.
  6. Is there even the slightest, tiniest chance, that sheets are available somewhere?
  7. This is just so lovely. Goosebumps start to finish. There needs to be a spin-off to OCR that's just jazz and blues remixes. (Although, yes, why 128 )
  8. Great remix! I don't know if it necessarily fits my memory of that cave, but what a great mix. I cannot get enough of it. Totally unique. The orchestration sounds really great too, imo. Also I like that it is sort of sassy. I love this so much that I can't even use my words.
  9. This is now a staple of my "zombies" playlist for Run, Zombies!. I don't know how I failed to fall in love with it sooner. Glorious. DE-FLEK-TOR WHOO-OOAA ^I shout this (and the rest of the chorus) and fistpump regardless of where I am. It is radical.
  10. Talk about a remix that has aged well. Still one of the best of the FFVI remixes, and probably one of my favorites on the site. Captures the snowfield and the atmosphere of that game perfectly. WTB a grown-up remake, with this track in it, please. <3
  11. Ten years later and it's still one of the best feel-good songs on this site. Head-bobbin' dancin' bobblin' track. Stands the test of time. This is an OCRemix classic. <3
  12. I came across this track listening to OCRadio, via Rainwave. I have to admit, the title of the track made me a little leery, but I'm glad it won its vote. What sweet, sweet beats. Excellent mix, production off the charts, and -I- dig the chiptunes. Forget any more instruments, I love the digital sound of this mix. Supremely awesome. WTB moar.
  13. All I have to say about this remix is that I did not want it to end.
  14. Maybe I'm crazy, but despite the shrill cell phone, I really love the guitars in this remix. Not much else to say beyond that.
  15. I just want to say that after all this time, this remains one of my favorite mixes on this site. Maybe because it's so awesome compared to its obnoxious originator, maybe because I like the rough, raw sounds put in the music, maybe because for me, it just works. It's upbeat, catchy, just the right tempo to do basically -anything- to... I love it. I put it on mix CDs, for god's sake. I wish I could hug this remix.
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