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  1. I may not be a smash hit myself, but apparently I'm a damn good critic. Spot-on job, guys.
  2. uh what You kind of have to publish bids if you expect to run an auction-esque thread. How am I supposed to know what to bid against?
  3. That is not ironic. That is coincidental. Lord. Vonnegut was bloody brilliant, and will live on as a great satirist of the age in his writing. I remember how ecstatic I was to be able to voluntarily read Slaughterhouse-Five for a project last year (along with Heller's Catch-22). I saw Vonnegut's name on the list and immediately knew what I was going to do. Breakfast of Champions was on there too, but the other choices I would have had along with it weren't as appealing. I've since read it and Cat's Cradle, and really want to read some more whenever I get time for voluntary reading again. Anyway: Rest in peace, knowing that it goes so.
  4. Why do I have to go and read this thread? It only costs me money. I think I'll grab Pearl but someone here or elsewhere I know had better get Diamond because I want my damn Scyther.
  5. There's a better thread for this discussion: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5165
  6. Where is my tabbed browsing? Srsly.
  7. if dibs works then I PM'd about MPH about four hours before Forty-second fyi (but I think it's highest bidder in case of CONTEST)
  8. Unlike Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario was not in development for a year or more before being transferred to the Wii. Consequently there are actual linear portions of the game (finding hidden doors to progress) that rely on Wiimote control, as opposed to Twilight Princess where there are no differences in the linear progression of the game from the Gamecube to the Wii. To ignore this because it's something that was a result of change "at a later date" is, frankly, ridiculous. The simple fact is the core of the game would not be the same on another system. Also, you either have not played, heard, or even investigated this game, or you have some extremely awful delusions about the power and capabilities of the SNES. I would seriously like to see you come up with a way to pull off some of the sheerly impressive graphical tidbits in this game on a 16-bit console, or recreate the music in MIDI with outdated output channels. What a ridiculous, ignorant claim.
  9. Super Paper Mario is by far one of the greatest things I've played in a while. While it doesn't match Twilight Princess' sheer awesome factor, it more than makes up for it in a higher quantity of pure fun. I cannot stop laughing at so much of the dialogue and quirks in this game. The ratio of time I spend laughing to not is almost on par with the best episodes of The Office (UK or US). To whoever said it's nothing that couldn't have been done on the N64 or SNES, bullshit. If it were tried, it wouldn't be half the game it is. The Wiimote is used to point at objects in order to investigate them, get hints and even find hidden things like doors, and it's a completely natural move to switch from normal sideways control to pointing and back. I find myself doing this frequently just for the hell of it, to see if I'm missing anything (much lke the feature flip maneuver itself). Then there are action moments like shaking the Wiimote to get out of being frozen, which is by far more enjoyable than, say, repeatedly pushing a button. Plus, this game looks bloody amazing in context of the artistic style. The colors are extremely vibrant and fluid and there's even some decent texture work put in to the landspaces. And yes, the music is superb (although the stuff in Chapter 1's desert is starting to grate after sitting on for five minutes straight). Anyone who does not pick this up is missing out.
  10. Super Paper Mario just sitting next to my Wii makes me sad because I have too much work to catch up on to play it yet. Oh dear does it look good though.
  11. I would try to get in on this if I weren't leaving the area a couple of weeks beforehand. If I want a chance to go I'll have to wait for one of the later Texas or SLC Utah shows.
  12. interjection to lone ranger: stfu and l2intarweb It's funny because OCR hasn't even been around 10 years and we're thinking about more than twice its current lifespan. That's like asking HEY GUYS HOW WILL THE UNITED STATES BE IN 500 YEARS I DON'T KNOW MAYBE BIGGER AND/OR DEAD and yes they are equivalent because internet makes time flow faster.
  13. If something is obscure, it is by definition unknown to a large majority of people. A person can erroneously call something obscure out of ignorance, but it can't be obscure to that person. Don't pull that subjective reality crap.
  14. Definitely get Super Paper Mario, but because it looks to be one of the best exclusive titles to hit Wii yet, not because of the controls on Metal Slug Anthology (which are, IMO, fine). If you have more cash at a later date and nothing like Prime 3 or Brawl itching to be bought, go ahead and grab the Anthology as well.
  15. Are you... kidding? The game was scheduled for release on Gamecube in November 2005, a year before it came out for Wii, but was pushed back to fine-tune and add a little more content. It wasn't announced in development for Wii until E3 2006. How are you going to say that a game that was almost completed for one system and then barely altered before it was also developed for another system belongs on the other system? Gamecube got the true-to-form version, no last-minute alterations, without a doubt (just look at friggin' Wight-handed Link on Wii). Whether that makes it more enjoyable is entirely a matter of personal choice.
  16. I actually tried a while back to do a story-based/situational mix of Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger called "Knighting Sir Glenn," which was meant to be an orchestral rendition of the reception at Frog's fictional knighting after, you know, saving the world. It began following Frog on a walk through a bustling courtyard with a bubbling fountain, then entering the castle hall and being given a drum march, after which the trumpets kicked in followed by the rest of the band. It would have been cool if I weren't musically inept and completely ignorant of such concepts as keys at the time. I also had ideas to make a Schala/Magus megamix (another concept mix, at their final reunion in either dreams or death, with an appropriately ethereal feeling to it) and a Tyrano Lair mix, although that one was more a distant wish that I never fleshed out the ideas behind. I definitely liked to think up concept/themed mixes, though. They were most interesting to me.
  17. So... has anyone else got the feeling that this game is very, very unpolished, clumsy and awkward to control, and simply not original enough to warrant playing? I think the only excuse I would find to keep going with it is if I orgasmed at the sound of Tolkien's name or something. It's sad because I feel like the game has so much potential, it just doesn't execute it well, or perhaps only executes it at later levels when the challenge and uniqueness of the classes overcomes the annoying interface and otherwise bland mechanics. I get the sense that if only I could try the game at level 25 or even 50, like if I were in the old closed beta, I'd think differently--maybe. But maybe just doesn't cut it when to find out I'd have to shell out at least $60. I'll probably play it sparingly to try out the rest of the levels (at 10 currently), PvMP, and perhaps some other classes (Burglar, Captain, and Minstrel look somewhat more involving), but unless I find some miraculous hook, the game is just disappointing. (Fastest OP turn-around in game thread history?...)
  18. Are you waiting for it to ping the worlds? I.E. Do the icons just do nothing or do they turn into red circles with a white dash? If you wait a while they should become green checkmarks.
  19. Looks like Turbine decided to spring public beta open a few hours ahead of schedule! I'm playing a Dwarf Hunter named Othur on the Firefoot server right now. So far so good, but damn is this thing resource-intensive. I've got to turn everything on low not to drop framerates like flies, and even then I still do at times (but more likely connection lag because I'm downloading Heroes episodes through BT right now). Anyone who wants to join me feel free to drop a line in-game.
  20. The only part of that that doesn't sound like complete nonsensical bullshit is the last part about consistency in prices. They do charge $100 for the 20GB drive still, right?
  21. that's a really dumb idea followed by an even dumber idea
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