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    Man on Wire

    Your review is exactly what I felt through the film- well done! I have seen the movie, and it's amazing. I strongly recommend it to everyone here. It's inspiring, fascinating, and courageous. An excellent film.
  2. Congratulations on making history for Overclocked Remix! What an exciting time. I'm gonna jump on over and download the soundtrack right now. Can't wait to buy the game!
  3. This has to be my favorite mix on the site. I love this song so damn much. Everything is just so relaxing and emotional all at the same time. Guitar effects were AMAZING. I especially love the big buildup starting around 3:00, and then at 3:28..................it's one of my favorite musical moments of all time. The reversed guitar and piano intertwine in a tragically beautiful way to create this feeling that you were just about to grasp someone's hand, and then you're falling into nothing. Incredible. Leaves me with chills every time. Outstanding work Tepid.
  4. A slammin mix! I personally love the voices in there- they add a little something special and nostalgic to those who played the game before. Ah, the memories. But I digress. This mix is great- very upbeat and catchy. Nice breaks in there to keep you hooked throughout. I like how the piano is incorporated- very suave. All the elements of a great trance track. Defiantly going on mah Ipod. Great work! Looking forward to hearing more of your work PrototypeRaptor!
  5. Woah, SGX! Nice to hear from you! Great advice- I'll be exploring ACID for different functions I've never used before. I might have a guy who can hook me up with FL studio XXL edition, so that'd be pretty cool if I can get my hands on it. I hope so.
  6. Thanks for all the helpful info! I'll definitely check those demos out. Yeah, my budget is $500 for everything. Thanks again- you really helped to clear up multiple questions I had!
  7. I'm not a fan of Dragonforce or anything, but I don't want to argue about it. MY beef with this album is the title. "Ultra Beatdown"? LOL. Come on, you can do better than that.
  8. Hello! I am very interested in making music on my computer via MIDI and all that good stuff. However, I'm very new to this process. My only real experience with music on my computer is using Sony Acid Music Studio to play with loops and record. And as you know, loops and bad recording quality simply won't cut it. So I decided to look into what a beginner should buy when starting brand new. And where else to ask but my favorite website? So here's the thing. I've been looking at either FL studio or Kontakt 3. This all seems really professional, but since I'm a beginner, I don't know if I'd be able to effectively work around in these programs. Is FL studio easier to navigate around in? Can you even record things in Kontakt, or is it just a big sample library? I'm also looking for a keyboard. Nothing fancy really, just a good, modestly priced, solid keyboard that I can use with a Dell computer. Speaking of, do I need some kind of output jack installed to be able to plug in a midi keyboard? My budget is around $500 by the way. Well, thanks for helping! If you have any suggestions, lemme know.
  9. I really loved this. The beginning kinda reminded me of the very beginning of the intro to The Office, where they show those little shots of Scranton while playing the solo piano. I could see this playing there for some strange reason. Anyways, the song just plain kicks ass. Great piano playing Mr T.!
  10. Hey all, just wondering if anyone was planning on meeting up in Austin, Texas for Video Games Live. I might be able to attend, but am still iffy. Just curious to see if anyone is.
  11. I couldn't have said it better myself. The word epic just doesn't do this track justice. Way to go guys. Way to go.
  12. Was listening to this today, and it kicked serious ass. Great work both of you. I will check out that group that Zircon mentioned he was influenced by, because anything that sounds like this is worth putting in my playlist! Thanks again for a great track!
  13. Awesome news man. Yeah, I have not seen the older version that every one says sucks, but I gotta tell ya, this looks like a great movie right here. I actually was never a huge fan of the Hulk to begin with, until I purchased Hulk Ultimate Destruction for the PS2. That game kicked f-ing ass, and I was excited to see some of the moves featured in that game being used in the trailer. The steel fists is especially epic. (that's when Hulk rips apart a car and uses the two halves as boxing gloves) That's straight from the game, along with the shockwave smash and some others. Lol, even when he kicks that one military guy in the trailer. (There's a move in the game where you can punt citizens like footballs.) Abomination is the big boss from Ultimate Destruction, as well as in the movie, which, as Blake mentioned, will provide a really sweet final scene. So yeah, I'm really excited to see this and watch my gameplay memories up on the big screen. And to anyone who has not played Ultimate Destruction, rent it or something, cause it's one of the most fun game's I've personally ever played. Who doesn't want to play a free roaming game where you beat shit up? By the way Blake Perdue your mixes are fantastic! Big fan.
  14. Thanks, I went ahead and registered. I will post there and see if I can find out what I need to know. Thanks again Geoffrey.
  15. Hello all, I am writing this in response to a comment made by DjP in his review for the recent Gran Turismo 3 mix. He said that the OneUps were coming to Austin, Texas to play a show at Ikiicon this Feburary. I am a current resident of Austin, and would love to attend. However, the convention costs $40 to get in, and truth be told I know nothing about anime. So I was wondering, does anyone know exactly what day and time the group is planning to attend? I would shell out the cash, but I would really like to know a date so that I don't go wondering around like an idiot only to find that they're playing the next day or something. So yeah, if anyone knows it would be of great assistance. Thanks again.
  16. I've actually been listening to this song a lot as of late, and am really glad it got posted. Recently I've been checking out Red Tailed Fox's work and I have to say, it's awesome. Very mellowed and chilled. Great track, looking forward to many, many more.
  17. On my way to midnight mass. Lol, it's only like 11:00 here right now! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!
  18. Friggin loved it. One of those remixes that you can listen to all the time and it never gets old. Great work, great everything. Unlike some people, I did enjoy the vocal parts incorprated in there, gave it a grand choir sort of feel. Thanks for this one Diggi Dis.
  19. Saw a preview in at the movies a while back, didn't seem all that great to me. I watched the show as a little kid, and enjoyed it a lot, but something doesn't seem right here... looked a little TOO crazy. (If that's at all possible.) Too much CGI for my taste, but hey, whacha gonna do? I might give it a try when it's out on dvd.
  20. This is such a sad occasion, and I just want to wish all of Reuben Kee's family and friends my deepest condolences. Though I did not know him personally, I do know that his music was passionate and on such a grand scale that it inspired all of us here at Overclocked Remix, myself included. I will continue to pray for everyone during these hard times. Rest in peace Reuben, and know that we're all thinking about you and the awesome legacy you left behind.
  21. Loved this one when I heard it on the album, and definately glad it was posted. I really enjoy Blind's stuff, and hope to hear much more of it in the future. Keep up the great work!
  22. After downloading each individual track, adding the respective album art, and putting the resulted tracks on my ipod, I finally can enjoy this album! Big thanks to everyone for working so hard to make the awesome project come to life!
  23. Just recently downloaded all of mr. North's stuff, and I have to say that this is great! So obscenely crazy, and yet so addicting. Love all your stuff Dale, and look forward to more of it. Much more.
  24. Well, I don't think you could be any more wrong. Lyrics can only add to a song, and if someone is good at creative lyric writing....or whatever....I say let them show it! And by the way, rap is actually a very good way of expressing feelings and a strong message.(I should know, I quite enjoy rapping. To videogame music for that matter!) And while it might not be your cuppa tea, I think you should at least consider the fact that universe does not conform to your musical taste. That being said, I enjoyed this song. The blend of rap and Sonic the Hedgehog has always made sense to me, and I'm glad it made sense to PlanetSkill as well. Mad props for making a song that can fuse these two wonderful elements.
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