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  1. My brother came across this the other day and said it sounded familiar, which it does (being mine). I really don't care, aside from the usual annoyance I have with anyone who claims things as their own. I just don't get how anyone could do this. I'm posting this more out of sheer amazement at this guy's stupidity than anything else, not calling for an all out war on him by any means. Anyway, check out the great dialogue:



    hey where did you get it


    I did it :)

    and more...


    If you people don't recognize t, remember those old days when we fought bowser in super mario 64 XD during the lair, and te battle, I couldn't resit to make my own remix, hope ya like it ;)


    What's the actual name of the song? I'm looking for piano chords/notes or tabs. Thanks.


    I did it... (once again) and I don't have any tabs of this song, I will post them after

    And finally, watch out OCRemixers...


    Wow, that was awesome!!!


    wow thanks, I plan on uploading varios of my songs from different videogames ;) keep in tune

    WOW. Just WOW.:shock:

    Now I wanna know how many others he's *claimed* as his.

  2. I saw this movie last night, and it was awesome. And the is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness. Also the *highlight for spoiler*-finger hold at the end blew my mind.-*end spoiler*

  3. So, no matter what I do, now that I have saved at the first possible point, I only get the "Time wrapped, restarting" message. How do I fix this?

    EDIT: My comp was being stupid until I restarted it. Now I need to figure out how to get rid of the choppiness.

    EDIT: Disabled per pixel lighting and the world is good now.

  4. "The World Ends With You". Weird name. Awesome game. Recently-released, too.

    YES. Seriously, why isn't there a thread for this game and the Zetta Awesome Miniamoto yet?

    EDIT: @Yoshi3gg, I will agree the is not for the plain casual gamer, but for someone getting more interested in the more in-depth gaming scene. Also, the learning curve is pretty steep, but the best way to get over it is just to switch to manual ASAP. Once you're through, the game is ridiculously fun.

  5. Since my comp. is having problems right now, it probably can't run Audiosurf, so I'm stuck playing OCR mixes on Beats for PSP, same very basic concept, different style though.

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