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  1. # The following talents have been removed: Improved Deadly Poison, Improved Distract, Throwing Weapon Specialization, Improved Vanish, and Rapid Concealment. # Improved Instant Poison is now "Improved Poisons" and increases your chance to apply ALL poisons by 2/4/6/8/10%. # Rapid Concealment has been merged with Camouflage, by combining these talents you not only get a great talent to start off the tree, but obviously it frees up a number of points to be spent elsewhere. # Murder will now also apply to all finishing moves. The benefit this will provide to output and attack combinations is fairly straightforward. # Vile Poisons now gives your poisons a chance to resist dispel effects, in addition to increasing poison damage. # Improved Kidney Shot has been changed, and will instead increase the damage taken by the target while they are affected by Kidney Shot. This talent no longer reduces the cooldown of Kidney Shot. # Improved Sprint has been changed, and will instead have a 50/100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects when you activate your Sprint ability. This talent no longer reduces the cooldown of Sprint. # Improved Evasion renamed to Endurance, and will add a Sprint cooldown reduction. # New talent Weapon Expertise in the Combat tree, increases your weapon skill with all melee weapons. The recovery of damage with an increased weapon skill should be a good boost to overall output. # Initiative is being reduced to a 3 point talent, but resulting in the same 75% end chance to add an additional combo point. # Elusiveness is being reduced to a 3 point talent, but resulting in the same 75 sec cooldown reduction to Evasion, Blind, and Vanish. # Ghostly Strike now has a reduced Energy cost, the reduction of Energy was enough to make it necessary to also reduce the damage output slightly. # Improved Garrotes damage reduction will be removed. This is being changed as part of an overall improvement for Garrote. # Setup is being moved higher up in the tree, becoming a 16 point talent with no prerequisites, helping move the talent in reach of specific builds. # New talent Heightened Senses in the subtlety tree, increases your Stealth detection, and reduces the chance for you to be hit by spells and ranged attacks. # Hemorrhage will be moved up in the tree to become a 21 point talent. This should help to place the ability in a more reachable position, and allow for a little more versatility with specific talent builds. # New talent Deadliness in the Subtlety tree, increases your Attack Power by a percentage. # Premeditation will have its Energy requirement removed, changed to an instant cast, and range increased. Its cooldown will remain the same. Premeditation will now be pre-reqd by Preperation. # Vanish will now remove effects that allow the caster to remain aware of the rogues presence, such as Mind Vision and Hunters Mark. # Garrote, Rupture, and Eviscerate are being increased in damage. More details to come. # Expose Armor will now reduce armor by a percentage.
  2. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-rogue&t=1271292&s=blizzard&tmp=1#blizzard Rogues got a freaking amazing review. Wooooow. Cannot WAIT for this shit.
  3. There's an issue with honor display. You have the right amount of honor in the system, just not on your UI.
  4. Near as I can tell, there've been a few realms with stability issues, but uh, buggiest patch ever? Freaking hardly. You know Blizzard, and you know that things get taken care of if you give them a little while. If they take time to work on the servers during playtime, everyone whines. If they take time to work on the servers during realm maintenance, people say that not enough work is being done. If they halt all content production to work on every bug ever, people bitch. If they halt all bug fixes to work on instances, people bitch. If they work on both at the same time, people bitch.
  5. The regular BGs will be for people who want pugs. Premades are for guilds who want to match up. Cross-Server ones will be for dream team match-ups and etc. There will be something for everyone. And that's not even taking into account the new world mass pvp objectives.
  6. If UBRS is endgame, I'm Andrew Aversa
  7. Thistle Tea shares a global cooldown with all other drinks.
  8. It really makes my day when people post things like that I'm sure Jeremy, Andrew, Steve, and Jill feel the same way.
  9. They're having the Naxx patch download early to avoid bitching on patch day. On patch day, we'll receive a small download, which will install the patch we've downloaded before.
  10. I have to train for 9 days in a row at Blizzard HQ
  11. wuts ur account#+pass??? i can fix
  12. So let's say hypothetically that a Large Gaming Company named after a cold-weather phenomenon hired me to be a GM today.
  13. My PTR guild is best in progression in Naxx (behind Death And Taxes, but they haven't done the boss we're working on yet).
  14. I disagree! Xyco, roll on Dentarg Horde with me.
  15. Suzu: I just rolled Horde since my guy on Lothar is Alliance.
  16. I've recently rerolled with a bunch of my Lothar buddies on Dentarg. It's only a month old. I'm having a good time. If anyone wants to reroll there and join us, let me know. My warrior's name is Putrefaction.
  17. We're finally getting to what I was hoping to hear--minor gripes (which we ourselves also have) but all in all an enjoyable track with heart.
  18. Well, that list is a little far-fetched. But I was definitely alluding to Sandopolis, Lava Reef, Ice Cap (Sonic 3 and Knuckles was the TRUE Sonic 3 ), and Hidden Palace. The chorus breakdown is spot-on, actually. PROPZ
  19. Yes, the level references are intentional. Although you can probably read more than my intended references into the lyrics. Thank you for the kind words, everyone.
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