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  1. This sounds so epic. Heck, MM3 is one of the best and is only surpassed by 2 in the original 6; despite that, MM3 had some killer music and this did it justice on so many levels. I think, when you can picture a sort of movie in your brain, images from or of the game (or anything related really) tacked along with a song, you've done something right. I highly reccomend this song to the Megaman fans. Tell me you dont see megaman holding that scarf right at the opening guitars and then tightening his grip in determination.
  2. You can just see the SH characters listening to this on their broken radios. But i felt that the static was WAY too overpowering of the song. And since you never break through the static entirely (even at around 3+ minutes it seems that the static will persist, even with the electric guitar kicking the Static around), The song remains just a slightly above average song.
  3. Quirky. But well coordinated. I like it, moreso since i dont recall that game having much in terms of music.
  4. A very seamless transition at the point between Vampire Killer and Stalker. The song's allright, but i felt more could've been done with the Stalker theme, aside from underlying VK music. You managed to incorporate Stalker, but it wasn't completely nessecary. Other than that, Its pretty good.
  5. Quite honestly, I hated the G-man's theme. But this is easy on the ears, which I didn't think possible. Its smooth, mellow, and something I could listen to for hours. I like it. And the violin part was something else. Someone should make a hack of the MM3 game and shove in these mixes. The Megaman Community will thank em.
  6. Incredible. Arguably the best remix that ive heard for S&K, and even topping the rest of the Sonic songs that ive heard. The vocals were just enough to be great, and the lyrics made sense (which is a plus, since most of the time lyrics dont make sense right away) and related to the theme of Lava Reef Zone. In my opinion, there are few better remixes that i like here. If you have any sort of soul, you will keep making these!
  7. It's about time Wild Arms 2 got some remixing done! And its done very well. It blends together to form something very jazzy and i love it. Thanks for the remix to my favorite RPG series. now if someone could get Wild Arms 3 done...it'd be you.
  8. Incredible. Rarely do I get to hear a song from a video game with vocal's becoming a solid part of it. But the lyrics were not only emotionally sound, but they fit the actual level perfectly. The vocals sounded incredible. The music was done right on cue. If there was a flawless remix for Sonic music in general, we have it right here. This is beyond the highest reccomendations, this is downright mandatory to listen to. ALL SONIC FANS SHOULD HAVE IT.
  9. It should be mandatory for good remixes to be at least 3 minutes long. a minute and a half of this!? This makes the "Entertainer" look like a horribly sung Britney Spears song. catchy, addictive, and too short! But highly reccomended.
  10. The first part of the song doesnt really catch the interest...and dragging it out for 40 seconds didnt help. Then it picked up. It got catchy. Its like a snowball rolling down a hill. It doesnt seem like much, then it gets bigger and better. at around 2:38 is when i liked the song alot more. Didnt expect this from Robocop. Unique.
  11. This is one that makes you wonder "WHY DO I LIKE THIS?". I cant honestly say why. But ive always loved the terminator theme, second only to the robocop theme. Darn you machine men! and curse your cool remix Kevin!
  12. Interesting intro...whispering voices...But i cant place the tune. I wish someone would remix the opening. I dont know exactly whats being remixed here, but i like it. Tekken 2 had some good music for some stages. But i dont think the songs did the game justice. This is something that would be played in Tekken now. Nice.
  13. This is something straight out of the 70's. I hated the music for that level, but, did you ever make a groovy remix out of it. And the last guy was right...at 3:04, it does get better. Keep up the good work.
  14. Where are my techno-geek clothes and flashing lights?! This song matches them perfectly. Its got a great beat. As opposed to your other remix on these, "Stardust Beat", This tries various beats as opposed to a few. It worked. Now if only i could decide which one i like more...
  15. The sound quality isnt great. The robovoice is good. Its funny. You remembered that there was a remix to be done. So, yeah, you do something and it comes out good. One to laugh at.
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