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  1. The bass is what makes this song my favourite from the album. Even though it just loops throuhout almost the whole song I never get tired of it. It gives the song such a cool, subtle RnB feel.
  2. I reckon you should increase the pitch of the synth that plays the main melody by an octave to make it clearer. Just a suggestion.
  3. Update. I had a feeling the Knight's Oath part might be dragging out a bit but trust me, when I was intially implementing that part I tried to make it as short as possible but then it just then seemed like a cameo that didn't really need to be there. So instead I've upped the tempo temporarily and put a little variation in what the violin plays so its less of a loop. Also I've added cymbals to the drumline and given it a chorus effect that makes it sound better I think. Finally, I've adjusted the volume levels of the parts you mentioned.
  4. Got a lot of time on my hands atm so I've got another update already. Humanising has been attempted for parts that felt mechanical (not sure if this works out or if theres even that much difference), the transition to the "knight's oath" part has been refined and the volume of that part has been increased.
  5. Thanks for the in-depth reply. Everything made a lot of sense Pretty big update. Made the harp softer. Maxed out on the reverb with it already so I just reduced the volume. Made the tambourine quiter as well. Tried playing the violin free hand to make a bit more human. Haven't done anymore humanizing yet. I'll do that for next update. Used other strings that have more have more of an attack at 1:15 but they sound relatively fake beacuse of that. I'll humanize 'em later. Now for the big change. Now at a the 2 minute mark I've brought in one of the more epic songs from the game. A bit of a dodgey transition atm but it should give a decent climax. It's extended the song to over 5 minutes now. A clip from the song used: http://vspaine.googlepages.com/knightsoath.mp3 Changed the brass so its more mellow, since that part is more of a wind down now and quietened down the drums a bit. Some things I've missed out from your post but I'll get to those. Thanks again.
  6. Update. First half of the song is the same. Did some tempo changes in the second half and changed the ending so it isn't just a quick transition back to the beginning.
  7. Major update. Completely re-done the song so it's purely just classical now with different arrangement that incorporates the whole Athos theme not just the chorus. Also things are a lot cleaner without the drums.
  8. Unbelievable... I never knew I could feel so sad about someone who I only knew through his music. Dark days indeed. That Naruto medley he did is extremely fitting aswell. Its a remix of a song called "Sadness and Sorrow"...
  9. Thanks a lot for the reply. Very helpful . I've improved on everything you've said more or less. Update. For the choir synth I couldn't more it more stabby because it's in its nature too be a bit mushy. I did the next best thing and shifted some of the notes forward so they play earlier and seem like that they've got a bit more of an attack, though. Piano parts now have a left hand part and more reverb and I've tried to do more with the intro and made sure the main beat doesn't surprise the listener when it first comes in. I also overhauled the "Silent ground" part since I didn't think it fit with the new path I've taken the song.
  10. I've PMed you about the sample, and don't expect that other mix any time soon lol. Glad the beats improved things... too bad I have no idea what else I need to do to improve. I know its not good enough yet but I'm completely stumped so if any one could help me out that would be great. Slight update. Adjusted EQ to make things cleaner and added a bassline to the last part.
  11. Update. Modernised things quite a bit by overhauling the beat and some sample changes. Also removed some clutter. Quite rough in some parts after the change though. I think this new direction makes things a little more interesting.
  12. Good to see you went along with a Schala mix. Very relaxing feel to the intro that I like a lot. You made the choir sound surprisingly nice at times. At first I didn't really like it after 1:20 but I even grew to like that part. However, this can be a lot better than it is at the moment. Just keep on tweaking and improving on it especially the drumline. If you can get hold of slightly better samples for somethings that always helps.
  13. A remix of two songs from the game. Athos' theme and Silent ground. Heres clips from the two midis: http://vspaine.googlepages.com/ArchsageAthos.mp3 http://vspaine.googlepages.com/silentground.mp3 And the actual mix: http://vspaine.googlepages.com/AnthemofanArchsage.mp3 I was going for a sort of epic lullaby. Things may get a little boring and repetetive but I'd love some specific feedback on improving on that.
  14. Isn't the theme "Radical Dreamers" there at the end aswell? Btw, I can't believe this mix has such a relatively small amount of comments...
  15. But you were right. I didn't give the melody a swing feel to go with the drums. I think I fixed that shortly after your post though.
  16. In a way, its supposed be a bit off-time to give it a swing feel. However I could be completely wrong thats why i need feedback. As for that other mix, I'll run it through the WIP boards before I think of submitting. I doubt its that good yet. Edit: Minor update. I just noticed I didnt give enough of a swing feel to the Buffalo melody. Thats fixed now. Should be in time with the beat.
  17. OK, try it now. If it still doesn't work then the mix is 'CidSendsaDreamtotheUnderseaPalace' by Star Salzman.
  18. I've been hoping for an epic remix of the temple of time theme and this is already lookin like it'll be just that. Great moulding with the other tunes aswell. Off topic a bit: This is part 4 of a series? How can I get a hold of the others?
  19. A mix of classical and techno? You should try and make the transitions between genres a little smoother. I guess u could listen to http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00956/ for an idea of what I mean. You probably already have anyway.
  20. Update. I've given most of the song more of a swing feel now. Works particularily well with Buffalo Blizzard part I think. The beat definitely sounds more jazzy imo. I'd let to get my opinion confirmed though. Is this a good change?
  21. Nah, I think Sakurai just means Diddy'll move like a typical, agile, little monkey. Awkward compared to other characters I guess. As for Snake, I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't involved with the adventure mode. It might be a Nintendo only thing.
  22. Yeah, I didn't actually change the arrangement thats why you can't see a difference. Just technical things. About not recognising the Gravity beetle tune... its probably 'cause its a much slower tempo, with notes taken out and changed. I thought it would be good to make it fit with the genre more. Its a remix after all. As for percussion, I really don't have any other samples for jazz on the keyboard. I'm gonna to figure out another of improving them. Any suggestions anyone?
  23. Update. I've just done some basic things to improve the sound of the sax and increased the volume of the electric piano that plays the melodies for the first half of the song. Makes a significant difference though. Gives more "energy" to the song I'll look into improving percussion for the next update although thats definitely one of my (and my keyboard's) many weaknesses. Hmmm, I'm surprised you can't pick out the source tunes. Blizzard Buffalo stage: 0:00 - 0:42 and again at 2:22 - 2:32 Gravity Beetle stage: 0:49 - 1:50 Zero's theme (very different, though): 3:09 - 3:49 Not sure how I can make them more obvious besides the Zero theme.
  24. Ok, my first attempt at making the new improvements. I tried to improve on most of the things mentioned. I even tried fixing the off-key part but, with my lack of musical knowledge I couldn't, so its the same as last time. Doesn't neccesarily clash does it? Still other things to iron out.
  25. Man, I suddenly really want Young Link back in the game again. Imagine Fierce Deity as his Final smash. It would mean someone else besides Bowser could have a transformation. His chances are extremely low though. If they're gonna have another version of Link it'll probably be the Windwaker/Phantom hourglass verion.
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