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  1. In reply to "For a lot of flash videos that have the option of running full screen tend to crahsh whenever I switch to full screen mode..." from 2012: If you're using windows, I managed to get out of that by pressing the "Windows" key next to the Alt key. Then you can use the task manager. :P

  2. Very nice. I would have been convinced that this was done live if it wasn't said that you used samples to do this. I love the dark world theme and this definitely does it justice.
  3. Always love what Shariq puts out. Great stuff, man!
  4. Indeed, the trophy theme is a gem. Nice remix, Andrew. Nice switch up halfway through and I like the solo part. Good stuff.
  5. Heyyyy - omg- looking forward to hearing some new stuff from ya, bro. I'm very slowly putting together two "EP's". Trying not to put too much on my plate though, as I have other goals in mind as well, heh @_@. I can link you to my soundcloud, which has some of my recent stuff on it -


  6. Hey, long time no talk. Starting to get back into the music scene now that I have the time. What have you been up to musically?

  7. Hey guys. I have a dilemma. Not sure if this should be considered a remix to DKC2 or not. I definitely took the melody and bass and stuff from the Bayou Boogie track, but the second half definitely doesn't draw from it at all, but that's how the change up sounded in my head. If it can be considered a remix, then I'll probably sub it, if not, then I'll just post it as a track, I don't know how to label it lol. Aside from that, have a listen and let me know what you guys think, whether you just express if you like it or not, or if you have some constructive criticism. I'm treating it as finished, and I'm not sure if I'll go back and edit, but any constructive criticism you provide will be considered for future productions. Have a listen and hope you enjoy =D: Remix
  8. This is the version that I used, not sure what to call it, maybe "Part 2"?
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