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  1. A few of my friends and I drove down from New York to see this show. It was a phenomenal performance and was totally worth the drive. I never heard an English version of "Maria and Draco" before. If they do a show in New York, I would definitely go again.
  2. I know I don't post here often, but I would like to leave my condolences with Reuben Kee's family. He had great talent and I always looked forward to hearing whatever piece he would come out with next ever since I first listened to "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon" years ago. His inspiration still lives on in his music and he will definitely be missed. RIP
  3. Other than what everyone else said: Yu Yevon from Final Fantasy X Ganon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Metroid Prime from Metroid Prime (Ridley was MUCH harder)
  4. I liked the ending in the Anime better than the Manga. It seemed more natural.
  5. Death Note is pure genius. That's all I need to say. I usually watch the Animanda subs too.
  6. I would really love to see more of Square's CGI talent put to use in the film industry. _________ And I think they might have to ditch the Disney worlds sooner or later in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  7. My friend had it and let me borrow it once. I got pretty far into the game but never actually completed it. It had some great music, awesome storyline, and addictive game play in it. It's a shame though, my friend let someone else he knew borrow the game. That person moved away and he never saw it again.
  8. Haha, wow I forgot how crazy that game was. I really liked this song from the game:
  9. I remember Mystical Ninja having some catchy tunes in it.
  10. Yea, the AMV hells are the only ones I really enjoyed watching.
  11. That's what I call an AMV.
  12. SVDoctorD


    I saw this movie at 10:30 last night with 9 of my friends. I have to say that I never really has as much fun watching an action movie before as I did watching 300. I loved the guitar riffs playing during some of the battle scenes and the creative Persian monsters that saturated the screen at some points in the film. The film does take a little while to get going, but I don't want to say too much about it. The bottom line is: This film was metal.
  13. Ok, I really don't understand what's going on though. I thought the topic was to post fan art.
  14. ...Thanks :'(. Anyway. I appreciate fan art because it shows how big of an impact the source material had on the artist and because of this, some extremely beautiful pieces of art come into light. I do sort of agree with you though, a lot of fan art isn't based off of the artist's imagination, but it's also called fan art for a reason - they don't come up with the ideas! Visual art also doesn't have to "mean" anything, it's just nice to look at every once in awhile. Then again you probably have a completely different perspective on fan art then I do anyway.
  15. I basically just search deviantArt and come up with some extremely nice ones. A few of my favorites: by *shilin by *animetayl ...and one of my previous wallpapers: by *shirotsuki There are plenty more... Also, there was this one artist I used to always check out about 6 years ago on The Grand Adventures Zelda website called "Min", who I thought was phenomenal. But she took her work off of there... I found her on Elfwood, but I couldn't find any of her old Zelda artwork >_<. Anyone familiar with her?
  16. I can't stop listening to this one. It's arranged very well and the guitar sounds awesome.
  17. Agreed. I forgot all about those games. "Air Attack" was a lot of fun.
  18. Hmm, would BattleTanx for the N64 be considered crappy? Because I remember spending a lot of time with it (and Global Assault) and loving it when I was younger...
  19. Exactly, lol! Did it happen in the Dreamcast version too? Or was it due to the Gamecube having a better processor? *shrug* Anyway, it was a fun game the first couple times through.
  20. Although I wouldn't call all of them crap games, save for a few: Starfox Adventures - Pretty hard at some parts, but I ended up beating it in a 5-day rental. It wasn't the best and a lot of people hated it, I loved it! Quest 64 - I don't even remember if this was a bad game... All I remember was that it was hard as hell! I rented the game like 8 times when I was a kid but never got past the forest part. I forgot why, but there was something about it that I loved. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - It definitely wasn't one of the great Final Fantasy games, but it was the only one I had. Because of this game I ended up renting Final Fantasy X and instantly became obsessed with the series. Now I own most of the games in some format or another. Final Fantasy X-2 - I played it through a lot. -Hated the story and how it ruined the first game. -Only a few musical tunes I liked from it (Memories of Light & Wave, Besaid, Yuna's Theme...) -Rikku looked like a Hawaiian hooker and was extremely annoying this time around. -And they resurrected Tidus if you got the good ending. ARGH, I hated him! But I still loved it for those same reasons and others. Battle system was cool too. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GC) - Spent a lot of time with this too (especially the Chao garden). But as I grew up, I realized that this game really wasn't that good, and a lot of the voice-acting overlapped... There are definitely more, just too lazy to mention them. P.S. - Great topic!
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