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  1. I would suggest using a font other than Porcelain. It's already a complicated font and your layering of it makes it look quite convoluted. Find a font with a simplicity that would make the name stand out more. Pretty fonts are fun to use, but this is an album cover and the artist's name should be easily read. Either make the background lighter - this would mean you have to make "DEMO" darker- or make it darker and change "Boggio" to a lighter font. It's a pretty nice cover. I suggest making that symbol behind the artist name on top of the background design or having it more faint.
  2. I was thinking that exactly.
  3. In the blog they said something about how shipping is expensive for them, especially overseas but the donations are helping with that implying they do ship it and pay the postage themselves.
  4. There was a ledge on the right side of the bottom right platform, that's what they took out. I remember because I used to jump from the top right and fall down to it to escape into teh cave.
  5. I remember listening to Reuben Kee's music and his ability to convey such vast emotion through his piano. Listening to his music inspired me to pick up the piano myself and now it saddens me to know that every time I hear his music that he is no longer with us, but I am glad to have heard his music. Reuben Kee will always have a lasting impression on me and everybody else his music and influence reaches. I know God has a plan for each and every one of his children and Reuben so happens to be called to play his music in heaven where choirs of angels will joyfully sing alongside him.
  6. Cloud!? It's all about BLACK MAGE.
  7. TSU

    Halo 3

    My Halo 3 is scratched as hell. :[
  8. ... what the heck was that?
  9. That's why there's registration Thursdays! Seriously, the wait is only minutes then. I wanted to hit up AX this year, but I'm not fond of the LB Convention Center, ever since 2001. Anaheim I like a lot more.. all in one building.
  10. Well, it 'made sense' with Cloud's addition, he got sucked into that time by the machine, but Balthier's actually from that world and practically related to Mustadio. It'll be like some horribly scripted time traveling movie whe-- omg Futurama.
  11. Mustadio's on the box art, so he's probably in. I really don't know how Balthier will work with this though.
  12. It's not the content that's worth that price, it's the name.
  13. Have you been to Las Vegas? That's a (smaller) copy of the statue of Liberty for the New York theme =x. Anyway.. the only reason I'll watch this is 1: (Red-headed) Ali Larter as Claire.
  14. Well, considering December is like the busiest month of the year.. I wanted to enter because I absolutely love ICO, but let's just put it this way... I had to put all my commissions on hold (losing major money here) I had to skip work at least 10 times this month due to random scheduling that takes priority over it (I have the best boss ever) I'm still not done with everything I have to do (I have to mail out my best friend's present tomorrow/today) There's always major drama at this time of year (it's so fun isn't it!?) And I'm pretty sure every single other artist involved has something like that going on too :[ Sad! I really wanted to do ICO!
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