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  1. As you've said, add some meat to these bones and you could have a sweet mix. I like the kinda hip hop beat its got, expand on that too. I recommend adding other eastern instruments, like a shakuhachi flute (typical japanese sounding instrument).
  2. Yeah, I've already thought of just havin this mix be all jazzy like the beginning so I'll definitely do that now. As for Vile's theme, I really don't know how I could remix that. If I could come up with ideas I'd have an attempt, but I doubt that'd be anytime soon. Thanks for suggestions.
  3. Remix of the Blizzard Buffalo stage, with cameos from Gravity Beetle and Tunnel Rhino's stages, Zero's theme and the actual Buffalo Blizzard midi. I was kinda confused when doing this mix and it probably shows. Theres alot of parts that are probably dodgey so feedback needed. http://vspaine.googlepages.com/ZeroGravityBuffaloMedley.mp3
  4. Yes! About time Majora's mask was covered on this site. The only 3D Zelda game not to be covered besides TP, which is relatively new. Solid mix of one the better songs in the game and a good first entry.
  5. If you've got earphones or speakers that really capture the bassline then this mix is great in my opinion. Very few things going on but the bass is so great it doesn't matter. Without the bass however... it would be as bad as most of you are saying it is.
  6. At first it sounded like the intro was leading into a "Koopa's road" remix (Super Mario 64). This is a good song, but you should expand on the arrangement. Too much like the original and not enough things happening in the main parts. Has a lot of potenial though.
  7. This is a very strange song to remix so I wasn't sure what to expect. Props for making a great remix out of very sparse source material. At first the chanting kinda ruined it for me but I actually like what you did there now. Captures the creepiness of the spirit temple. Good luck.
  8. As people have already said, you just need make the transitions a bit smoother and fill up the empty spaces around the middle of the track to keep things flowing. Very good for an early wip.
  9. OK, I've removed the electric guitar from the song completely and replaced it with various other samples that I think make sense. The whole songs got a different feel to it now. Same link as above.
  10. Ok this link should work. Is the electric guitar sample OK? http://vspaine.googlepages.com/Zelda_Majoras_Mask_Deku_Palacide_OC_.mp3
  11. I really need to know if the electric guitar sample is ok now since that seems to be the main flaw in the song. Feedback will be greatly aprreciated because I really want to move on from this song.
  12. Distorted the guitar to make it sound much more realistic. Didn't want to do that before because I thought it sounded too harsh and made the rest of the song hard to hear. I reduced the volume to stop that, but not too much I hope. Is the guitar sample bearable now? Click here to listen!
  13. I like all the themes you used in this megamix but I think you should give each of them more breathing space before playing them all at the same time for the climax. Not an expert on this genre so I don't know what else to say.
  14. The only thing I kinda don't like is how long it takes for the DDD theme to actually start. Saying that, the build up to theme is very nice. Great mix.
  15. Thanks alot for comments. OK, I spent a while on this next one. Sadly I use a keyboard for this song so gettin better guitar samples is a little hard and getting and learning to play a real guitar is not an option at the moment. I've tried to give it some "balls" with some bass and different effects. Hopefully its enough. If not I'll have to think of something else. I've also introduced a bit of panning here and there. The biggest change is the ending. Its much more mellow now and shorter. Hopefully the song hasn't lost one of its better parts.
  16. I've improved things overall even more. Adjust volume levels and stuff. I think its in its final form now. I'd like confirmation of that though, please. Click here to listen!
  17. Experimented with chord changes to add variety. I'm not very musical so I'm not sure if it makes sense. Also made the ending alot less crowded and tried to spruce up the sounds.
  18. I've re-played the piano parts with better timing, pumped up the tempo, changed drums to more hip hop sunding ones, changed the ending, among other things, to make it better. Could someone be kind enough to point the off-keys. I must be tone-deaf or something. Click here to listen!
  19. On acid you say? Funnily enough the title is mixture of the words "palace" and "acid". What a coincidence. I must have subconsciously thought the same thing when I thought of the name.
  20. Yeah ok, I haven't sorted out the off-keys yet, but I tried to spice it up a bit. Now theres hopefully less boring...ness, and more variety. The late notes were kinda done on purpose to give a jazzy feel but I'll also fix that later aswell. This song may take a while may take a while to get decent since I'm just a beginner but I'm sure it'll get somewhere. My other mix started out crap but got alot better. Click here to listen!
  21. Could u say why it was boring and how that could be solved. I already have ideas but I'd like constructive critcism. I'll sort out off-keys if I can find them, but I kinda like the jazzy beginning.
  22. The problem with this is that it takes a while to get somewhere and when it gets there, it isn't enough of a climax. The electric guitar at 1:00 made me think it might get a bit more interesting but sadly it didn't. I remember the original song and you definitely captured the feel of that dungeon's music though.
  23. Like Snapple said, the guitar playing is pretty much perfect and the only way to improve is with adding other instruments some how. But it doesn't necesarilly need that to pass I don't think.
  24. Man, I can imagine them using this remix in the remake of FF& (if that ever gets made). Especially ifyou make the improvements that have been suggested. I've heard your other OC remixes, and I'm glad your just as good at faster more explosive mixes. Great job.
  25. For some reason I really liked this tune and it stuck in my mind ever since I played the game a while ago. It had a bit of a christmas feel to it. I tried to go for a jazzy beginning following into a hip hop version. I'm not sure if everything ties together that well yet though. Comments needed please. version 3 http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/4xb6x
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