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  1. The intro was great, sounded movies like, not sure what the words were at the begining. The intro of the melody was perfect! The sound bytes worked well too. Again i could see this in a Street Fighter Movie, and no i don't count that crap Jean Claude van Dammne (sp?) did. Back to the song, this is a great mix and was very suprised to see that this was his first mix on OCR, sounds like someone who had been doing VG remixes for years.
  2. The intro's strings are a great touch. :37 the tempo change reminded me of a Matrix song. The voices in the backgroung work well with the Magus feel. 1:10 the guitar and bass are perfect. They mix well with the strings. 1:34, not sure what the sound you used there but the mix of new with an old 8-bitesque sound rock!!! Magus's theme flows throughout this piece. The solo at 2:02 gave me goosebumps. Amazing! At 2:22 was not know where you were going untill the strings came back in, worked well. One of the best mixes on the site hands down. Continue to rock the OCR world and I can only expect the best.
  3. Rock the Asphalt (Opening Demo) by Jivemaster Intro a bit long. Then the oh so familiar intro music. Nice. This is a decent mix, but I am sure to mix the opening demo music was a task. Good Job. Prepare Yourself (Here Comes the New Challenger) by Malcos Wow, a good mix of a song most likely less that 30 seconds. I could see this in a version of SF. Nice use of the horns and piano. Not a bad mix at all. Wallstreet Monster (Blanka Stage) by Joshua and Richter Intro is to the point. The beats are catchy. Then right into the melody. For some reason I see Blanka in a suit. A good mix with a good beat and good tempo. The changes are done with ease. Good job. I Don’t Fight Boys (Chun-Li Stage) by Red Tailed Fox and Malcos Love the intro. The piano was right on. This is a catchy mix that had me tapping my foot several times. Very mellow, until 0:55. The background beat was a bit overpowering. 1:19 the piano comes back, again with ease of transition. 2:19, a jazzy hint with the piano solo, very good. The transitions are seamless in this mix, but at 3:00 I did catch my self checking the length. This is a loooong mix. The solos are nice and not repetitive. But it’s on the long side and could have been shorter. Nice job. New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage) by Verez The intro is amazing. The claps and voices are a nice touch. The strings are done well. A nice mix of Mexico and American Indian. 1:26, the horns are a very good addition! Makes me want to dance. This is a very catchy mix. 2:07, the violin is a nice touch. This mix kept my attention the whole time. Nice finale. Great job. Thank You, Dee Jay (Dee Jay Stage) by Jose` the Bronx Rican At first I was not feeling the music, then :20 came and I found myself bobbing my head. The flow was smooth and the mixture of English and Spanish were nice. The piano works well. The inclusion of the guy saying “Round 1” and “Round 2” and “Final Round” were a nice use to go from verse to another. The check the crowd was a bit cheesy, but overall a solid mix. Tokyo Slapdown (E. Honda Stage) by V The intro was right on for E. Honda’s stage. Then the industrial-like music came in, a nice twist. The song became a bit repetitive. Nothing new until close to the end. I understand that these are background songs, but that is not a reason to not come fresh. Overall a good mix. Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalsim Stage) by Malcos The intro was straight up Indian. The song flowed well, very catch tune. But I can not see this as his background music, a bit too happy. The mix is fine, but I don’t think it fits Dhalsim. I always viewed him as a darker character. Guile’s Mile Long Dong (Guile Stage) by Trenthium Ok, what is up with the title of this song?!?!?! Now on to the review. At first it is a bit cheesy. The flute did not work well at all. To me a guitar should have been used. I am not sure what else to say, I did not like this mix at all. Communist Jungle (Zangief Stage) by nesper The intro was very long. The melody was a bit too fast for my tastes. Also hard to hear. Again the overall feel of this mix is not right, I am not a fan of this mix either. Flying Heven (Fei Long Stage) by zircon This is the first mix I have heard by the VGDJ and I must say I am very impressed. The intro rocked, the tempo was tight, and the use of sounds were nailed. I could see this in a movie as a fight scene song. Even the tempo change at 1:35 was done flawlessly and flowed with the overall feel of the music. The ending of this song was done well also, a good overall wrap-up. Zircon nice job! I will be downloading your other mixes as well. Army Girl (Cammy Stage) by Malcos and Red Tailed Fox The intro was done well. The bass beat flowed well. Also very interesting use of effects as well, nicely done. Not my favorite mix on the album, but not my least favorite either. Made in USA (Ken Stage) by Sixto Sounds Now this has to be the hardest song to mix. I am sure EVERYONE will compare any Ken remix to “The Ken Song”. As did I the first time I heard this. But this is done quite well with great guitar licks and solos. I could see this in the game as the background music. Some of the transitions were not as clean as I would like. The dueling guitars were a nice touch. The melody was easy to pick out. A solid mix that should have no trouble being one of the best on the album, I hope to hear more from Sixto Sounds. R U Overdrive (Ryu Stage) by AkumajoBelmont and BrainCells A nice intro reminded me of J-Pop/J-Rock. The guitar licks are nicely done. The tempo is right on for a Ryu stage. The transitions were done well. A good solid mix. Great job. Mercenary Boxing (Balrog Stage) by Malcos A dark sad intro that picks up at 0:13. Reminds me of a song you would hear as Rocky trained. The scratches were a nice touch to accompany the piano. The voices were a little overpowering at first, and then when the next beat came in they balanced out. The tempo change at 2:20 was done well and with ease. The next set of voices were not quite as over the top. This was a good solid mix that many people should enjoy. Spittin’ Narcissism (Vega Stage) by Jose` the Bronx Rican Nice intro. The flow is smooth and I like that you took Vega in the first person. The music was nice, Godfatheresqe. The words are easy to visualize as Vega. A nice overall mix that I will listen to more than once. Urban Uppercut (Sagat Stage) by bLind and Leifo The bass guitar in the intro was nice. Not really feeling the mix for Sagat. I always felt he was a hard ass. Needed more of a “I will F you up” type mix. The song is ok but IMHO does not represent Sagat at all. Tribute to the Maste (M. Bison Stage) by Malcos The intro was sooooo Bison. Big heavy beats, like heavy footsteps. The chimes were a nice touch. This whole song screams M. Bison. Big beats held long. Even the technoesque parts flowed very well. A good solid remix that told the story of Bison very well. Good job Malcos. Murder Instinct (Akuma Stage) by Eternal Testament The intro is very industrial. Dark, grunge guitars are a good feel for the overall sound. The hard beats hits work well in this mix. A nice solid mix that fits well in this project. Home at Last (Dhalism Ending) by Malcos A catchy tune that makes me bob my head. By now I expect no less from Malcos. Blood on the Asphalt (Guile Ending) (Richter Mix) by Shael Riley and Richter The first of two Guile Ending mixes. This one seemed a bit slow. At first I was not fond of this version. Then the words kicked in. They blended with the music. Not my favorite mix. But not to shabby. Blood on the Asphalt (Guile Ending) (Aetheris Mix) by Aetheris The second mix. Again slow, and this may be my memory not remembering the ending for Guile. The words were like the last, but the addition of the piano made it better. Hi, Score! (Ranking Display) by Shael Riley Congrats on doing a mix of the high score song. I liked it, made me smile as I could see peoples names go across the screen. Good Job!! Ending Credits Mix (Staff Roll) by Damien Krauss Did not like this song at all, but I am sure that I was not fond of the original. Overall this is a good album with its ups and downs. Worth the download for Fei Long's Stage, Ken's Stage and the Vega Stage song. Go download it now…. NOW!!!
  4. The intro is nice, it gives you the Japan feel of Ryu. Then 0:19 and some nice beats enter the scene. The music melody continues through the song. Suprised this did not make BotA album, but i digress. The actual sound clips used throughout were a nice touch. This is why McVaffe is one of the top remixes on the site, nice song man.
  5. The intro is nice, mellow, mysterious on what will soon come. The sword at :025 is a nice touch. The familiar theme comes in. Then out of somewhere soem techno esqu beats come in, nice. The mix blends well and continues through out the song. 1:33, the pan flute works well. The music change at 2:14 is done nicely. This is a nice take on a classic melody Rock on man!
  6. This needs a flow over the top of it. A nice mix and thumps in the truck. Like stated get someone to lay some rhyme on top of the beat and you got a winner!
  7. F-Zero, Mute, DJP ol skool. A good mix, that race to on my 360 to bring back some memories. Good stuff.
  8. Ahhh i used to play the ish out of Kung-Fu...nice mix.
  9. This is the bomb. The music is top knotch, the lyrics are good. When is the music video going to come out?!?!?!
  10. Wow, one of the best remixes on the site. One problem, and it seems that many agree...too short!. I can see the majestic Red XIII walking to this mix. Very good work!
  11. Inciting Incident by sephfire. I could see this as the into to the CT film, as stated how you wanted it to be perceived. The pick up was done nicely as well as the change in tempo. Very nicely done. Morning Sunlight by sephfire and SirRus Calming, much like the morning after a great storm. It’s clean and fresh. The incoming piano was abrupt, but overall flowed well with the song. The melody was nice and easy to hear. The bells were a nice addition near the end. Very well done. Blue Skies Over Guardia by DarkeSword The transition from “Morning Sunlight” to this song was right on. The upbeat tempo makes this a fun song to listen to. It sounds like what the song is supposed to, a day at the fair. Fun and without a worry in the world. The tempo change was fresh and went well with the song. To Lands Unknown by Sleepy Emp Mysterious, dark, the stings are great. At :53 the pickup is done nicely. I am pretty sure that this would work with the part of the game, but to be 100% I would have to see the two together. Overall a nice piece. Darkness Dueling by LunarHeart The drums rocked!!! Very nice intro makes me feel like I am in trouble and need to run. This would work very well with the fights done in this part of the game. Lucca’s Arrival by Zas The song begins sad. Slow tempo makes you feel that Chrono and Marle are scared and not sure what to do. Not my favorite song, but done well. Revelation of Fire by Claado Shou Into was great, the cello was nice. The drums at ~:20 were a nice touch. :036 Here is where I think that the into and the rest of the song don’t mesh. The song from :036 to 1:13 remind me of the imps through out the game. With a little change here and there it could be a solid piece. Hymn of Valor by Red Omen Majestic intro, the calm before the storm. Very nicely done until 1:27. Not sure what went the music was saying. Then at 2:00 I could hear the melody again. Then at 2:53 the majestic feel, but some of the notes to me did not fit well. Not bad. Frog’s Intervention by ellywu2 Sounds like a horror film, not sure the idea you had was put into music well. The changes at :54 were strange. I feel this does not go well with the part, but I might need to see them together. 1:50ish had a majestic feel to it, which I liked. I could feel Frog in this part of the song. At parts you needed to bring out the melody a bit more. The song ended abruptly. Cut out the beginning parts, bring out the melody and have an ending and you have a nice piece. Denadoro Climb by PLBenjaminz Very nicely done, fits well with the part of the game. The tempos and volume were done well. A solid piece. The Masamune by ellywu2 The into was awesome!!! I could see the majestic sword coming together as one. I like the soft melody of Frog’s song, but the overall the part at 1:27 was too quite. My opinion is that you should have kept building this majestic theme. Then at 2:30 you pick back the great work you had at the into. Then quite, but not as before, then Frog’s song into a good ending. With some work this could be one of the best songs. Darkest Omen by mv Man you get right to the point. Nice intro. Fast, dark makes me want to run scared. The piano was done nicely. The piano around 1:38 and the choir there after transition well into the slower tempo. The chimes are a nice way to transition back into the dark omen feel. I love the piano again at 2:11 and on. Huge end, the choir again plays well with the feel of the music. A nicely done piece and is becoming one of my favorites on the album. Confronting the Mystic by sephfire This is a huge part in the game. The intro was nice, I could see the battle. Then Magus’s music with strings is always nice. The only complaint is the song could have been more. It is nicely done but could be a bit more powerful, maybe adding more of Magus’s theme. Door to the End of Time by Blake Perdue The intro was mysterious. Easy to see how the characters feel. The oboe and bassoon version of Frog’s theme at 1:44 was nicely done. Parts of this would also make a great ending theme for a CT movie. A very nice piece. Manifest Destiny by SirRus This was a hard song for me to review for I am tainted by Zealous Entropy by Ashane. If you have never heard that mix download it now!!! Now back to the song at hand. The violin was done very well. I could see a symphony playing this song and it goes well with the part of the game. One of the best on the album by far. Nice mix SirRus. Schala and the Queen by ellywu2 and pixietricks The intro was a bit slow, but I could see talking being done at this part, more of a background type of music. Ahhh pixietricks, a breath of fresh air into this song. You voice goes well with the music. Ellywu2 did a good job with the tempos and volumes as the words were being sung. 2:55, Magus’s theme, nice. Then a build up to the words, nicely done. Sometimes the music did not flow great, sounded like different songs. The change at 5:33 was nicely done. Very powerful. One of the better songs. The Third Guru by Claado Shou The strings are a nice play on the music. The cello was a bit loud and could have served better softer. It made the song repetitive. Quite it down and bring the melody up and you have a decent piece. Beneath the Surface by Rellik Powerful. A storm brewing, a fierce battle to take place. Then a calm before the voices are added, a nice transition. The end was great! Very nicely done. The Rising by DarkeSword Quick intro, dark, the choir sets the tone. Magus’s theme was done nicely. I could see the darkness in this song, as a story is being told, the truth unfolded. A nice song, then it just ends. Other than that, solid. Chrono’s Dream by DarkeSword Morning Sunlight theme was done well at the start, with a twist to show that things are not what they seem. Slowly the change was done to show Chrono seeing the differences. I could see this in the music. Nice. The Chrono Trigger by Russell Cox A very relaxing song. Mellow and soft. Then with some dark overtones you shift moods very nicely. A nice piece. A Parting of Ways by Unknown The song was done well. Internal struggles, as shown with Magus’s theme. Back and forth. A nice piece that easily gets its idea across. But I expect nothing less from Unknown. The Last Stand by RoeTaKa The build up was great. Made me feel how huge the battle to that was about to ensue was. The fast tempo was done well, not to sure at 1:23, did not sound right. Then at 1:40 back on track. I could “see” battle raging on. Lavos vs Chrono and his team. 3:10, a nice transition into the next part of the song. Some parts did not follow each other very well. A decent song. The New Beginning by Sleepy Emp The intro is right on here. A mixture of emotions is shown through out this song. Happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, hope. Very nicely done. To Far Away Time by Reuben Kee and pixietricks The intro was awesome. Then pixietricks comes in, very nice. Calming. This song could easily be shown as the credits role, and it would keep people in their seats. By far one of my favorites on the entire album. Overall This is a great album that should be downloaded by CT fans and those who may not of ever played the game alike. It is easy to get lost in the music and find yourself day dreaming about the parts of the game. An album that should be on everyone’s iPod ® or in their CD case.
  12. Let me start by saying this mix is sic.... The intro is nice, i can see Yuna, Tidus, and my other, Luna walking into a temple as they come face to face with Sin. :40 i can see them getting ready to fight. Slowly Sin comes alive 1:09 the first blow is given. Blow after blow. One after another. Then 1:30 Yuna summons. 1:42 the first Aeon comes down. 1:57, lets say Bahamut, joins in the fight. One shot after another. Back and forth. The fight continues through 2:38. Bahamut is hit with a fatal blow, so Yuna summons another Aeon, Anima, and the fight continues at 3:26, health potions are used, characters are revived, a brutal fight. Then at 3:53 the tide changes and the last blows are given to Sin, one after another he begins to die. Then at 4:34 the final strike is given. This mix is one of the best ones on here, by far.
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