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  1. Thanks Andrew, Steve, Jill, Jeremy, for letting me in on this hot piece of pop. And thanks DJP for being memorably ridiculous. WATCH THIS ...That's Shonen singing the male vocals... And he was a major force in the lyric-writing, too. Shonnen Shamurai is my evil clone (no, seriously).
  2. Is anyone on Lothar? I need a guild so, so bad. I'm a 60 Human Rogue.
  3. Jesus CHRIST, Star, I love your mixes so much. Please continue to rock forever. <3
  4. ...orrrrr it could be "Rose of May", Beatrix's theme. The song is one the OST in one way or another at least three times.
  5. Why does everyone think zkyo is white? Get your facts straight before you talk about "white boys rapping" when the boys in question may not be white.
  6. I'm totally in love with the beat to this song. It's done in a totally different way than you would expect a Bubbleman mix. Awesome. I love it.
  7. A favorite among favorites. This song's rendition of Wild Wild West is the best I've heard.
  8. Ubik and zykO are now my niggaz. Well done. I can't stop listening to it. The chorus will be stuck in my head for weeks. Thank you for showing that vg fans can also be rap fans. Awesome!
  9. Malevolence, you should most definitely check out his Ninja Gaiden 2 "InTheAtrium" mix. It's even better.
  10. Even if it wasn't Jeremy Soule who did this, I still would have liked it. An enormous gesture. An excellent mix.
  11. Nothing more can be said about this mix besides "brilliant". Spanish: "Okay, it's MMXX Latino Radio, and here we are once again with Mustin's 'Proto Man Blues'. And just because I like it so much, let's hear another cut, a collaboration! The ears of nyKad, Dale North, Nate Cloud and Mustin speak--Needles!" I really don't get the last part, with "hablan las orejas". Is it a colloquialism? Not even my HS spanish teacher know what it meant, oither than "the ears of (person) speak."
  12. This, and MetalMan Goes Clubbing, are among my top 10 most listened-to songs. I love the ridiculous simplicity of this song, while simultaneously realizing that this is more than just a run-of-the-mill dance track. Disco Dan has my respect. Thanks for a track I can listen to over and over.
  13. Ha ha ha! Ha HUH ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha HUH ha ha! Sho-oken! Sho-oken! Man, the voice samples are in no way annoying. One hell of a fun mix!
  14. Eh. Sorry, but this just wasn't my thing. It's a good piece of music--just not a good Final Fantasy Battle Theme.
  15. I respected Ailsean as a musician before this. Now I deify him. Simply an excellent piece of music, arranged or not. I love the way the guitar sounds. Strings always evoke powerful emotions in me, and only the best of string arrangements give me chills. This gave me chills. Bravo, man.
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