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  1. I've really only played COD 4 online, never even touched the single player since I always play on my brothers account online. Reached max rank after not too long, and I like the way they made the multiplayer create-a-class mode. It is a big step away from COD 2, incorporating things like stun grenades and flashbangs, which makes storming buildings more interesting for both defending and attacking.
  2. My favorite song of the entire collection. Truly magnificent vocals, when they kick in it makes me feel like I'm swimming in a starry sky. Thanks for such a great remix, hope to see more from Zircon and Pixietricks!
  3. For some reason, Black Wing Metamorphosis is screwing with my computer. It will 1. Not play on either WAV or MP3 format 2. Not allow itself to be deleted in any way shape or form 3. Not allow itself to be moved. So yeah, a little help here? I don't like having songs that don't work and can't be gotten rid of.\ Edit: All other songs seem to be working fine. Is anyone else having this problem? SECOND EDIT: Fixed it myself. For some reason I couldn't even look at the properties of it, but I COULD take everything out of the folder it was in and put THAT in the recycle bin and delete it without any problems, getting rid of the weird file. Whatever, I'll just download the song by itself.
  4. Thirded. Much better than my useless character idea.
  5. How about Most Useful/Useless Party Member Month? Basically, everyone would get a character from some sort of party member based RPG that in their belief was by far the most/least useful party member in their game. This does not necessarily mean the most or least powerful member of your party, since just because a character is powerful doesn't mean he is useful for tricky situations...though I oddly cannot think of an example. As most useless member, I choose Aeris. She's the only one in the party who couldn't use attacks or magic equally, she just sucked at attacking and used magic instead. I never did like that.
  6. Ah god, my head seriously hurts, I want this game so bad. The only thing I'm worried about is if it'll be as balanced as Starcraft was... Which was definitely very balanced for an RTS. How can we ever last a year, much less 2, before this comes out?
  7. An interesting and addictive game to be sure. Am I supposed to be actually trying to capture the space pirates my pirate tracker identifies? Or do I just kill them and kill the pilot?
  8. Apologies, apologies, I saw Zidane and my mind automatically jumped to FF9. Yes, it would make much more sense to have the notorious headbutter in the game. I had totally not linked Zidane and that french soccer player either, I had forgotten that was his name until everyone started talking about him.
  9. I looked at that and thought it said Tidus as a secret character. In retrospect, wouldn't that make more sense? Blitzball is sort of like soccer...except it's in water. And on a side note, what does everyone hate about Mario Strikers? It's pretty fun, I thought, lots of fun tackling and shooting and throwing items at everyone and what not, what's not to like?
  10. I would go except A. I don't have a ride. B. 10 o'clock class. C. I'm sick with god knows what, but it involves ear pain and a bit of a sore throat. I needs sleep. I hope it's awesome.
  11. I find this highly awesome. Who doesn't like a short chubby penguin?
  12. Wonderful, wonderful remix. This is one of those remixes I just keep coming back to because I listen to it and I can just let my mind try to recreate the scenario for this music...Halls of Abandonment? A women running through long manor halls that are lit but empty... At least, thats what comes to my mind. I always like to let my mind wander with these excellent remixes.
  13. Like many other people complain, this song does develop slowly, and does sound a bit minimalist. Fortunately, I very much like the minimalist and ambient quality of this remix, and fell in love with this song right from the start. The slow way the melody wanders throughout the song lets me sit back and just listen, totally letting my mind enjoy some awesome quality calming music. 9/10, an awesome song I will listen to many a time in the future.
  14. This is also the only complaint I can make about The Wingless. Every one of his remixes I can honestly say I fall almost instantly in love with. I'm always happy when a Wingless song comes up on my playlist. In particular with this remix, I very much enjoyed the slow but sure way this remix developed, starting out with a melody that slowly turns into the melody from Super Mario 64, and I very much love the piano work in this remix. Definitely a 10/10.
  15. Never heard of Cave Story before this remix, but I very much dig this remix. The flute/rock session point was interesting, didn't really feel as in tune with the rest of the song, but I very much enjoyed how I can listen to this remix and very much imagine a little 2D guy running around in a cave, exploring the darkness, quickly and urgently searching for an exit as the remix increases in intensity. 8/10 song, definitely one I'd listen to when I'm in a good mood.
  16. I don't usually wear sweatshirts, but i'll probably make an exception to support my favorite music site.
  17. Definitely love this mix, is quite upbeat and feels like walking into a party. One of my favorites.
  18. Quite a good mix, you wouldn't expect such a trance-like song to come from a game like Punch-Out. Regardless, a great remix.
  19. Only 2 songs I've heard by Unipulator, and I fell in love with both the first time I heard em. Truly an awesome remixer, this remix does so much to the Zeal theme, and is probably my favorite remix of it.
  20. Wow...that really is cool. I just downloaded the 9 minute version of this song, and if it's anything like the 6 minute one, I'll be beyond happy. Another awesome song by SGX.
  21. Well, I've never played the game. But this has never stopped me from saying this about a remix from a game I've never played. This is an awesome remix. Whenever the chorus kicks in, I can barely help myself but sing along. No, I DO sing along. Truly an awesome piece of work, DJP. Definitely a 10/10.
  22. Very trancelike, very calming. As a huge fan of slow, comforting Electronica, I highly enjoy this song. Truly a great remix by Rellik.
  23. Holy crud man, that's awesome! That's like exactly what I was looking for. Now, how the crud do I take that picture and put it into my signature? I'm kinda new to the whole process of sticking stuff like that in my signature, do I need an imageshack thing or something?
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