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  1. I'll be honest, not familiar with the harvest moon music at all so my opinion on the source is biased, but this track is very well done! Vocalist is confident and sounds like Lenny Kravitz to me. Nice guitar playing, well written lyrics, and strong female back up vocals. My only complaint is the lack of radio-friendly catchiness factor. Due to the way the remix is structured (medley), I can't see myself listening to it over and over. The lack of notable chorus or repeated vocal melodies factor in distancing myself away from the remix.
  2. Here's a little game we can play. Whenever you notice or experience something in life, do you have a certain game track playing in your head that relates ro it? You don't need to explain the relationship if it's not obvious, but it's preferable. Since we're in OCR, examples of remixes are more than welcome. For example, in my case, everytime I see or think of a lighthouse recently, the track "Beacon" from FEZ starts playing in my head. Beautiful track that plays in-game when you first get to the lighthouse/shore area. The victory jingle from Super Mario RPG (outside of battle) tends to get in my head whenever I accomplish something, followed by a V pose sometimes. I got a couple of more, but can't recall them now for the life of me. Ok then. Go! Share your stuff.
  3. Now I feel compelled to buy the last few issues of Nintendo Power. Even though I was more of an EGM dude, I did get a few issues of Nintendo Power over the years growing up. Haven't read the magazine in awhile, and I don't have enough memorible moments with it...which is unfortunate because there's a pretty hardcore fanbase out there. I don't get why they don't go digital. Maybe it's pointless since Nintendo of America already has a site with news outlets...which isn't personal enough. The PlayStation Blog is an example of really connecting with the fans...and it would be cool if Nintendo emulates it somehow by working with the FutureUS people.
  4. So it's official then. Too bad about the old KS. I scrolled back so I could perform this action just in case. Until the new KS then! Looking forward to pledging. The curious cat in me would love to have these sort of discussions between Square-Enix and OCR public, but I understand if you guys don't want to get into what sort of "reasonable agreement" you both got to.
  5. I respect the Gianna project a lot more than this one. I know it's appealing to retro collectors, but it's a bad game. What's the appeal of owning a bad game? I just don't get it. If they packed in a reimagined cheetamen, I definitely would've praised them. But as it stands, they're just cashing in on the so bad it's good mentality.
  6. Not a Persona fan yet an admirer. Watched a couple of videos and despite how awesome it sounds, it's very intimidating. I'm also forced to go with the 360 version becausr my system is US based. The PS3 version is sadly region locked and I'm not sure if a UK version is in the works.
  7. The long silence with no official updates is just making everyone agitated and rightfully so. Even the update on the main page has been static and outdated. Looks awkward. I guess after all this trouble one wonders if it's even worth restarting the Kickstarter. If Square and OCR come to a mutual and legally bound understanding then things will go very smoothly. If some issues are still up in the air, then it's best to avoid Kickstarter and seek alternative methods. Whatever the case may be, hopefully the music itself is going good.
  8. Wow. THE NESkimos. Haven't heard that name in years. Used to love their work. I was wondering what happened to them, but it's nice to hear that they're around. If anyone has YouTube videos of them playing there live, hook me up.
  9. The only problem with liscencing the music is that it will no longer be free for download, right? The major difference between kickstarter and PayPal is that the former is more public and interactive, which is a double edge sword as you can see. If OCR did something similar but used PayPal, there won't be as much rewards, success or attention but it would be less likely to get shut down.
  10. However it goes, we're still going to get the music for free. I would prefer the physicals and increased production value of course. So fingers crossed.
  11. Yeah Square-Enix are a bit stingy when it comes to these things. They're notorious about their franchises. Everyone remembers the free project Chrono Resurrection? We all expected this but I'm hopeful that OCR comes to terms with them.
  12. Thanks for putting this on my radar. I LOVED Tetrissphere back in the day. Bought it on a whim and it gave me an experience I didn't expect. Part of what made it so awesome is its soundtrack which pushed the n64 to its limits and beyond. It was just that damn good and catchy. Smart of the developers to recruit you for this OST as you can push in styles similar to what Tetrissphere offered. Going to check it out ASAP.
  13. Have a good one! Hope you're not old enough for a cake and presents!
  14. Okay then. If zircon and DJP are saying something is getting done, then I'll keep the donation from amazon active for now. Good luck!
  15. Just caught wind of what happened with the project. Really curious to know what's going on. I'm expecting not-so-good news though, seeing as the page no longer existing basically means that the kickstarter has been cancelled. Let's hope there's a flipside to it all, like Square-Enix actually funding and publishing the physicals.
  16. I didn't know that. I should give the OST a serious listen someday as I loved his work in Star Ocean 4.
  17. Motoi does occasionally have universal and well-liked tracks, but there are times that it's indeed an acquired taste, even for Sakuraba fans. Some of his tracks from the modern games aren't gold material, feel too familiar, and at times are more "filler". Again, this is very subjective, as one man's trash is another man's treasure. But I did encounter a couple of occasions in Sakuraba's work in which the track itself isn't exactly up to fluff, especially when comparing the modern stuff to the awesomeness of his PS1 material. He's only human after all, and the more modern technology gets with gaming the more grand the OST has to be. A grander OST doesn't necessarily need to be great work for every single track. So I can understand why Mr. Sakuraba's bigger soundtracks aren't exactly as good as previous ones, especially when he's the sole composer of certain games. Speaking of which, Star Ocean 3 is a game that I unfortunately given so little time to back in the day. Like 5 hours or something. Even though it was one of my most anticipated PS2 games. I don't know why. So I never got to appreciate its soundtrack. Recently, however, there's one track from the game that I absolutely love: This is just so soothing. Love every second of it. SO3 recommendations are welcome.
  18. One of Sakuraba's tracks in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Simply awesome. Flamenco acoustic guitars FTW.
  19. Agreed. It wasn't managed well from the get go. If they had a solid direction as they presented the title, it would've impressed a lot more people. As of right now, only diehard Bad Dudes fans will support this, which isn't much considering the 80000 asking goal.
  20. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pinstripegames/bad-dudes-2?ref=live Yep. It's happening. It's official. I never knew Bad Dudes existed until the VGM remixing community started doing arrangements here and there. So I figured that you guys are big fans of the original. I'm on the fence right now as nothing in particular excites me about it, but hey, you can back it up if you're interested. While you're at it, tell me what makes Bad Dudes special?
  21. He/she must really want OCR to remix a certain game soundtrack. Makes me wonder what will he/she ask for? Man, if I had the ability to ask for an album to be remixed....
  22. Definitely. Same here. Most people forget that he composes for Camelot...his work for Mario Golf and Tennis are really memorable. I particularly love his work in Mario Golf GCN the most when compared to the rest. There's this badass arrangement of the Mario 64 Bowser Battle track in the game which is insanely cool.
  23. I've actually never been a big follower of him but whatever work he does I usually like. I was first exposed to him with Lunar on the PS1. Then years later Radiata Stories pops up, probably the best example of how you do jazz in videogame music. Absolutely love the game and its OST. Then recently we had Kid Icarus Uprising, which had Iwadare and Sakuraba collaborating with other infamous composers. Speaking of which, practically nobody on OCR has been talking about Kid Icarus' music. You guys should go give some tracks a listen on YouTube. Not only is it a great game, but the music is absolutely epic. Sakuraba really did a good job with his tracks as much as the other composers involved.
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