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  1. ...To be honest, I think the guitars in that track sound awful. I was using a semi-hollow jazz guitar with a high-gain amp setup that didn't work. The very first few notes I used a proper Ibanez RG with a whammy bar, through the pink floyd preset in guitar rig 3, no EQ, and that bit sounds not too bad. The floyd sound is more about smooth overdrive and spacey effects then EQ.

  2. Yeah bro I'll be on irc tomorrow we can have a chat, need to get things moving again.

  3. Yo my right ear isn't working at the mo, been blocked up for about 5 days now. I am literally dying inside waiting for it to fix itself. Soon as I can I'll listen to it properly.

  4. i'll see wut i can does

  5. Thanks for the offer but I'll probably be doing it myself, as I'm already very familiar with the material.

  6. Sorry, I'm not ignoring it on purpose, I just haven't had time to give it a proper listen. Keep getting home at 1am in no condition to listen to anything critically. Hopefully tomorrow!

  7. Herpa derp. To be honest I need a bit more specific information as I just had a listen and the information I've been given about what to actually play is a bit vague.

  8. Cool beans. A wip is awesome welcome.

  9. u jelly of my shed

  10. If you can get it done in time, then go for it. If you think you can do better it will just annoy you later. And probably bonkers too.

  11. There will be soon as I have the latest versions

  12. Doesn't quite work the other way around. I shall call him my Willy etc.

  13. The trick for speed is to use as few pokemon as possible so they get super levelled quickly. I usually go Charizard, Vileplume and Starmie. That's all you need.

  14. Haha, I did surge and my eyes we're bleeding so I stopped hours ago. I reached my goal anyway. I reckon I could've done 5-6 if I kept going.

  15. No problem, looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  16. My sincerest apologies sir, for time is short. Send me an abusive pm tomorrow afternoon, for that is my first moment off. Recording a choir CD this weekend, no sleep.

  17. You suck. Don't leave your computer on all night. You're destroying the planet or some shit.

  18. Oh it's on. What kind of battle?

  19. Glad you like the track. I might tab it out soon, but I'm not sure what info I can give you. It's mostly just riffs in F#, with a little bit of harmony here and there. Anything specific you want to know?

  20. Thats fucking epic! I want that pink falcon costume so much.

  21. Send me a private message (not a visitor message like this one) with some examples of your recent music and your plans for the track and I'll get back to you :).

  22. Don't even joke about that. I'm not doing any more remixes over 3 minutes for a year. So much work.

  23. I'll post the next set he's working on atm. They will be more developed.

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