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  1. I would have if I had the game and/or didn't have life.
  2. everyone stop playing until I get my copy tomorrow STOP IT YOU ARE MAKING ME ANGRY just kidding guys don't worry I'm not going to kill anyone yet
  3. I won't be getting ahold of Pearl until tomorrow afternoon. I've got it reserved at Target so I can have someone pick it up when they get off work.
  4. (I only quoted this to get to replying quicker) Anyone who has played both Trauma Center games: is the Wii remake new and good enough to buy for someone who has played most of the way through the DS game? How does the difficulty match up? (I remember wanting to kill myself around the fifth chapter of the DS game, when you had to treat 5 patients in 10 minutes... if it's even harder I'm not sure I want to bother.) Should I just spend $50 on Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center DS (so I can actually finish the game) rather than Wii?
  5. "i think i am cool because i replace inappropriate words with other inappropriate words that don't usually fit those phrases "also hehe cock"
  6. When good games like that and Trauma Center were still coming out I had no money. Now that I have money I can't find the games or the time for them. You really should pity me. Maybe not whatever. (I am also an idiot and sold MPH and Animal Crossing in the days when I had no money.)
  7. So, who do I blow to make sure I get a key?
  8. Who wouldn't? that is rhetorical do not answer
  9. To cave and get a Lite or not to cave and get a Lite... that is the question. I only have 1 DS game, plus Pearl reserved, anyway, and I only know of one more coming out sometime that I for sure want to get. Hell, I've only used my DS to play FFV and VI Advance in the last month.
  10. Um? You have to preorder to join the beta or what?
  11. Wii Number: 8717 6074 7455 2679 Let me know if you're adding it and I'll add you. I don't want a bunch of gray-named nobodies (please please please I crave attention).
  12. I might actually listen if someone like Arek did it, plus Larry groove bias equals hilarity.
  13. This game is not as fun at 70 as it should be. I'm dropping my sub again, no way is it worth the time and money any more. Guess I'll have some quality time to blow through my backlog of console games and books I have lying around.
  14. Who said anything about retail in general being bad? Only complaints I see here are about gaming stores. Target is great, for a part-time job.
  15. The difference between my 10% discount at Target and the 15% discount at EB is so outshadowed by the $2.10/hr increase in pay it's not funny. As far as new games go, the selection isn't much worse, either--I only have to wander back into EB for rarer games like Yggdra Union. But anyway, most game store gigs suck.
  16. Gaming stores don't actually expect their employees to know jack about games. In the case of EB/Gamestop, the only reason some employees do is because they spent so much time and money playing games that they can't get any better job, or haven't realized how crappy the job is yet.
  17. Clearly Kamoh has snapped as well, and is no longer operating on the basic guiding principles of rationality, morality and ethics. We can expect slaughter from him in a couple of hours. (Or Kamoh just fails to comprehend how far outside those principles people like this guy have to be to do what they do, and doesn't realize how completely ridiculous it is to try to judge them and justify or demonize their action based on those principles--almost as ridiculous as thinking "what I would have done," because as Kamoh himself said, he as a normally functioning person wouldn't have shot two people in the first place.)
  18. Yeah. The deal is, everyone questioning why a person would do something like this is too confined to the idea that all human beings operate on rationality and common emotion. The simple fact of the matter is that some people don't, and there's no way to wrap our reasonable, compassionate little heads around it. It's simply impossible to justify such a thing, even by saying "there must have been something wrong with him," because there are things "wrong" with lots of people and that doesn't mean we write them off as inhuman psychotics with no hope and no place in the hearts and minds of the human race. There's no telling what's going on with other people, what makes people do things, and once they've done it there's simply nothing to be done but try to deal with what's happened the best we can in order to continue the natural order of things. Anger and frustration over something that can't be retroactively explained, especially with the culprit dead, is not going to do any good. As deterministic, or fatalistic, or cliche or whatever as it sounds, shit happens and the only way to deal with shit is clean it up now so the mess isn't worse when it inevitably happens again.
  19. Or perhaps he's simply explaining what the storyline is honest-to-God like, since the question was asked, and subtlely implying that the storyline is mostly irrelevant? Great critical reading on your part.
  20. Hmm... I think I might stick with the Phat for now. Since I don't really take my DS anywhere as is, the extra portability isn't worth much, and I wouldn't want poorer speakers because when I'm sitting around at home I don't use headphones. Really, the extra $40-$60 I would need to scrounge up to cover the difference for a Lite would only be for extra sleekness factor, and better buttons (but apparently worse D-Pad?), which I don't have a problem with anyway. My credit would be better spent elsewhere. By the way, what do you guys mean about the Lite D-Pad being worse? I've played with it some on the demos and it seemed fine to me. You just mean that it's a softer press? Because if that's all, I actually prefer the Lite.
  21. I forgot another question. How does a White Lite hold up to wear? I've heard that the shiny outer casing can turn dull and speckled over time due to dust and dirt and finger prints and whatever else, but that this is no such problem for darker models like Onyx. Confirm/deny?
  22. So anyone know how much DS Phat goes for these days? I'm thinking of laying down the last of my credit at EB Games and whatever I can get for the Phat wherever I can unload it to pick up a shiny new Onyx Lite. Also, to anyone who has done such a conversion, is it worth it? This may be a bad move as Nintendo may be looking into another price drop to keep an edge on PSP, but if that happened Phat value would also decrease. Plus, there's no guarantee it will.
  23. Yeah, more than $15 and with shipping I'll be paying as much for MPH as I stupidly sold my copy for previously. Never mind.
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