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  1. Um, duh? That's how liking or disliking music (or anything) works.
  2. Protricity, I'm sorry to hear that you got booted from the Judge's Panel for being too awesome. I hope you will still make good remixes and bear my children. As for this remix, it didn't really do much for me. I can vaguely recall just one theme from DD2, and about the only thing else I remember from the game is some lame platform jumping room with gears. I love it when they put platform jumping in games that don't have good jumping controls. Fuck that game and my traumatic childhood. Oh well, Neighburgers still gives me a hard-on every time I listen to it. C:D!!!!!1111eleven
  3. Oh my GOD! This song took me by surprise and totally punched me in the balls. This song is like aural sex.
  4. I'm hosting 4 of Disco Dan's MM3 remixes here: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~tcj/music/ Enjoy! I know I do.
  5. Holy shit. It is finally done. Now OCR is complete. I'm so glad that this has finally been posted to OCR. Every time I listen to this song, my ears orgasm. Something about this and Dan's Hard Knuckles completely own me. For the guy who was asking, I'll try to host All Around the World and By Night later tonight.
  6. In case anyone wants to hear it, I'm hosting Gannon's Hollow here: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~tcj/rimco/rimco%20-%20gannon's%20hollow.mp3 The synths might be too harsh or something for some people, but I really like this version. It still might be worth a listen for those who wanted something more out of the Zelda Underground theme. Maybe you'll be a fan too.
  7. Jesus Christ, Disco Dan's Mega Man remixes are awesome. Now if only I could find his Magnet Man remix for download. I heard that song on a radio stream and it made my ears orgasm. The fact that it isn't being hosted at OCR right now is a tragedy.
  8. I really like this song. I also really like Marc Star's "CrossFire" and "RosettaRefrain". I guess I'm a Marc Star fan. Now that I think about it, he may be the only Remixer on this site with no submissions that I don't really like. Granted, there are only three right now, but I don't label too many songs from OCR as good keepers. Keep up the ass-kicking work, Marc Star!
  9. Yes, yes he would. Everyone should check out Michael Huang's Fantasy Reborn works. Some of them are wonderful.
  10. Heh, Mustin, maybe there aren't more reviews of this song because you're thinking about "Little Mac's Confession"? Just a thought, sweetie-poo. -Scott Ouch...let's see how he recovers from that one. That quote still applies to Dream Fighter though. This song really rocks the shit out of me.
  11. Protricity! My main man! I'm sorry that absolutely no one in this thread agrees with you, but I've come to change that. I really can't get into any of FFDJ's stuff. It all just irks me. So much of all of his songs is just "THUD THUD THUD"... ugh. I'm sure I'll catch hell for this, but I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one who thinks that way. As for Otanjoubi Cid? Blah. Follows the usual format. I can't get into it. I didn't think the intro was funny, and just imagining having to hear it every time this song (that I don't particularly care for in the first place) plays makes me cringe. As for the defenders of the intro, it is most definitely longer than 20 seconds. Winamp does have an elapsed time display. Use it. I haven't liked anything of FFDJ's since CC Time Scars and FF4 Ground Up. At least those have no overpowering thudding sounds and no distinct sonic qualities that make me shudder. Protricity, I absolutely love some of your stuff. You're one of the best at extending songs beyond the original melody without stinking it up in the process. Please stop punishing us for FFDJ's music and submit something new! I've missed you! In closing, Cursed Pirates of the Sea broke my jaw. It's that good.
  12. My GOD! This is my favorite orchestral song at OCR. This is just so well done. It seriously beats the living shit out of me every time I hear it. Way to go Psychophryte.
  13. Wow. I haven't listened to this for quite a while, since before the hard drive incident... I had almost forgotten how much this song kicks my ass. Then again, it's not like NoppZ's music hasn't beat the shit out of me before. The transitioning between the themes in this song is just done so amazingly well.
  14. "I'm not obsessive about the red "e" like some, but I capitalize "OverClocked ReMix" weird, so go figure" Err, isn't it the red "a" that people obsess about? Then again, your botching that up only serves to exemplify the fact that you don't care about it. Good for you, Mr. Pretzel.
  15. Was the beginning of this song a rip-off of something from a Beatles song? My roommate called this to my attention, and I have to agree that it sounds very similar.
  16. Yeah, an introless version would make this piece flawless. It was a little entertaining to hear the first time, but after that, when you just want to listen to the music, it's irritating. This goes for a lot of songs, too. Same with sound samples in songs too. Unless they are used very sparingly, they just annoy me, and make playing the songs around non-VGM fans sort of embarassing.
  17. I actually have a new asshole, thanks to "Cursed Pirates of the Sea"'s tearing me a new one. The Pirate theme is better than the Cursed Earth theme (in this mix, anyway), but the whole song still kicks your face in.
  18. It's awesome work like this that makes me want to bear DJPretzel's children! Beautiful!
  19. Ginnsu, have you ever heard Rimco's "Gannon's Hollow"? It's an incredible remix of the Zelda Underground theme, and it's relatively short, so it doesn't tend to drag the way Pressurecooker does. The Underground theme is a very short loop, so trying to turn it into a 4 minute song is generally going to end up with a tedious song. If you haven't heard "Gannon's Hollow", you have to get ahold of it somehow. That song wipes its ass with my face.
  20. Oh, the drums don't sound like a waltz, and 3/3 and 4/4 and... *cries Starblast a river* Whee. I love this song, and I didn't have any problems with the drums. This one rocks the house Starblast! By the way, I love that subject heading! ("doot doot") LoL.
  21. Oh my God. I can point out the scars that this song has given me in its routine kickings of my ass. I first heard this on Rimco's site, before it was hosted at OCR, and I still listen to it today. And it still tears me a new asshole.
  22. There there, Rob. Once again I feel the need to reply saying that I share similar feelings as you about this remix. It's not bad or anything, it just doesn't do anything for me. Just chiming in since everyone else here disagrees with you and thinks it's great. Keep up the honest opinions Rob.
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