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  1. LOL, check out this ytmnd. Completely bogus but I still thought I'd post it just because it's a pretty original way of tricking people. http://brawlsonic.ytmnd.com/
  2. This is one step closer to an all-star Nintendo rpg. You know, similar to Kingdom hearts but Nintendo instead of Disney. Seriously though, I'm really interested in seeing how they incorporate character's past history into this mode. This makes me even more certain that characters like King Dedede and Starwolf will be in the game, since their important to their rival's backstory.
  3. Now if they can just get Hector and Lyn in on the action I'll be a happy boy. I'm pretty sure they'll leave Marth in the game. I think of him as the main character of the FE series since he came first.
  4. I was hoping for a reply like this since I had no clue what to do next. Now I've got lots to do. Thanks, I'll take my time and try and sort things out.
  5. I used a keyboard to do all this so its the Grand piano sample off of that. Thanks for the compliment. No more major improvements can be done to this any more, I don't think, so I'll probably only have one more update to try and master things.
  6. Judging by that pic with DK, you'll probably get your wish.
  7. You say you want to add other Zelda songs to this. I already here the Stone tower theme from Majora's mask in there a bit at the beginning at 0:19 to 0:24 and then at 0:38 to 0:43. You probably have no idea what I'm talkin about... Great feel you've got going in this song. Minuet of the forest was one of my least favourite ocarina songs but you've made something great out of it.
  8. Thanks for comments. I'm glad its interpretive, thats what remixing is all about. I've adjusted volumes some more, improved the transition to the Zero theme and added bass to the Zero theme (I'm not too sure about this added). Plus other little things that I'm forgetting.
  9. Update. Volume adjustments, expanded on things and improved transitions a bit.
  10. Yeah it was a joke... No need to call me stupid (don't know if thats what you were going for there. I'm not the brightest so I'm not sure what you meant by that)
  11. Sorry guys, I've recieved a personal email from Sakurai himself telling me not to make any more predictions. Ruins the surprise. I will say this about final smashes though. The Pit idea above is probably right, Wario's will probably be Warioware based and Zelda may use some powerful magic spell. That is all.
  12. Lol. I can't believe I got that prediction right. Me and Sakurai must think alike. Ganon being Ganondorf's final, would be equally sexy as people have said already. Are there any other characters that could have transformations? Can't think of any.
  13. Surely Giga Bowser will return now. He'd look amazing judging by this update. Hmmm. Maybe transforming into Giga Bowser temporarily could be Bowsers Final Smash.
  14. LOL. Other forums probably aren't loving this update as much as we are. I love it though. Banana peel and spin off Mario games go hand in hand.
  15. Was it confirmed that all these songs would be re-done fully orchestrated? With all these composers it would be injustice not to.
  16. Update. Expanded on things and added an ending that has the Zero theme in it. Still some ideas to try.
  17. I thought the Sitar was what mostly made the song so great and different from other remixes of the same song. The guitar does sound disturbingly real though. The violin was the only negative, but thats because it was a little exposed and in the same song as extremely quality samples.
  18. Never played the game but I've heard good things about it's music. After hearing this I'll probably get the game or atleast track down the OST. The whole song was great but 3:25 - 3:50 was particularly epic. Don't know if vocals were meant to sound slightly asian, but I thought they did and added to the atmosphere because it. Sexy.
  19. I've got aluminum's "Climmhazard Rush" mix and I was impressed what he managed to do with that short, looping source material. A lot of imagination went into it. The same could be said for this. Great stuff. I even got used to the last third, which seemed out of place at first.
  20. I just noticed that. That means Pits got 2 stages in the game. This one and the one with a statue of Atlas in it. Quite a dent for someone who's been out of action for so long. Sakurai must think of him as an important character, despite that.
  21. Ok, I've completely changed the song after the intro. Its all done in a jazzy style (or what I hope sounds like jazz). The Tunnel rhino theme is no longer there and the Gravity beetle theme isn't just a cameo anymore. There isn't an ending part yet because I wanted to concentrate on making this initial part good enough, which I doubt it is yet. Same link
  22. I think Ridley will have a similar role to what Kraid had in Melee. A big ass beast on one of the Metroid stages, but instead of just effecting the stage, he'll attack players randomly. You'll see him flying around in the background when hes not pwning people. The Ridley theme remix would be music for that stage ofcourse. The adventure mode idea would be great but I doubt it would happen.
  23. Megaman X is yet to appear in a fighting game last time I checked. Basically all the other Megamans have been in seperate games, why can't he? Sadly if Megaman was going to be in Smassh, it would probably be the original Megaman.
  24. I'm sure, in time, This will get as many comments as the other Marble Zone mixes as its very deserving of it. The constant driving beat, especially when the guitar is playing the tune, is almost hypnotising.
  25. The cymbals providing the beat during the kirby melody seem a bit harsh. You could lower their volume and add some reverb. Maybe add a tad more reverb to the main horn(?) playin the kirby melody aswell. The transition at 1:41 could be done so its not just a pause till the song starts again. Overall I think the song just needs to be fleshed out more (strings could be added I think), but as a beginning concept its pretty good. Some potentially beautiful ideas.
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