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  1. The intro was great, sounded movies like, not sure what the words were at the begining. The intro of the melody was perfect! The sound bytes worked well too. Again i could see this in a Street Fighter Movie, and no i don't count that crap Jean Claude van Dammne (sp?) did. Back to the song, this is a great mix and was very suprised to see that this was his first mix on OCR, sounds like someone who had been doing VG remixes for years.
  2. The intro's strings are a great touch. :37 the tempo change reminded me of a Matrix song. The voices in the backgroung work well with the Magus feel. 1:10 the guitar and bass are perfect. They mix well with the strings. 1:34, not sure what the sound you used there but the mix of new with an old 8-bitesque sound rock!!! Magus's theme flows throughout this piece. The solo at 2:02 gave me goosebumps. Amazing! At 2:22 was not know where you were going untill the strings came back in, worked well. One of the best mixes on the site hands down. Continue to rock the OCR world and I can only
  3. Rock the Asphalt (Opening Demo) by Jivemaster Intro a bit long. Then the oh so familiar intro music. Nice. This is a decent mix, but I am sure to mix the opening demo music was a task. Good Job. Prepare Yourself (Here Comes the New Challenger) by Malcos Wow, a good mix of a song most likely less that 30 seconds. I could see this in a version of SF. Nice use of the horns and piano. Not a bad mix at all. Wallstreet Monster (Blanka Stage) by Joshua and Richter Intro is to the point. The beats are catchy. Then right into the melody. For some reason I see Blanka in a suit. A good
  4. The intro is nice, it gives you the Japan feel of Ryu. Then 0:19 and some nice beats enter the scene. The music melody continues through the song. Suprised this did not make BotA album, but i digress. The actual sound clips used throughout were a nice touch. This is why McVaffe is one of the top remixes on the site, nice song man.
  5. The intro is nice, mellow, mysterious on what will soon come. The sword at :025 is a nice touch. The familiar theme comes in. Then out of somewhere soem techno esqu beats come in, nice. The mix blends well and continues through out the song. 1:33, the pan flute works well. The music change at 2:14 is done nicely. This is a nice take on a classic melody Rock on man!
  6. This needs a flow over the top of it. A nice mix and thumps in the truck. Like stated get someone to lay some rhyme on top of the beat and you got a winner!
  7. F-Zero, Mute, DJP ol skool. A good mix, that race to on my 360 to bring back some memories. Good stuff.
  8. Ahhh i used to play the ish out of Kung-Fu...nice mix.
  9. This is the bomb. The music is top knotch, the lyrics are good. When is the music video going to come out?!?!?!
  10. Wow, one of the best remixes on the site. One problem, and it seems that many agree...too short!. I can see the majestic Red XIII walking to this mix. Very good work!
  11. Inciting Incident by sephfire. I could see this as the into to the CT film, as stated how you wanted it to be perceived. The pick up was done nicely as well as the change in tempo. Very nicely done. Morning Sunlight by sephfire and SirRus Calming, much like the morning after a great storm. It’s clean and fresh. The incoming piano was abrupt, but overall flowed well with the song. The melody was nice and easy to hear. The bells were a nice addition near the end. Very well done. Blue Skies Over Guardia by DarkeSword The transition from “Morning Sunlight” to this song was right on.
  12. Let me start by saying this mix is sic.... The intro is nice, i can see Yuna, Tidus, and my other, Luna walking into a temple as they come face to face with Sin. :40 i can see them getting ready to fight. Slowly Sin comes alive 1:09 the first blow is given. Blow after blow. One after another. Then 1:30 Yuna summons. 1:42 the first Aeon comes down. 1:57, lets say Bahamut, joins in the fight. One shot after another. Back and forth. The fight continues through 2:38. Bahamut is hit with a fatal blow, so Yuna summons another Aeon, Anima, and the fight continues at 3:26, health potions ar
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