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  1. My problems with Indy 4: 1) Excessive use of CGI. Can't they afford to use real ants instead of horrific looking CGI ants? An intro with a CGI prairie dog on a CGI desert? What the hell? 2) They really didn't leave anything up to the viewer's imagination. That's what I really loved in Ark: you don't really know what happened to the nazis in the end. 3) Completely, completely ridiculous and generic action scenes like the sword fighting scene with the jeeps. And in general the whole movie just lacked a sense of peril and danger. By the time they get to the scene where Indy and Marion are having family talk on a pit of quicksand, it was basically clear that nothing's going to happen to any of these characters. Then the movie just got increasingly ridiculous. What was most puzzling to me was that Blanchett's character knew that staring into the skull wasn't a good idea, but then during the last 15 minutes she forgets it and dies for it. What happen? :scratch: As you can see, I didn't like the movie all that much. I liked Iron Man, which was also completely ridiculous, but at least it was consistent within itself. Indy 4 just felt bleh.
  2. Wait, how recently are we talking here? The videos were added 2 days ago and dude's DeviantArt page contains him ranting about the issue and linking to the videos he created. Also, while he does have excellent points, he highlights the main problem but never delves into it deeper. Namely the fact that just about everyone with a semblance of Japanese understanding can go there and do a fansub these days, since all you really need is a PC. His cry of "it's not professional!" is very true (and there are some of the points are excellent)... but what he's basically doing is telling amateurs that they're amateurs. And that's exactly it. They do this for fun. There's no real excuse for over-the-top karaoke effects though. I guess part of the reason they exist is not because of the viewers...but for those editing the videos. It's good video-editing practice. Otherwise I have no idea why they even exist. But then again...I rarely even bother with the openings of any TV series I watch, I just skip to the material itself.
  3. Actually, software-wise, automatic updating has been standard on the PC for a while now. Also, Steam, despite its early suckiness, does its things really well these days. Updates are automatic and if your drivers are out of date, you'll get a dialog box asking whether you want to download new ones. There's been lots of push towards these things work with less hassle and thank god for that. Hardware is a PC-only problem, I admit, but lots of PC games get released that don't require much from the PC. Aquaria, Defcon and Sam & Max, for instance. Actually, despite you thinking it's a completely stupid idea, I do think it has some merit. How else do you explain the literal explosion of party games, singing games and generally games that require you to spank buttons in a preset order really really fast (Guitar Hero and Beatmania)?
  4. FFTA? I always thought Marche was a girl until I read Wikipedia. Then I was scarred for life. If your device has a GBC slot, Shantae's pretty nice. It's supposed to be getting a sequel on the GBA too.
  5. Good MMOs that are free? There's no such thing. I don't know whether there are good MMOs that you pay for either. EvE? Even that's a horrible game, but it has an awesome community at least.
  6. I knew I should've put that in parentheses. Yes, basically Timbaland is saying: "I'm clueless, but who gives a shit about some Finn? I'm fucking Timbaland." And THAT is the reason to my "Wow, just wow". This is the peak of irony, considering the guy's been extremely sensitive about other guys ripping him off. Before I'd have said Tempest has little chance, but if he's slinging dumb comments like this in court too, well, maybe things aren't so bleak after all.
  7. I love Big Rigs, because it's so horrible. And yes, I'm a terrible person for funding such a bass ackwards company that puts out the sort of dreck that is Big Rigs.
  8. Having bought a gaming rig for christmas, I think I'll just wait till the next time I have to update my rig for Vista. Maybe by then we'll have the first big patches out and the support for it will be more concrete than it is now (I don't want to risk with my games and software as of now). I am extremely excited and hopeful about Live for Windows taking off, though. It sounds like something that should've happened ages ago, but didn't.
  9. I would argue that gameplay is basically the sum of all the elements involved and graphics are simply part of it.
  10. chrono is in the list. you're blind? but NO KULONO TLIGGER?! You fail at Engrish.
  11. If you have NWN, there's an abundance of different sorts of modules for it. I think the best one out there is probably Hex Coda from the guy who made the Penultima Series...Stephan What's-his-name. Anyhow. NWN. Loads modules. Dreamcatcher and its prequel, Demon, Hex Coda. Fun times.
  12. Tecmobowl would like to have a word with you. I was talking about football, not the American game of sweaty tag where the ball rarely makes contact with the foot.
  13. Fact. Unless you have the multi-tap adapter, in which case 3 player Secret of Mana so wins. Haven't played Secret of Evermore, but Secret of Mana has one of the most annoying battle systems I have ever experienced. The best football game on the whole system is ISS Deluxe. Good luck finding that, though. The only real horrible things about Secret of Mana were that leveling up stuff sucked and magic was supremely cheap on bosses (chain casting). So, it seems I'm the only one annoyed by the system being "hit once -> wait...just a bit more now...another moment...now you can hit me again -> hit again -> please wait some more..."
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