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  1. Y helo thar, friend Curly.

  2. Yeah, multiplayer Goldeneye matches often ended when one of my friends (or me) turned a corner and bumped their face on a stack of proximity mines that looked like a horizontal impression of the leaning tower of Pisa. There was more than one occasion where this action killed all of us simultaniously due to the resulting explosion, and the chance happening that we were all very closeby. Heard similar antics in PD, but i wasn't around when they had that game.
  3. Not sure, but it's pretty damned funny, lol. It's better than the "old timey" one i was looking for.

  4. All i picked up from it was... "Ya got ya some nice tits 'ere, Carl."
  5. Well, i DO have a camera, and it'd be pretty funny to see, lol. Do you do girls too? (har har) I'll bet my GF would be happy to see herself all suited up.
  6. Awesome sauce! Nice work. What info do you need to work these into looking like other people?
  7. Thanks. You're helping. :)

  8. I suggest very early "In Flames", their old stuff is melodic and very heavy. Also, Nightwish is good for Power Metal. Lacuna Coil sounds good, but their lyrics are a bit cliched. I mean, "DESTINY!!" is not a way to start a stanza anymore, lol. To look for, cause i have to wake up early: In Flames - Lord Hypnos, or anything off their "Jester Race" album. Nightwish - I wish i had an angel, from their "Once" album. Lacuna Coil - Swamped (I know little of LC, i found them via youtube crash videos. ) As for internet awesomeness related to this: http://www.dirpy.com Converts youtube audio to MP3, with proper tagging (though sometimes it needs some help). Good if you want to put a live, hard to find, or even a youtube-only sound clip on an MP3 device for evaluation. I hope to contribute to this thread more tomorrow....
  9. Indeed, it was "our collective bads" at work. All is well... for now. Until next time, Gadget... next time!

  10. Well, seems a misunderstanding was had... next time, be sure to address to whom you are speaking. :) I'll watch out for this myself, now.

  11. Your opinions as of (ever) have been ridiculous. You should stop being mean to other people without cause. Not everyone will agree with you. Also, thank you to The Author: i forgot about this feature. You left a nasty note on his.

  12. Absolutely. At least if he's going to ignore me, he should have the balls to keep up the appearance. That was just childish, and a PM has been issued.

  13. Repopulation is a bitch. I know i have stuff on my ipod that i either couldn't find again, don't have access to, or have since deleted. beware Apple's asshollery though. I took my ipod in for service when the screen broke (the backlight was casting huge grey lines), and they claimed that i'd opened it, and voided the warranty. I had not opened it, SPECIFICALLY so that i wouldn't LOSE THE WARRANTY. Pissed me off. Guy even liked my OCR collection, too.
  14. Score at least 1 internet for the coopster, i was about to look this one up myself!
  15. I find all of your posts to be genius, which is hard to pull off. I just hope we never disagree on something in close proximity, it could get ugly... and i could lose. ;)

  16. I'd pay 40CAD for that... Really though, i'm actually down on my Sega Saturn title knowledge, since no one i knew ever had one and the only experience i had with it was when i found a guy with one on display (for play) at a flea market. Is it another case of Sega's hardware being more popular after death?
  17. You watch Community, i see. :P

  18. Huh, your birthday is a day behind mine. What year?

  19. In Pic 2, you can see Mahaboo's costume has a built in catheter so she never has to stop partying on Halloween at ALL. That's thinking ahead! I was a Reaper from inFamous. My GF made the costume. I'd post it, but i'm sure you could find it if you looked, i posted it 3 times already. i didn't see this thread first.
  20. I have issues with this too, although not with music. It just irks me when i've gotta fight to do the work, and someone skates in and "picks up" at the easiest moment, and then acts like they accomplished something. Then, people say that i'm the copycat when i point out who did what. It must be fun sliding through life on other's work, but i don't understand it. Guess that's why i'm a terrible manager of anything but me.
  21. Hmm... i'm seriously considering checking these out now... pity i was busy yesterday, lol. Guess i'll have to wait. Also, if all those songs were created in the same hour, i'd say that's gotta be some kind of record.
  22. I've always wanted to turn the music from the old NES game "Tiger Heli" into something, but it's terribly short, and pretty abrasive. I'd be surprised if either of the 2 songs in the game even had names.
  23. I'm not sure i'll trust anything MS after XP... it'd better prove itself damned good and DRM free before i start using it. As far as i know, it wouldn't let me watch even DVDs on this monitor, because it's not up to spec. I'll keep XP, thanks.
  24. Look for "Scurvy" on MySpace.com. I have a copy of their CD <not sure if it's named>, and it's only about 10 minutes long, featureing 5 or 6 heavy metal songs about being a pirate. Yes, they cover the grog song. yes, it fucking rocks.
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