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  1. This track is sounding awesome so far. Even with all the delay & effects, you can easily find the melody and the beat, and the overall dreamy / chill feel of the song is great. Since the mp3 just cuts, I'm looking forward to hearing a version of this song with an end.
  2. Totally jaw-dropping! I don't feel right calling this a remix because it dosen't sound like a remix. Congratulations on some fantastic work.
  3. Totally brilliant! The amount of energy and variation infused in this ReMix is astounding. Both the drums and the guitar have been handled / crafted with such great skill well, either could be the 'driving force' behind the song. With both of these elements of the song going at full tilt, this has the power to grab your attention and keep you with it as it goes in every which direction. Perfect for that adreline pumping boss situation. All in all, great playing and creativity makes for an awesome Remix. It would be nice if it were possible to put this track into the game instead of the origi
  4. I basically agree with the rest of the comments. Change the following, and you have gold! - Needs a smoother transition to the solo bass bit. - A little rough edge / distortion on the bass & brass? synth. + Great mixing / leveling of the different instruments. + Like the contrast of an 'Easy / Fun' Intro to 'More Difficult / Sinister' Energetic Body. Definitely want to hear it finished. Both parts are so good on their own, they could be candidates for separate remixes if expanded upon.
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