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  1. Yeah, I'm dropping Mara (too many items taking up too much bank space) and ZF (only one quest and don't care for the reward), but I'll hold out for ST another level or two. Working in Azshara and now Winterspring has actually been pretty fast levelling. 55, almost 56 already.
  2. Man, I don't even know what to do with myself in this game. I'm almost to 55, at which point my confusion over what to do if I run out of shells is solved, but after that it's going to be a sort of aimless grind to 60... there's hardly even anyone looking to do instances right now, despite Shadowsong being so overpopulated, because most everyone has jumped to Outland already and won't see the light of Azeroth for a while. I'm thinking I should just abandon these quests in Mara, ZF and ST that I've been holding onto for the past year and a half... I don't even know what guild I ought to join if I even could without being 60 at this point. Maybe I should take the transfer to Blade's Edge and see how things look from a fresh perspective.
  3. Why transfer off if everyone else is? I mean, as long as the situation is improving, there's no need to move. Almost got the last patch... maybe I'll see some playtime tonight.
  4. Jesus Christ, how many separate patches does Blizz need to deliver? Why can't they roll it all into one for the poor resubs?
  5. Rarely. Most of those moves don't really work on them. Your best bet is to advance and pull back so that they lunge for an attack, then attack while they're overexerted. And when the hell was that guy named the Bulbin King?
  6. Holy crap does it take forever to get the game back up to snuff. An hour to reinstall and now I'm looking at an hour to patch. But sadly, it will be worth it.
  7. You should feel weak and dainty as a person for not yelling that with the utmost severity.
  8. This thread is still extremely disappointing.
  9. You should be submitting the necessary information to Zircon to add the competition to the list. That's how they keep track of what should and shouldn't be here.
  10. And I'm thinking of Battle.net. Christ, now I have to reactivate as soon as possible. And whether I stay my Tauren Hunter as main and level to 60 or roll a BC toon, I'll need to pick up BC as well. There goes $55 out of my next paycheck...
  11. Working at Target, I don't believe we've gotten any DS since Christmas. Maybe one shipment. And we get people asking about it almost as often as Wii. Not sure what the deal is.
  12. Huh. I passed my first try with over 30 points. I only bumped into stuff once, and I barely steered the entire time--just focused on hitting everything, letting the river take me on pretty much the right course.
  13. Does anyone here play on a realm other than the one they actually live in? I'm wondering how much lag I'd get trying to play on my old Eastern server from Texas (where we're moving come summer) or Utah (where I'm going to school).
  14. From the narrative I gather that he no longer has the dead-pixel DS. His mom returned it without ensuring a replacement beforehand.
  15. It's taking all my willpower not to buy BC, resub and take my 54 hunter to 60 and Outlands with my next paycheck.
  16. You'd think we'd have heard some more news about MP3 or SSBB by now. I really want to hear a March or April release date for MP3 and another new character for SSBB. Not to mention BWii and Mario Galaxy...
  17. Hopefully as soon as they learn to stop breathing such large quantities of N2.
  18. While I am basically incapable of making anything for this myself, it's a great idea and I hope we get some interesting results.
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