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  1. ...yeah...whoever said that stuff about Bowser's Final Smash should be becoming Giga Bowser? You're right.
  2. No, he's saying get rid of all the characters he doesn't like and/or thinks are useless, even if other people play as them (or want to).
  3. The Blood Gulch Chronicles is ending....I don't think the whole Red Vs Blue series itself is ending. We'll see.
  4. That part in the recent episode with the Zydeco music made me literally lol. Such a brilliant reference to that earlier episode.
  5. Well, as some of you may know, Rooster Teeth's excellent machinima series Red Vs. Blue will be ending with Episode 100 in a few hours. Red Vs. Blue, aside from being hilarious, also seemed to help open a wider audience to machinima in general. It created several spin-offs, but I think that machinima is now more genrally known. If anyone hasn't seen the series, start with Season 1. You can probably find torrents of it, or buy the official DVD from www.redvsblue.com What about the rest of OCR? Any other RvB watchers?
  6. It's not just you. I hope these good ones continue. Also, you were almost a Radical Dreamer sandwich.
  7. ....duh? That song is just a redone version of the Meta Ridley fight from Prime (which I'm sure is a redone theme from another Metroid game). If you're going to fight/use Ridley, I think Nintendo was looking for a familiar song to go with him.
  8. Okay, added my code to the data base and added Dhsu and Bahamut to friend's list...but it looks like I'll be losing against them. Ah well, 'tis still fun.
  9. You put up a good fight, I thought I was fine until you dumped about 6 metal blocks on me. Death followed soon after. Also, what are the odds that I'd play you out of, you know, everyone else who's connected? Pretty small, if you look at it.
  10. Dammit Dhsu, stop being so damn good at Puzzle League. You beat me twice. I was HyruleSoap. By the way, didn't know your birthday was 1/02
  11. Just put what you're a fan of. List off your favorite systems and game companies under each one. For instance, I put under systems: "Mostly Nintendo, but I know enough about the others." For the PC section, since GameStop's only about the software, put whether or not you're a PC gamer, and what PC games you play.
  12. Shadow of the Colossus: Hell yes. When I'm explaining this game to friends, they're always skeptical about just how good it can be. Then they fight one, and they're hooked. Though the game has no item gain and only 16 enemies, the game is a masterpiece in the simplicity yet complexity of tackling and defeating these 16 giants. Resident Evil 4: YES.{/b] Do I really need to talk about this one, or is it just understood that it's awesome?
  13. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: YES. Though the sailing and triforce parts are boring, the rest of the game is quite a fun experiences with a good story. The cel-shaded graphics were highly questioned, but all the naysayers I know changed their minds when they played the game and experienced how fun it is.
  14. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow: YES. Thought the title doesn't make much sense, this game is one of greater DS games, offering a good story with action/RPG gameplay. The many extras will keep you busy for a long time and the New Game + mode will allow for much replayability.
  15. Considering I used to do that with standard bob-ombs, I now have a new toy to play with. Or imagine throwing it at someone trying to reach the edge. "I made it! Hey, what's that thing stuck to BLAM!! *death sound*"
  16. PoP: Sands of Time: YES. This game had sequels made for a good reason. It is one of the most fun platformers/adventure games in quite a long time. The controls are tight, the time-control mechanic works very well, and the combat is fun. The environments are fantastic and the polish really shows. Halo: I'm going to reluctantly say YES for this. As good a game as Halo is, I believe that it, quite frankly, adds nothing to the FPS genre. Despite it's lack of ingenuity, it is still a fun game to play and own, especially if you have lots of friends. Star Fox Adventures: NO. The game was Star Fox in name only. It was originally called Dinosaur Planet before having the brand tacked on, and it shows. This game is okay. I feel it's more of a Zelda-style rip off, and you would have more fun playing a Zelda game than playing this.
  17. Weird Video Game Quote month!
  18. I would assume so, I doubt they'd remove them. Also, we've only got a few more days of known info before they have to do new stuff. We've got...what, 6 more character profiles and one more known stage? At most, we should get another week of known stuff before the new updates begin.
  19. Sonic Adventure: NO. Despite being a solid platformer having multiple characters to play through, this game just doesn't need to played, there are many other better game out there. Is it good? Yes. IS it necessary? No. New Super Mario Bros: YES. This game is one of the best modern 2-D platformers out there and is must-own for any DS gamers. The single player mode will challenge most, and the multiplayer is stiff fun after several months.
  20. Because, you know, dreaming is such a useless pastime. But I'm sure you've never wished for anything in your life ever.
  21. They said that they'd have multiple control schemes. Maybe they'll have an option for the Wiimote and one for the GCN controller.
  22. Katamari Damacy - YES, yes yes. This game is one of the weirdest games EVER. And yet, as simple and quirky as it is, it is incredibly satisfying to roll over an entire office building. This game more than qualifies to be on this list of must-have games. IT's short, but very, very fun. Pikmin - I'm going with NO. Though a fun idea and an okay game, it just doesn't seem to work for the entire length of time, and I got bored with it after only a few days (in game). The second one, maybe, as I feel it is a superior game in many aspects.
  23. 5 minutes after and nada. WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO US. *cries in the corner* EDIT: 250 pages wooooooooooo!
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