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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Party_8 Online is highly speculated, but the release date is no longer March 5 regardless.
  2. If you split them up, it could be feasible to do one a month (which would be equivalent to the current amount of combined competitions). I think Barnsalot's concern is valid, but this is my selfish recommendation because that's about the rate at which I write things anyway, so it would be a more plausible schedule in that regard. Plus, having such frequent activity could help to generate energy for the competition. But if it's only going to be semimonthly, then there's little value in doing it; we might as well do the seasonal thing.
  3. I don't know about the extras in VI, but IV Advance left me dissatisfied and I eventually traded it back in. Plus, I couldn't stand looking at the horrible new Rosa portrait in the menu any longer. Unless there's a significant difference in the VI extras, then I surmise there's little reason beyond "FFVI on the go" to lay down the cash for it.
  4. You're retarded. It's pretty much proven and guaranteed that the sound sucks. Only 8 ports, m'kay? IV and V Advance suffered the same problems. Plus, I'm willing to bet the lag isn't a fault of the video; I know in my time playing through IV Advance there was plenty of that to go around (although it was a minor blow compared to the atrocious nature of Chronicles and Anthologies on PSX). The simple fact of the matter is that Squeenix have yet to produce a port that lives up to the quality of the original. Not, of course, that I blame them: in realistic terms, these things just don't make as much money as continuing the franchise.
  5. What the hell? I've made maybe 150g in all my time in Outland, and I had to spend 60g of that on 58 and 60 skills. Is there an exponential increase in value as the zones progress, or are you just playing the shit out of this game?
  6. If they didn't keep Kefka's mannerisms intact then it's not worth purchasing. Otherwise, dump your spare cash into this sucker.
  7. I think I'd be more complacent in taking my time to 70 if I didn't keep hearing all these stories of how great Nagrand and Terokkar are. But at least I'm rolling new alts to distract me.
  8. I'm looking at Synthia and Kyla, actually...
  9. <3 my fem blood elf mage Also, Suzu, 60-61 is taking much more time, but not quite the time you describe... Of course, I also have a good stream of rested xp every time I log, because I only play my main a couple of hours every couple of days.
  10. I got a Classic Controller. Echoing what everyone else has said, it's very much worth it. Ergonomic, absolutely perfect for SNES game in particular, and wireless for those like me who were too lazy to shell out the money for Wavebirds previously. And is SSBB supposed to include them in its potential control scheme? Going to get Metal Slug Anthology next week when I have an extra 10% coupon at Target (on top of the 10% employee discount). Can't bloody wait.
  11. Oh God, there were trailers! Hell yeah, this game is very enticing.
  12. That does look good. Speaking of which, I have to get Metal Slug Anthology and a Classic Controller now (for unrelated reasons). Dammit.
  13. That seems odd. It took me a couple of hours, not even focused on grinding, to go 58-59 in Hellfire. With rested xp, every mob yielded over 1k xp, and quests were giving 6k-9k xp each (I only turned in about 4 quests, too, plus the silly travel quests they give you right out of the Portal to get you out and about in the region). I can't speak for 60+ yet, so... I don't know.
  14. the ones that matter (I have also heard neither)
  15. It would shed some light on their assertion that Twilight Princess will be the last Zelda game as we know the franchise, though.
  16. You seem to have missed the point. That can't be something Gamefaqs is good for because that is, in no way, shape, or form, good to begin with. No one gives a shit about "versus debate," provided the select population of that statement is limited to people who actually matter.
  17. If I weren't lazy I'd quote this in AIMMS.
  18. It seems everyone is tucked away playing now... I bought TBC. Halfway to 58, and then I can find out if this whole thing has been a good decision. I've been collecting some 57-60 greens from Outland off the AH, and damn are they good. The "of the Bandit" mod is godlike for Hunters (as is, IIRC, "of the Beast.") Also, I bought 57 req Felscale Gloves (HUGE agi + attack power bonus), looking at the great set bonuses (crit rating for 2, stamina for 4), only to find out the other pieces of the set are 61, 63 and 66 reqs, and are leatherwork recipes anyway. While this is good news for my obtaining them in the near future, I feel like I wasted about 3g. Meh.
  19. Hell yes, I remember that game. All kinds of awesome.
  20. I hesitate to call it crap, but yes.
  21. I concur with the "let it go." Basically, the only way a single, definite way to connect all the games could exist is through some major retconning, and Nintendo is far from likely to do that any time soon.
  22. Dammit, man! Your news just cost me another 10 bucks (only have 200).
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