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  1. People who have tier 1+ are going to have a much, much easier time in the new instances than people who don't. THAT'S why you want to run them. Plus, with level 70 friends...you really CAN farm Molten Core. How's that for free epix?
  2. They are. source? also, does anybody know anything about the new talents yet? Haha, "source"
  3. http://www.1up.com/do/previewPage?cId=3152830 Bomb. Shell.
  4. I don't think it's because they're a "magical race." What High Elf units do you remember that were melee, besides Spellbreakers (which were barely that)? I can anticipate your next argument: Gnome warriors! There's no previous stuff not to back that up, though. Besides: if you had to choose between Blood Elves having hunters (long lore history of archery, Rangers, Sylvanas) or a warrior (no noted history), which would you take? Which would you bitch more about? Would you prefer they took away warlocks? Mages? Rogues make perfect sense, the whole society is drug-addicted and shady as fuck.
  5. HAHHAHAHA. The best part by far was the chatlog. Great machinima.
  6. Ysera (PVE) - Ashenbra 60 Human Rogue
  7. BC is gonna be hot. There are so many small-group instances to do, you can go right from 55 into the xpac content. ugh so excited
  8. WHO'S WITH ME -shonen -suzu -zircon
  9. Read the lore. It isn't like Blood Elf Paladins are Light-devoted crusaders. They're sapping the Light from an unwilling source and using it to their advantage without any of the beliefs Paladins have. LAWL UDNEAD + PALIDAN??1
  10. This is fantastic news. All that this means is that now the classes can be balanced without having to be each others' counterpart or the definition of their faction. Good, good news. I for one welcome our new shaman overlords.
  11. I know what you meant You have to understand, I'm used to perusing the entirely ridiculous WoW forums and taking every know-it-all request/demand with a bucket of vitriol (despite my best efforts). I tend not to reply to things there, although I sort of can't get into why. But I do defend Blizzard for a reason.
  12. Yeah. It'll be an easy expansion. Just add more classes. Hahahaha.
  13. Yeah, most likely. It's almost 2007. Were you expecting a second expansion in 6 months?
  14. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-general&t=9126000&s=blizzard&tmp=1#blizzard
  15. really? that's funny... if it was de-nerfed why is it still live on PTR and still in the patch notes? Check the latest blue post on the shaman forums and quit the QQ.
  16. The point of that is to make it so Sub rogues aren't gimped in AP.
  17. Goddammit, he took it back. It doesn't stack. DRYYYYSSSSSSC
  18. HAHAHAHAH Yeah, okay. Tell that to raiders who can now stack Expose Armor with Sunder. TOTAL NERF RITE
  19. Hahahahaha. God, I bet you play a hunter. Second guess is a warrior.
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