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  1. I actually remixed Death Egg Zone before, but it got rejected so I started anew! Here's what I have so far: http://tindeck.com/listen/otze Tell me what ya think! Edit: slightly updated version, removed a voice sample.
  2. Wow, really? It's great to hear that! I didn't think it was all that good, to be honest! But if you think so, maybe I'll put some more effort into it and add more original content.
  3. OK! I tried to soften some of the bass at the beginning, since I noticed that was giving weird feedback. Sorry I can't quite get what you mean by the bass noise! I did, however, soften the harsh sounds in the dubstep segment and get rid of the annoying noises. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Hi! So I found out that one of my friends really liked the music for Carnival Night Zone, and she's a big fan of dance music. I wanted to make a dance remix that didn't stray too far from the original. I tried to plan it out so you couldn't guess what the song is before the drop, but then it's blatantly obvious. She's already heard the song, so I don't really have any plans to alter it, but I'd like to know what you guys would recommend if I were to try to improve it. http://tindeck.com/listen/gdvu Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  5. Thanks for your feedback, both of you! I got rid of the sound effects; they were actually unintentional, built into a hi-hat sample I was using. I am going to soften the momentary dubstep elements--I assume you mean the noisy wobble and the "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" screech. However, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the "bass" sounds. Do you mean the kick for the drums, or from the string bass? Now that I listen again I hear a bit of feedback/clipping on the string bass, so I'm going to try to work on that.
  6. Hey guys, Started working on a new remix, and wanted to get a little feedback on how it's going so far. Currently I'm working on making the builds more effective and fixing balance issues. http://tindeck.com/listen/wmvg Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  7. Very useful feedback. I do need to look up more about EQ'ing. I am not experienced at all in mastering etc. Even less so than in composition! Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi all! This is my first attempt at anything fidgety. I wanted it to be mellow in places to allow for the heaviness of the louder portions. I started work on this yesterday, so I haven't even finished composing yet (and the final section is just a draft), but I'd like to know if the fidgety parts that I have so far are interesting. http://soundcloud.com/kruai/fidget-house-early-wip Thanks!
  9. Bump. I'd like a bit of feedback on this one. I did notice that I need to adjust the balance for piano and strings, though. I'll do that soon.
  10. UK Funky, eh? I like the sound of that genre, Xelebes. Really, I wanted a Dubstep kind of feel, but I wanted to mix it up. I really don't enjoy sticking to one genre. So Mannigan, I'm glad mine comes across differently
  11. Hi! I decided to start a DnB piece, but I haven't gotten much feedback on it. Would anyone please share their thoughts? http://soundcloud.com/kruai/dnb-wip-2 Thanks!
  12. I like that sound! I think what Diseased may be on about is that it wouldn't be a WIP as it stands, as it doesn't look like it's really aiming to be a song. It does feel like something I would want as an intro to some electronic, downtempo song, however. I say it sounds nice, and bring it back once you incorporate it into a song!
  13. Right, so I've recently discovered dubstep and electro-house (I'm a bit slow, I know!), so I decided to take a stab at both at once. Here's my first attempt at making a track that incorporates dubstep and electro-house! I still need to clean it up, though. http://soundcloud.com/kruai/dubstep-electro-house-wip Tell me what you think!
  14. Oh! All right then. I guess I really hadn't thought about using less of it on the melody! Thanks for your input--I'll lessen the sidechain on the focus and see how that sounds.
  15. Don't worry about it not being your genre, I'm open to all inputs at this point Ah yes, sidechain compression (the vacuum sound caused on every beat) is kind of integral to electro, so I'm afraid I don't want to remove that effect. I'm gonna have to ask a few more people about the ratio of new-stuff-to-original material, because what I've been told so far is that what I have is about a 60-70% new stuff and 30-40% original. But I appreciate your input and I'll remember that when I decide whether or not to change my composition. Also, for the effect that you refer to at 2:09, do you mean the voice/whistle synth that holds the sustained notes?
  16. Wow, your stuff is amazing, especially your album. I'd love to someday be able to make the insane sounds you make now. Keep it up!

  17. All right, the WIP's been updated. I messed with some balancing, fixed some clap issues (including the lack of punchiness) and some effects on the instruments. Hope it was a change for the better! http://soundcloud.com/kruai/eggs-in-spaaace-death-egg-zone-remix
  18. All right, thanks for the feedback! I have to check out the clicking issue because nobody I've shown this to has said anything about it. But, I'll keep it in mind as I work on the next WIP.
  19. Thanks for the comments, guys, but I was hoping for some constructive criticism! I've edited the mix: can somebody please tell me something they didn't like about it?
  20. Waitwaitwait if you're going to sub it, at least give it an ending! To me it just sounds like it ends with exactly the same thing that the first verse introduced. Give it something new, or make it more dramatic. Ending on a cymbal after what sounds like a repetition of the first verse was disappointingly anticlimactic for me.
  21. Kruai

    Happy 11th, OCR!

    Holy moley! Congrats to a wonderful organization that produces an astonishing amount of incredible music!
  22. Dang, I could learn to make some neat sounds from what you have hear. But interesting tones aside, there isn't a whole lot more in this mix that I haven't heard from other renditions of this song. The melodic line is especially weak, unfortunately. But if you keep working on adding interesting things (and punch) to the song, this genre could still work! ^^
  23. Sad that the last thing I posted on your wall had to do with that terrible class. Let me remedy this by saying that I heard your jazzy Song of Storms and it was amazing! I gotta see you play piano someday.

  24. Whoops, forgot that this should be a private message.

    What up dood!

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