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  1. Me? Cellphone? HA! You must be thinking of another Kroze... one who is actually not lazy as hell and who doesn't fail at life! BTW, Might be bringing Rock Band with me...
  2. I already volunteered my camera services and time so I think thats enough volunteering for me.. Yay for slave labor!
  3. Strip poker anyone? *Kroze is killed*
  4. As long as it involves you keeping your pants on then I'm all for it!
  5. Its no problem man... I'll just have an open spot in my room for anyone who wants/needs a place! And sorry to hear about the troubles getting off.... Gonna miss ya there! But at least you won't be catching any Kroze!
  6. I would try and make it to the sleepover but I have no clue which way to go to get to it... And we all know me and directions and getting lost...
  7. Hey now! The phonesex is totally hot!
  8. Its the Panasonic HVX-200 It uses nice P2 cards. Just got finished filming my feature length movie with it....
  9. Mine is bigger than yours and captures in true HD! I still win!
  10. How am I not on this list yet? For SHAME! And yes The Kroze is making it... Be very afraid!
  11. There is going to be a pool? And Bahamut! TEH KROZE DEMANDS A ASIAN BEARD FROM YOU!
  12. You are still with me, right? I shall have my way with Tauce when you are done with him!
  13. I'm sorry Taucer but could you repeat that? All I heard was "I like furries"
  14. If this is happening, I'm calling some fuckin backup vocals on this fuckin epic Toejam and Fuckin Earl song!
  15. I will do this depending who is there so that the Kroze Rape is worth it...
  16. Oh crap... I didn't send you a reply to that? I thought I did... DOH! I've been very scatterbrained lately so its entirely possible that I forgot to reply. Ok, let me know whats going down
  17. Wait... but I already got the hotel room for us....
  18. No one has made mention of demanding "The Ken Song" to be in this game? WTF is wrong with you all?
  19. I was actually in a ska band for a couple years down in Florida as one of two lead singers, sadly I don't have much experience besides writing lyrics to songs and general tune BUT if I can get one of our guitar players who I am still friends with to come, he can help out with it me thinks.... He did most of the songwriting along with another guy who we are not on speaking terms with any longer.
  20. ICE CAP ZO- *Kroze has been slaughtered by 3/4ths the members of this community for this horrible suggestion and we now return you to your currently scheduled good ideas*
  21. Kroze

    Halo 3

    Well well WELL now... It looks like MY copy of Halo 3 has just arrived... Thank you Pontiac contest!
  22. As I said in the other thread, I would be happy to join but the only thing I can do is sing (Alto) and possibly video record...
  23. Yeah, I def want in on this jam session deal... Only thing I would be able to do is sing though since thats all I know... Or cameraman... I is a good cameraman! And Escariot... There can be only one!
  24. Dude, I can help pay hotel for you since I still need to hook ye up from Otakon man... and I don't have a "group" yet mainly cause Taucer dumped me for someone better looking (Better looking then KROZE?!!??! I just think he's gone mad and will come to his senses soon enough.).
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