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  1. (Also Scarmiglione's second form raped me the first time around...)

    So true...then the first battle after *a certain character* went back to level 1 kicked him up to 7. FFIV, why did I leave you alone all those years?

  2. So I ran out of time, so it's not as good as I wanted, but at least the parts fit together. My only complaint is that the piano bit in the beginning only varies a little bit, I wasn't able to work something else that would fit the feel out in time, but it is rather short, so there isn't much time for it to get on your nerves. Without ado, here is Jazzed Up 'Troids!


    EDIT: Also, I fail at quality as well.

  3. BORING. I want it to end at, like... noon. On the 10th. Yeah, no one would ever expect the 10th for anything.

    Other than my 18th b-day. :?

    Other than that, its good to see CT gettin' some more love.

  4. Added ;)

    Apparently there's going to be a Spore dance contest:

    Compete in the SPORE Ultimate Creature Creator Dance Off

    Post the video of your best dancing creature on YouTube! 10 finalists will be chosen by EA and then voted on by YouTube visitors for 10 days. You can enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Washington, D.C., and other great prizes! Check out full contest details at the link. Log on your SPORE Creature Creator now and get started! Registration is open June 17 - August 19.

    Link is www.youtube.com/spore

  5. someone hacked onto my youtube user account and started to change video descriptions saying that those songs were mine... it was a complete disaster... now, I will not remove the songs, the porpuse of which I uploaded was to show people the magnifiscent work of genius like DarkeSword...

    To quote DarkeSword:

    Someone's trying to backpedal.

    He's not doing a very good job.

    He's even throwing in porpuses now!(albeit spelled badly - Porpoise)

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