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  1. they should put tomba in, tomba is cool
  2. if ness isnt in this one i wont buy it
  3. seriously why the hell does crap like this get featured and good stuff not, im really pissed now, thanks alot ocrremix
  4. bassist sucks, ive been playing for like a month and im better than him, and why are they playing video games with the games on there lap are they retarded or something I should go kill them or something I hate kids. EDIT: he should get a goddamn hair cut too, the guitarist singer kid
  5. itt bigfoot is a faggot attention whore
  6. woah i didnt know a second one is in the works, I need links DAMNIT! LIIIINKS!!!!!
  7. i spoiled the book for someone before it came out and they cried for three hours it was awesome
  8. ness better not get removed i like ness
  9. yo i just bought contact, I need some friends for wifisland . My friend code is 0945 9283 1053
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